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I was on Celexa or Citalopram for depression and anxiety. I

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I was on Celexa or Citalopram for depression and anxiety. I took myself off of the medication because of the many crying dizzy spells I was having and the thoughts of suicide! They were having a profound effect on my marriage low to no labido! How can a medication be good for you if you have so many side effects? Since I have been off no thoughts of suicide and my labido is throught the roof thus improving my marriage! I do take Clonazapam to help for the anxiety and panic attacks! Is there a cure for anxiety problems?
Dr_Anderson : Greetings, and thank you for your qwuestion! I'm sorry you had such a rough time on the Celexa! It sounds like that particular medicine was a bad fit for you. Certainly many other treatment options exist, including medication and therapy. While there is no cure for anxiety per se, there are very effective treatments to help it go away or at least be managed to the point of not being a problem. I see you are offline right now, but I'm sure you have more questions. Please contact me when you are online so I may further assist!
Dr_Anderson : Regards,
Dr_Anderson : Dr. Anderson
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I guess if there is no cure for anxiety problems I will probably stay on the Clonazepam! However, I will never go back to Celexa! If there are more treatments with very little to no side effects please let me know!
Clonazepam is a good short-term option, but in the long run it may not be the best. It has the chance to cause memory problems and tolerance.
Agreed, Celexa is very bad for you! I also see you tried Paxil - what was your experience like with it? Typical ones I will use for anxiety in my patients include fluoxetine (Prozac) and Cymbalta.
Also, therapy can be VERY helpful for anxiety. CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, has been studied and found to be as effective as medication for treating anxiety. Definitely worth looking into!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Just a reply Paxil was even worse than Celexa! I had terrible dreams on Paxil and it had a more devastating effect on my labido! So the search continues! I do have to stay on the Clonazapam because I have 3 children 2 are special needs kids and I have to be functional for them! I can't stay in bed all day long because my panic or anxiety attacks keep me there! So again if you have any more suggestions please feel free to contact. Thank you Kristine.
being able to be functional is important, especially with three little ones with special needs at home! Given the trouble with libido, you might find Effexor or Cymbalta to be a good choice. Both of them have a much lower likelihood of causing libido issues, and they can both also help with energy and motivation. Either one works well enough, but I find my lady patients seem to prefer Cymbalta.
Happy to help out! Please let me know if you have other questions!
Dr. Anderson
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