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My daughter was baker acted last sunday. The twist is her boyfriend

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My daughter was baker acted last sunday. The twist is her boyfriend is a psychiatrist. The police were called after an argument. The police were going to just have her leave as it is his home and come to our house. He stepped in and said he was a psychiatrist and wanted her baker acted and the police complied even stating since he was a doctor they had to do it. Well he isnt her doctor . Is this legal. They are still holding her after she voluntarily stayed the extra days. He has been cominuating regulary with the doctors at the facility I have found and all though she has been coopertive they are suddenly saying that they are going to 32 her. He is doing this to buy time to gain custody of thier newborn. I just found yesterday that we the grandparents have been taking care of during the day so he can go to work....

Do you have thoughts on this situation? Does this seem unethical it surly is unfair.


Customer: Greetings, and thank you for your question. I'm sorry your daughter is going through this rough time, and you as well! Depending upon the laws of your state, it may be perfectly legal for him to have Baker Acted her to the hospital. As a psychiatrist, I can compell people to go the hospital for an evaluation even if they are related to me. That is legal, but the follow-on question is, is it ethical? Certainly, there is a huge conflict of interest here, because it is a romantic relationship and there is a child involved. So, while it may be perfectly legal, it does not sound ethical. Once her Baker Acted her to the ER, he should have signed off any further care and involvemrent to the treatment team there.
JACUSTOMER-9abf1uya- :

he had the police bring her out to orlando as our local facility they both work for. At this point i belive the police baker acted her. Should he be having conversations relating to his recomendations with the physcians at the facility that he does not have privledges at? So i need to find out who actually gave the baker act. Is that something the police can do on thier own

Customer: So, this sounds like a serious ethical breach, for several reasons. Some are listed above, but others include the blurring of the line between personal and professional relationship. He has a personal relationship with her, but he is acting on behalf of her in a professional fashion. That in itself is not bad, except in this case it can be construed as an abuse of his authority.
Customer: My advice would be to contact your local state medical board (you can usually find their number by Googling for "Medical Board") and ask to speak with their ethics division.
Customer: This is very troublesome, because his role is being blurred - is he her doctor, or her lover? He can't be both.
Customer: I'm very sorry you are going through this! I'm sure you have more questions, so please feel free to ask. Because of some connection issues, I'll convert this to a Q&A format, but we can definitely still discuss this, if you wish!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
how do i get back to our conversation
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