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Kate, I had a terrible session with my therapist and since

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I had a terrible session with my therapist and since we decided at the start we wouldn't talk about the assaults and take a break. She told me we only have to talk about what I want and that I am in compete control.
That sounds great right? But we started late as usual, she was waiting for the dentist to call, she said we could make up the time at the end by 15 minutes but then didn't saying she had to get something faxed that was due today. What do I care about all that. I'm at the bottom of the pile. Unimportant.
Then I tell her about the eating issue which has gotten worse in that I haven't eaten any food since last Sunday. She wasn't shocked and asked me why I thought she would be. She offered little advice on how I can address this problem and then told me I was acting like a teenager! All I wanted was some help.
Now I have the weekend looming ahead and feel worse than ever. I'm mad, disappointed, frustrated, sad and afraid all at once.
Hello Kathy,

I am sorry that you had such a bad session with your therapist. It sounds like she was busy during your session and very distracted. That can make you feel unimportant and reinforce any feelings of low self esteem you may have.

You have not eaten since Sunday? That is a concern. Talking about the trauma you have been through in your may have been a trigger. It could have affected your feelings more than you realized. Is there a way you can contact your doctor? You may need some medication to help increase your appetite and help you cope until you feel better. You also may need to be seen just to be sure your blood levels are normal. You recently were ill and not eating cannot be good for your health.

Try to keep in mind that just because your therapist was distracted that does not mean you are not worthwhile. Your value does not come from others, it comes from you and God. No matter what people say or do, you are God's child and that is how he sees you. And no one can take that away.

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