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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
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hi for steven olsen hi steven. kate was a good girl at the

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hi for steven olsen
hi steven. kate was a good girl at the funeral. although she was talking in church. the priest was the older priest ive seen him before. i like him hes very mild mannered and seems sweet. anyway i thanked him on the way out and he said about kate shes a real sweetie. i said thank you. i told rob see? she has the approval o f the catholic church. something her mother never has a achieved. i said she must get that from you. rob went to 12 yrs of catholic school. and was an alter boy. yeah dont worry i asked if the priest touched him and to show me on the doll. he said the priest didnt. i said ok but dont tell me when were 50. i dont want to hear that crap then. anyway ray was impressed that kate knew all her colors and the alphabet and knew all the sounds animals make.
he said oh she seems pretty smart. i said yeah she gets that from rob. anyway we went to grandmas house - i took jeanne her kids and ray there in the minivan. we stayed for a while and it seemed like.. well alot of stuff was missing. that house was always bursting with stuff and it seemed kind of empty... lorraine and jeanne were talking about oh i want this and if i bought them that im taking it etc. i kept my mouth shut cuz... well.. i feel like i dont want someone to say i want something. her daughters should say i want this or that. ideally with the grandchildren.. but its a task the 3 of them should be doing. i sai dill help in the sense like bag up stuff, or sort thru and show them anything that seemed important if they dont want to look thru it.. i told jeanne i can coem saturday. she seemed happy with that. my mom will be out of town. she s going to eddies sons wedding with my dad. i figured good day to be there. we wont be near each other. my mom didnt speak to me at all yest. i guess thats ok. i have no choice right? i didnt sit near her for the church she sat up front, i traile dto the end. the sisters all went into the limo and i was originally sitting in the front limo - the other was full until i got kicked out. arlene said patty should be here. i said ok picked up kate and her crap. got out. im just so used to be told you shouldnt be here or get out i didnt really even try to think about it.
in the farewell at the final viewing kate was pretty quiet with some little noises here and there anyway my dad was like take her out. it was quiet, but people were tlaking quietly. but we took her out so i got to sit all alone in the back. since rob stepped out with the talkative kate. i went up to the coffin alone b/c no one cared enough to say ill watch kate so you cna go with rob. then we walked out to the limos and the limo thing happened so i told my dad go up there we got kicked out. then in church kate was coloring and sometimes seeing someone she was like eddie look. or aunt allison. come here. my brother started giving me death glares. i felt like telling him to go f**k himself really. wait til he has his precious child whos way more wild than kate and he thinks it so precious. i told rob i felt like kates a bomb about to go off and i have to like race to shut her up before she makes any noise. we told her quiet and shhh so many times it s child abuses really. we went to the cemetery and kate was fine, and then went to the restaurant and kate fell asleep.
anyway mikes wife julie is mortgage broker at pnc and told me she could refi us from 6.5% to 4% and save us like 500 a month. she said call in a month. sounds good to me. also she said we could roll the closing costs in. i said sounds good to me.
i have to go to the ob gyn tomorrow. its weird cuz originally i felt like oh its a boy.. now im kinda lukewarm.. like ahhh maybe its a boy.. maybe not......
i also was surprised driving by grandmas i didnt remember how to get back around to queens blvd.. and essentially was confused on how to get there. i drove there so many times for so many years... and then i was trying to remember grandmas number and im embarassed to say i can only remember the 1st 3 digits.. its just so strange steven.
I wanted to grab this of the main board so it would not sit there. I will get back to you very soon. Steven

Okay then...I am back:Customer Is that who you really are, just a mom and a nurse? You seem so much more. lol


No I didn't know about that book. Maybe that is a good thing. How much literary skill could it take to write that sort of stuff? You read this stuff?


Kate is allowed to talk in church; Jesus doesn't mind at all. And approval from the Catholic church. Wow, now that is either really nice, or really scary. I am not sure which. But see, even the priest liked her. She is a sweetie, and should be there just to show that life goes on...heck, even the Lion King shows that.


You did an excellent thing with how you handled the home and valuables of grandma. You didn't ask to have anything and you offered help only. That is not only a good thing psychologically but wonderfully a class act. Good for you.


Funerals are strange in the who sits in what car and who has what rights to go where department. You did the best you could. And, it is fine if you didn't ride with the others. They saw you easily gave up your seat and you took your stuff and went elsewhere. That is a good thing for you and how you are seen. It doesn't make you look, in any way, like how your mother may describe you, or think of you.


If she did not talk to you, be grateful. That is what probably should have been for a long time now. At least it semi-minimizes conflict with her. And, I like that you stood up for yourself and brought Kate to the whole thing. That shows that you make your own choices as an adult and not mom pr your brother or anyone. So what if they think you should have don this or that with Kate. This is your grandmother too and Kate is in a way a part of her history. And, it is not like she was being a menace. She was acting as she should have, a two year old. And, many of these other family members were acting as two year olds as well. Talk about seeing developmental stagnation. Wow, grow up people.


Oh..getting girl vibes in utero? Hmmm. That is new. But I will say that I still think it is a boy based on your illness and how you tolerated the pregnancy. Of course I have a 50/50 shot of being right so the odds aren't too bad.


Memory gets odd in pregnancy. And, more so with a I am laying that out for you as well. (Watch it be a girl.) The best part of all this is that at least you are through the funeral. Now, let's get you through the estate issues with Gma.


Do you have a credit union at your hospital? See what their rates are. PNC is notorious for processing fees. I know; they used to be my bank. You certainly can get down to 3-4% now but watch those closing costs and fees! Steven












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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well rob signed up for the account. and he made up the name.
anyway i dont read that stuff i just said it as a comic relief. i found it funny how many women were like i have it but didnt read it or i read half spo far or it turned me off or 300 people are on the waiting list.
arlene said she heard it was abusive - s &m i guess is abusive to her - and said.. ive been abused enough... good point. then she told her husband forget it b/c she doesnt have all day to get him ready. i almost died.
either way arlene admitted the library ladies can take books out and if they return them late they dont have to pay the fine. i said arlene i always knew you were a bad girl. i didnt say that to reference her getting preg at 15 but she took it that way and said well everyone thinks im a bad girl.
so i said to her look you made a mistake as a kid. forgive yourself. its 50 yrs. and you not only repented but you were punished enough. you had lorraine and you were severly abused (by mike her husband.) so move on and let it go. she said thx elizabeth. i told her you made up all the rest of your life being a good girl. she said youre right youre right.
i hope she does let it go. so what she had sex? lets all grow up and move on.
ps ask your wife if shes heard of it. ladies across the country are buzzing. how funny would it be if she already read it? good for her!! lol.

well i felt kate wasnt awful. its hard to tell how quiet she is due to the echoing of the vaulted ceiling. she did talk, but there was no crying and no yelling. she sat in her seat and kneeled when she had to. now kate somehow knew about jesus on the cross as she pointed to us with jesus on the cross and said god. i looked at rob shocked and he said my parents. i said yeah. youre right. i wouldnt be shocked if they already took her as weve only taken her for the required events of weddings baptisms and funeral now.
and we havent taught her anyhthing about it.
that particular priest i know from stuff at that church since its my parents church as kids.. either way hes always seemed nice. i wish we had a priest like that. i do find the approval of the catholic church spooky (kate said that at the funeral home. spooky. when she went into another viewing room and it wasnt occupied. i said yes youre smarter than the average bear kate. it is spooky here.)
either way i didnt find it spooky from him saying it. sometimes priests give me the creepy crawlies about how sinister they are.

i went to the ob today. i had to bring kate and she stole the show. she was dressed cute and got many compliments. the ob said wow look at her. i said i know. the lady behind the desk said she should be o the cover of a magazine. i laughed and said like good old mom. they said you were? i said i was on 2. sesame street mag and sesame street parents. she said really. i said yeah. so they told the ob. so he said you were? i said yes do i look that bad now? so he said no no. so he said the required beautiful mommy gets beautiful baby. he then told me alpha fetal protein is like im 20? whicxh was the case last time too. so he said if the new test i do today comes back normal or good hes going to recommend i skip the amniocentesis. i said ok. but i have to sign waiver. see that i dont like. hes telling me i shouldnt. so why do i sign a waiver? im not refusing. he said of course if i want it i can have it. i said ill think about it. im only turning 35 2 weeks before the baby so i feel like i mean i got preg at 34 not 35. you know?

my mom. yeah im not calling her. let my father say some shit about it and ill tell him where to go and how to get there. cuz im tired of being nice and being treated badly. i should start tattling on her the way she tattles on me to him.

i dont know if its girl vibes as much as its... like no vibes. i dont feel connected to this baby the way i did to kate or the one after. i kinda feel luke warm. like i worry that the babys ok. but.... thats it. i tell everyone - since the funeral oh were having a new baby - kate wheres the baby and i feel like im forcing excitement really. i feel very blah. im hoping i still bond with the baby of course but i dont feel like overwhelming love or anything really. that i feel is strange steven.

let me tell you steven. if tyou havent been raped by bank of america. well you havent lived. they are a corporate animal let me tell you. and they keep buying out stuff from other people. lie our bank account was fleet. i loved them. then bank of assholes came along. thats right i said assholes. i call them that to their face lol. julie worked for them for 90 days. she said she quit they were so awful. we do have a credit union. i have to go put money there so we can be there for awhile so we can get our next mortgage with them in 3 years or so. i just want someone who will just do it for us. and i dont think julie will screw us cuz its family and shes new to it. and she knows what people think of her cheating with mike and the dissaproval etc. that doesnt mean ill let her screw me. she told me between 4k to 5k. i said fine. boa kept giving us such a hard time and not calling us back and then said we were rejected. we asked why and they didnt have a reason. i dont know if you heard of the guy who boa tried to forecose on his house but he never had a mortgage - he bought his house cash. so he tried to contact them and they ignored him well he got a lawyer and foreclosed on the local boa branch in florida b/c he sued, won and then took the actual bank branch.
i tell peeps tell boa to get the paperwork. they dont have it. i promise. and you can win your foreclosure that way if they cant prove they have the mortgage.
either way if julie will just get us out of boa. ill be happy.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ps while i was the dr he was examining me.. kate was looking and the ob asked can she look? i said yes. so then kate points in my direction and says... mommys vagina. so the dr and the nurse were laughing and i said thats right sweetie. and the ob says i guess you taught her vagina? i said yes. he well thats good. i said she knows all her other parts.. it was bound to come up...

I am sure the book gives some seriously different reactions to various people. From where I am I feel that most women would not finis the thing unless they feel really rejected or have abusive pasts. Many who do read that kind of thing and it appeals to the unresolved issues that remain. I know my wife did not read it. She is a very predictable person with her reading choices and that definitely is not it.


It was a nice thing that you said to Arlene. She clearly is still living in the shame of that teen pregnancy and it is obvious that a lot of people have given her a hard time about her mistake over the years. You are right; that event was a lifetime ago and she needs to forgive herself and move on. It was great that she heard this from you. She needed it; I can say that with confidence.


At Kate's age she should be exposed to God. (If you want to of course; but she is at an ideal age to gain a deeper understanding.) There are lots of really wonderful books for her age. If you want I can recommend a few...or not. And, I know what you mean about the spooky priest thing. Some of them I feel neutral, others: creepy. I guess that is true of many people, but I do get the vibe you are talking about.


AFP tests are like dollar store watches. They suck. Really. Bee there too many times. And, the waiver is standard. It is impossible to get past that legal mess these days Every doctor wants to cover their butts, but you know this. I can say that if they are saying you could avoid the other tests that it is highly unlikely that you need them. Of course Kate stole the show. She is a beautiful baby and nothing goes over in a gyn's office than beautiful babies. It is good for business. So, what issues were you in? Can I get back copies?


I do feel very strongly that avoiding your mother for a while is a good thing. She has so many issues around you that she is pain machine. She has no insight and all you do is get hurt. Not being around her is probably a very good thing and I wouldn't even bother to connect with her, not even for the bad of it, through your father. Sometimes ignoring all of her hurtful behavior via avoidance is a good temporary solution.


I don't think most women feel bonded to their babies in the way that you did with Kate. I see a number of pregnant women in practice and they do not feel close to their baby. And, it is so unreal. Aside from a larger stomach and some nausea what do you have? Have you had a quickening yet? Do you feel the baby? Even if you do that means nothing. I would not go on the basis of how you feel now as to what you will feel once you see the baby. And, comparing the past. No pregnancy is the same. You have enough guilt already. Please do not guilt yourself even more on this issue. There is no need and it serves no purpose.


Oh, fleet mortgage. We had them once, too. The guy who sold us the mortgage made em laugh by saying they sell mortgages and enemas. Great combination. But I have heard BOA is like nothing else. I have heard it say they are like a shark or lion, prowling for victims. Wow. But PNC isn't too far away in my thoughts. Now that is me and my experience should not make you hesitate. I just had really awful experiences with them. And I agree. If you are that enslaved to BOA, get out; even if it is with anyone else. The rate change will be payment enough too! It will be significant if you are dropping 2% points.


Loved the vagina story with Kate. You are such a nurse.She doesn't know the names of her individual fingers does she? I will worry if you say yes. lol










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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi steven. rob and i are going to be having a couple of weird days now. he went to work today late - so i saw kate this am... but he has to then work thru the night til tomorrow am. so they just left at 945am. i got kate ready and she was being particulary sweet. she took my stethescope and said mommys scope. to listen to the heart. and i let her listen to her heart and kate said good. she dragged it all over the house and cried when i went to take it away from her. i got her dressed and told her she was going to grandmas and she said no sad. i think she was referencing to the fact i told her that my mother was sad about great g ma. either way i got her dressed and she looked so cute and she was hugging me. and i started to cry. steven i feel like i cant keep sending her away anymore. it hurts me so much. ive already talked to peter and i feel like all of this is going nowhere. i told him ive been doing this difficult schedule for a year and its like on deaf ears. i told him kate undertands now and it hurts her too. i dotn know what else to say to them to impress upon them that this is not right for us. i feel stuck.

of course kat estarted to get upset and said daddy mommys crying. and daddy came and held me and he said i know sweetie. well have her back tommorrow. and i have been with her for a week now. which is more than usual of course. now itll be like we get her back for fri evenin g sat and then shell be gone for 3 days again. i dotn even know when my mom is coming back or what, im just going to ask my mil to watch kate. for the 3 days and thats it.

as far being bonded with kate. i did feel like kate was my jellybean. we called her jellybean as i felt weird naming a fetus. rob made a wallpaper for our desktop that had like a movie tocket with a jellybean and it said coming soon april 1 2010. like those vague movie things that were so en vogue.

and this baby .. i didnt really think up a name or a nickname... i was calling it little one... and rob didnt make the wallpaper. i did feel some little flips a while ago.. but i havent since. the dr asked me if i feel the baby and i told him i dont really yet. i would like to feel the baby or soemthing to make me feel like ok... youre there. im here. rob used to rub my belly every night and we used to say goodnight jellybean.

i know were busier. but... does that mean we wont be like hey we love you? i mean what if i dont feel the same way about this baby? or i dont like this one? i mean dont tell me it doesnt happen. im the child not liked. and my mother seems well determined to tell me.

amanda - mike and kellee s kid whos 20 just told me at the funeral how she heard i was very difficult. i said what? i mean wtf is that? did i get arrested? did i run away? did i do drugs? get knocked up? live on the street? so kellee said ha. her brother stephen was a whiny little bitch. he never stopped crying and always wanted to be held. so amanda said really? i said well hes still whiny little bitch. i mean hell rat you right out. julie mike and lorraine were out til 3am sat night and the wake was the next day. i said just do yourselves a favor and dont broadcast it. im not saying anything to anyone. steven i have so many things i have to take to the grave im going to need a bigger coffin.

kate and god. i wouldnt mind the books you could recommend. i just thought it surprising she was pointing at the cross saying god. i never heard her say god. ever. and to be in the middle of this mess and her saying god god over and over.. well it was another shock really.

the book. i think its more of a culture thing now. like everyones talking about it - its abestseller and it gives women a reason or a forum to tlak about sex and be 'bad' whether they are inot the book or not. it may that some of these older ladies dont know about kinky things and it shocks them.. and it may be just a way for women to just talk. i actually i had thought sof reading it. but dont know when ill find the time. i havent read anything in a loooong time. so.. i wouldnt be shocked if i dotn read it.

i do like it for comic relief though.

arlene. her daughters 53 for chrissakes. and i think yeah im sure soem people did feel like she should be shamed or tsked at her. but i think people prob got over it and forgot it with ehr marriage long ago. i think she still punished herself. and i think g ma def didnt let it go.

i wasnt in playboy steven. would you really want the issue? lol. i dont even have the issues. the photgraphers came t school and picked out a hwole bunch of kids and posed on the playground. i do rememebr vaguely doing it, but it wasnt explained to us. i didnt know nor mentioned it to my parents. yeah. f**ked up right? cuz 1. my parent snever gave permission or were notified. and 2. i was never compensated. it wass put up in our school and my parents really didnt come to it. well they walked me. and then i went in. anyway they saw it when they were going to vote one year. and there i am. on the center of the junglke gym. the metal one that looks like boxes.. and im sitting with my legs side saddle (they placed me on i didnt climb) and crossed at the ankles. my hair was in pigtails and i was wearing blue pants and a matching blue blouse. very 80;s. i dotn k now how many people know that sesame street takes place. in nyc baby. ive mentioned that to people and theyre like it does? im like do you see the kids roller skating? its nyc parks they shot that. at schoolyards.

anyway its sesame street parents july of 1982 or 1983. i dont remember. ive never gotten a personal copy. i know what it looks like though.

so even if kate asks to call pop pop i shouldnt call him? she asks most everyday. she brings me the phone and says we call pop pop? and hands me the phone. i tell her pop pop is at work... and she says we call? i know he likesit b/c he says it all the time how much he loves it.

kate knows her thumb. but i dont think she knows other fingers. unless soemone taught her and i didnt know. it takes 3 tries for me to get her to say vagina still as first shells say thats my heinie. then ill say no.. then shell say butt. then i say no... and she says 'agina!' and im like right a vagina. and she gives me a big smile. i feel like one of the mothers doesnt like vagina and tells her butt. im not confronting them on it. but i hope one day she starts yelling grandma grandma - vagaina. see if she did that to me id find it hilarious and be like.. yes it is sweetie. and thats it. no worries.

It is not easy to live as you do, with a work schedule that sucks your time, energy and resources as well as limits time with your family. That cannot be easy and Peter not hearing you about your family life is basically a cold managerial choice on his part. I really doubt he wishes at all to hear this as he is worried about staffing a slot, not seeing you as a family person who wants to be home.

Is there another option for you; to leave here? Your worry about the licensure issue is past. You're in the clear. And, there has to be other choices around. I do get why you would stay, but the time you spend on this job is affecting your view of your parenting and you hate it as well. Plus, with a baby coming this may be the time to start looking more seriously.


Little one is better than the name fetus, which sounds cold and removed and so clinical. How could you get close emotionally to a fetus? You couldn't. So, why not name the baby? Just a thought. And, it isn't silly. This is as close as you and this child will ever become, totally dependent on you for existence. Having and doing things to make or allow you to feel close is fine.


Wow, your family sounds so supportive of nice you are known to be difficult when you know so much about others. It is quite unfair I can say that. But, sometimes not saying anything as you have has the greatest merit of all. It is hard to keep quiet, but what would saying anything do except cause trouble?


I will look into the book names for you. I have them in the home library.


Arlene certainly did punish herself. And, she was helped by grandma who would not let it go. I have seen that shame based action many times. It is sad and tragic all at the same time.


Really, no sesame street back issues? Dang! I really wanted to see you on the cover; then I could say that I know someone famous, because I don't know any one with much notoriety, even a magazine cover. Hey, I did know that SS was shot in NY and modeled after such. But until I thought about it I guess I never realized that "real" children were ever used as magazine shots. Today, not telling a parent of such a thing would bring on a lawsuit of mega proportions. Could you imagine the privacy issues today? But, I will look it up. I have resources.


Pop Pop is different than mom. Are you obligated to talk with both? Who answers the phone? Yes, that sounds a bit on the odd side, but you are the one in pain here. It isn't your fault you have been reduced to avoidance.


Yeah, some adults have this weird phobia about clinical names for body parts. I imagine that one of your female relatives went into shock over Kate's vocabulary and decided to help dumb down the content. But it is funny as heck. Steven









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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

NO ones going to hire me 5 months preg i imagine. and ill have to pay these clown 5k to get out of there. i signed a contract. i really didnt want to sign that contract. im only 13 months in and i feel like yeah i could move on.

naming a fetus ... i dotn know i always felt weird about naming a baby not born yet. i guess its like superstition? little one is good.

i shouldve kept quiet. i was shocked that amanda said this as shes like i dont know 14 yrs younger than me? she is technically in kates generation as its my cousins kids. why would anyone talk about me? i was so out there? i dont think i did anything of major magnitude. she doesnt talk to my mom alot. maybe it was when she moved in with g-ma? i dont know who couldve told ehr all that. mike i dont think ever noticed me as he was alot older than me and grew up in another state. and kellee seemed shocked as she seemed to think my bro was the problem.

not that any of it was her business.

it is very true my mom doesnt tell em anything about any of the fmailys goings ons. and i am def not included. it took me awhile to realize that. im glad i told the aunts so they know.

my aunt jeanne asked me what was wrong with my mom. i said what do you mean? sh e said she just seems strange since shes been sick. and magnified in personality. i said yeah i think she has some anoxic brain injury. from when she was in the coma. they let her go a long time with low oxygen. after she woke up they did a head ct and said it was normal. but i dont think it means we could tell all injury that spossible.

you go right ahead and look it up. id be happy if soemone found them. id be willing to buy it. ijust looked as i hadnt looked ina long time and just checked soem websites. no sesame street parents magazines.

i dont think its that big a deal to be on the cover. i was 5 or 6.

yeah sesame street was us. urban kids. in the playground. playing. roller skating. basketball. singing we all sing the same song in the same voice and we sing in harmony. what a great song. its about diversity. 2 and half minutes and it shows the kids all playing. they should play that in the subway. even one kid had 2 daddies. i think it meant her parents got divorced...and she had a stepdad. i dotn think they were tlaking ab out gay dads back in 1982.

well ic all pop pop on his cell phone while hes at work. g ma doesnt answer it. so thats always good.

i was going to teach kate the word pussy to let everyone turn green.... but... well i figured i dont want her to get hit or yelled at or punished. what can anyone say to vagina? i dont think my dad would say anything to the butt or vagina or any word i could see him trying to go to his happy place and completely ignoring the whole thing. i hate when women. grown women say va ja jay. i try not to make a face or anything but oprah starting that crap is really annoying. really. youre one of the richest women in the world. and if an ob gyn says it well i hit the roof. ive told off a couple of them.

even though wendy and jen will be at work tonight... well i feel like not going. i feel anxious and nauseated. i havent felt too nauseated lately so that kinda sucks. i also feel tearful since this am and kate was leaving. i tried to sleep some thinking it owuld help but i havent been able to sleep. its good knowing that the girls will be there b/c its soemone i could ask for help with soemthing. or if one of us could get out for soda. ugh i hope its ok tonight.


oh and i found out from the mole clerk that my old manager has been out sick. he said he heard from reliable sources she has a bad heart. i said yeah everyone in management does. but i just said it off the cuff. he said no seriously. but this girls like not even 30. or maybe she is now 30. i didnt have much sympathy. i know thats wrong, but i cant muster up much for her.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i dotn knwo steven. i just feel so sad. i guess it could be preg hormones, but ive been so sad all day. ive been crying on and off and i just shouldnt be. i just hate going there and everytime i try to make it like ill be ok im not. like the cps thing. it was bad enough that i had to call and do the whole thing. its more like.. i had to fight with the dr. it was whole big deal. or i have soem other interaction thats inappropriate or hurtful and i know i shouldnt be so sensistive. like adrug addict saying soem shit to me shouldnt matter. but its like.... i dont know. i feel very worried about soemone accusing me of soemthing or screwing soemthing up. i mean i can only imagine the horro that other nurse had when she heard she hung the wrong drug. which i havent even found out what they did to her. i have to ask. not to be nosy. i just want to make sure they didnt fire her.



Wanted to give you book stuff for Kate before I forgot. The first book is really good as it deals with what you sometimes can I explain stuff I do not even get... This book makes it easy, and is a great read, and it is cheap on


The second is a simple bible story book. Both are inexpensive.


Talking To Your Children About God by Richard Osborne


and The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories, Kelly Pulley


Believe me: I have hired pregnant women. Places will do so if you interview well. Even so, I get what you mean about not wanting to do so or seeing it as futile. But after the baby is born, the 5k loss might be worth it...and do they really collect on this? Is this even legal?


Well, agreed. Little one sounds a better than "the fetus". Besides, that is how all children were named in the past. Our names were real words; yours actually was "Pledged to God". And, like an American Indian that would have been your name, said just like that. So "little one" is great.


Hard to know what all was going on in that rumor mill of a family, Crazy that she would know this stuff, or care enough to tell you. And, what would they really say about you? There isn't that much going on with you that is scandal. And, if they think it is: That is their choice, a really pathetic one. BTW: your mom does show some marked traits of having a brain injury. That emotional one sidedness and aggression toward you. Pretty typical from what I have seen.


I am going to try to find you in the Sesame Street Archives. I will let you know.


Ah, yeah...the not so clinical names for vagina; not a good idea for Kate. That would be nasty, I agree. And I am also with you. I hate the Va Ja Jay nonsense. Oprah, not a fan at all. And, it is degrading and crass, that word, I think...even more than some others. As a matter of fact, I would rather hear the C or P word than that.


I can get why work seems like a mill stone around your neck. It is so stressful and you do not feel well emotionally and you are tired. I do see that. I am sorry. Being pregnant and working such a demanding job is not good.


Feeling such Sadness. That does makes sense. On your best days you are beat and tired and overwhelmed. This job is nuts and demanding and unsupportive. They do not even care that you do not see your kids due to the night shift. And, your past trauma about your license will come back on you sometimes. That is not you.


It is normal, and chasing it, which is what it is called when you want to find out what happened with the other nurse, that is common. But, if you can: Try not to do so. It doesn't really help and that is not the real issue. Truly, you and anyone would be insecure from all that has happened to you, and that insecurity comes up, especially on bad days. It is normal to feel so, and the best thing is to know that it is common and not to give it too much attention. This may be an effort, but it is for the best. You are not in any more danger than you were yesterday or the day before and you are a good nurse. One day, one hour at a time Liz. Steven















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Liz, you doing okay?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i am ok steve. just really tired. i dont know why. we didnt do too much this weekend, but ill explain in the new question ill be starting.

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