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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
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Here is my story and my question: I have a dream about me

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Here is my story and my question:
I have a dream about me working around in the house, that dream last maybe few seconds, from what I remember. The next morning, I woke up, I told myself I was in a dream, but later I worry that I might be sleepwalking.
I have never see my own house inside any dreams before, and this is the first time. I asked my parent and learned that my family never has sleepwalking history.
1) Am I just worrying too much?
2) Is there a way to tell between a dream and sleepwalking?

What an interesting question. And, I think you can relax a bit.

Yes, there is a very distinct difference between the two sleep states, and almost always dreaming does not involve sleepwalking as these events usually occur in two very distinct stages of sleep. Dreaming can occur in any stage of sleep, but most often shortly before we wake up the last hour of sleep is filled with Rapid Eye Movement and dreams; and these are the dreams we typically remember.

Sleepwalking is a parasominia, a state in sleep that can happen, but is abnormal to the typical sleep cycle. What can be said if you are sleepwalking is that the way the brain operates, you are not going to recall anything, even dreams that occur in that condition.

Now if you have no familial history of sleepwalking and you did not do so as a child, the odds decease even further that you are sleepwalking.

Bot***** *****ne is that you have an extremely good chance that you are not sleepwalking but only recalling dreams. Why these particular ones? No one can know, but we do know that dreams help us with memory and many dreams are forgotten that are about very ordinary things, like walking around the house, etc.

If you still feel bothered: Do what many of my clients have done. Borrow a video camera, set it outside the bedroom and (most have this feature) program it to film when there is movement. If you are sleepwalking, you will catch it on record. But, I think you can relax. Dreams of this nature do not mean that are sleepwalking as the brain does not typically recall sleepwalking events. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I like your answer so far, but still have few more question(s) to make it clear.
1) So from the medical view, a sleepwalking person should not remember anything the next morning?

In the vast, vast majority of cases the way the sleep cycle works, sleepwalking and dreams are distinctly different and the brain operates differently. So, what you are recalling by memory is extremely likely to be only a dream. The stages of sleep do not operate otherwise unless there are drugs (and a few other rare conditions involved.)

Please know that anything below a two star rating is negative feedback for me. Glad to help you, Steven

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