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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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Hi Kate. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try them. It

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Hi Kate. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try them.

It was weird. I received another answer to my question from another professional even though I said I didn't want anyone else.

My night wasn't bad but I had to ask my mom to take my daughter to school again this morning. I really need to do this myself. It gets me up and dressed. Otherwise I will just keep spending the day in bed. As you said, everyone needs a break, but that break can't turn into something that happen regularly. I need motivation.

I have this horrible feeling now toward other people. This is new. But I seem to think that people who have children are doing something wrong and are unpure. I have this distored view on sex that probably stems from my assaults. But I can't help looking at people with kids with great disdain. Any thoughts?




Let me know if the suggestions work out.

Sorry about the confusion with the other answer! It happens sometimes.

Your new thoughts may just stem from what happened to you, as you said. When you were assaulted, you developed strong feelings about what happened to you (very normal to do). As you are trying to cope with those feelings, sometimes they can take a turn that is hard to explain. But it sounds like what you are feeling is just transference. It may be that you question your own parenting, or even just yourself. Or you have strong feelings about sex in general. You may feel bad about sex and feel others should not be allowed to enjoy it- hence the bad feeling towards them. It could also be connected to your lost pregnancy, which was very traumatizing.

Remember, these are thoughts. They cannot hurt you. Although they are unpleasant and may make you feel upset, they will just be thoughts. If it helps, try keeping a rubber band around your wrist so when you have these thoughts you can gently snap it to remind yourself that you want to think about something else. Or do something else just as distracting when you think about other parents.

I agree with you, giving yourself a break is good but stretching it out till it becomes a problem is not good. It is a balance between taking care of yourself and being sure you push yourself a little. I think you are aware of that so you won't let yourself go to long.


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