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How come paranoid schizophrenia happened with me i know

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how come paranoid schizophrenia happened with me i know inbalance of chemicals in brain but my old psychiatrist said one time stressed caused it or imbalance of chemicals another time don't know which is true?

I'm not sure why your other psychiatrist said that the Schizophrenia was caused by stress. If that were possible, then a lot of people would have Schizophrenia. It may contribute, but it is, as far as my experience, not a direct cause.

Researchers have found that there is evidence of an imbalance of chemicals. It can also be as a result of genes, especially if the relative is a first degree relative like a parent, sister or brother. Here is an article on it from the National Institute of Mental Health:

This article can help explain where researchers think Schizophrenia came from. Here is another link to help you:

The more you understand the more you can help yourself.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What do you mean by?: if the relative is a first degree relative like a parent, sister or brother.
There is an increased chance of inheriting Schizophrenia if your mother, father, sister or brother has the disease already.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Well the thing is my great grand dad took Opium and then my grand dad had a weird behaviour shouting at people getting angry easily mood high at certain times didn't know how to teach his children that's why he shouts at them my Uncles, Dad and Auntie so all of them were brought up with the similar behaviour and my dad, 1 Uncle and another i think was lazy or unmotivated, my dad never listens to my Mum even to now acts like a child, too perfect and serious about getting things perfect mostly or all the time and little things bother him he starts to get worried, doesn't have an aim in life, always thinks he's right, doesn't help my Mum out at all most of the time, hasn't got a meaning to life always seems happy over everything and makes a lot of sounds these past over 4 years doesn't care about his health. Both Uncles are really sensitive. Mum kept telling him to see a doctor he only saw it a few times and gave up only did it again ages after years ago and thinks he knows everything and says one thing one time and another thing another time don't know what to listen to. I speck to him nicely before he didn't listen gets really angry with me because I shouted at him because he doesn't listen nicely so shout at him one time I said you didn't get me the light lamp for me because i didn't know where you put it and you said you will find it for me didn't even mention it being months now he said what's it got to do with me not blaming himself?

It sounds like there is certainly something going on with your Uncle and maybe your dad and Aunt. It could have been abuse or it could be mental health symptoms. But to have Schizophrenia they would have to have the symptoms probably similar to what you have now.

We need to start a new thread here if you have more questions.


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