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Good Evening: From the start I believed that this medication

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Good Evening: From the start I believed that this medication and me didn't agree. I wish I could do a faster taper but scared of the side effects.
QUESTION Could the nasal congestion, sore throat, chills - can they because of allergy season? Thanks again for reassuring me that it is still within the range of what is to be expected. Funny but these symptoms come the first two days I make a reduction in pill. Guess its just another way my body is going thru withdrawal?

Dr_Anderson :

Hello again! Sore throat and nasal congestion could very much be due to allergies. I see you live here in the States, and we all had a rather mild winter in most places, so the allergies are especially bad. But the chills are usually sign of an infection. Makes sense if you think about it: allergies lead to congestion, which leads to post nasal drip (sore throat, usually worse in the a.m.) and inflamed nasal passages. This in turn can lead to infection since the passages cannot drain properly, allowing bacteria and viruses to get out of hand; with infection comes the chills.

Dr_Anderson :

You poor woman! I hope this helps, but I hope you feel better soon! Maybe see your primary about the upper respiratory thing, and also try some over-the-counter cold and allergy remedies.

Dr_Anderson :


Dr_Anderson :

Dr. Anderson

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Dr Andersen:

I was told that all cold medication / allergy items are contraindicated with this ativan.

Just doing a plain water nasal wash for now.

QUESTION: Don't know if I should take aspirin or

actemocin for headache - which is ok and which isn't?

You are so caring and your words make me feel reassured and better. Yes,

I live in NJ suburbs and summer I usually have some allergies that I've never really addressed. Want one day to live in a place like dessert hot springs , Palm springs where it seems people don't have to deal with these things. one day...perhaps..

Hope you have a wonderful night. Margo

Occasional use of over-the-counter cold medicines is not contraindicated, but I don't want to go against the advice of your doctor. :)

Either medication is fine, but given that some people who take aspirin get an upset stomach, let's not add that to the mix! Go with the acetaminophen first. If it doesn't do the job, THEN try the aspirin. :)

I feel blessed to be able to bring you comfort in this trying time. Hang in there, you're doing ok. :)

Regards XXXXX XXXXX evening,

Dr. Anderson
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