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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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Im a 37 year old female and suffering terribly of anxiety

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im a 37 year old female and suffering terribly of anxiety disorder, mild depression and panic attacks.
I AM TIRED!!!!!!!
what bothers me the most is the chest pains, it is not even bad chest pains, is like stabbing mild pain that last for maybe 2 or 3 minutes but its enough to make me go crazy! my heartbeat turns so fast, i dont have any breathing problems but it gets so fast too, i had an EKG and some labs and everything came out normal, but i still get SO SCARED when i feel those chest pains, after it pass i think: "why you get so scared, its nothing, its just part of your anxiety! i will never get anxious again" but then the next day... i get scared again.
This is driving me crazy! how can i ignore this? people always tell me to ignore it, but i cant do that because i dont know how to control it
im taking a natural treatment for anxiety and depression for 2 weeks now

This is a good question, and one that is asked by many people with anxiety attacks.

In my practice I am amazed at the number of people that I see who suffer with anxiety but who are told by family and friends to just ignore the symptoms.

You know how silly this is ...If it were only that easy. In fact, the symptoms you have are not easy to ignore and are worse than most people realize. You cannot simply ignore them.

But, there is hope.

First of all, the cycle that anxiety starts in the body has to be broken biochemically. Many people choose pharmaceuticals, but I can see you may wish to use a natural approach. Instead of what you are taking: Try: 100 mg calcium; 100 mg magnesium glycinate, 10 mg zinc and 1000mg omega three per day (Be sure to have a doctor clear you on these as both magnesium and zinc can interfere with certain medications/conditions.)

A good and inexpensive source for these is

The anxiety symptoms also build up a pattern in the thought process. It can be difficult as it maintains the attacks. This too must be broken. However, this process is well understood and is treated using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT).

CBT works. Period. It is best to see someone who practices this face to face. But. if you are hesitant, you can closely duplicate the work this is done ins therapy via self help. The best resource is the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne. It is excellent and has helped many, many people. It is available very inexpensively on or It is easily the best resource in writing on anxiety attacks in my opinion.

Using these two methods should help you tremendously. My best to you. Steven

Please know that two star rating and below is a negative rating for me. If I have helped you, please give me three stars or above. Thanks again.

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