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My brother acting strangely, showing signs of paranoia and

Resolved Question:

My brother acting strangely, showing signs of paranoia and obsessing about matters. He's struggling to find a job and believes everyone is conspiring against him. He admitted himself into some kind of hospital a few years ago but remains vague on what he was being treated for and left after a couple of days. How can we help him ? Is there anyway we can find out what he was treated for ?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  DrFee replied 5 years ago.

Hello! Please remember that my response is for information only, we are not establishing a therapeutic relationship.

It sounds like you are very worried about your brother, and understandably so.

Because of HIPAA (federal law protecting private health information) and other laws pertaining to confidentiality, you cannot find out anything about your brother's treatment unless he signs what's called a "release of information," for you to do so.

Unfortunately, unless his situation becomes an emergency (like if he appears to be in imminent danger of harming himself), you cannot seek help for him. The best you can do is express your concern, point out what you see, and in a very loving and empathic way tell him that you would like to help. It sounds like this might be difficult --since he has not been forthcoming with information.

Please feel free to follow up with me.

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