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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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Is it possible to use EFT to treat severe PTSD from abuse

Resolved Question:

Is it possible to use EFT to treat severe PTSD from sexual abuse lasting from early childhood through much of adulthood?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 5 years ago.

Frankly, it really depends on who you ask.

Those who practice EFT swear that tapping a body meridian of energy works wonders for depression, anxiety and trauma. Those who use more traditional approaches such as EMDR, CBT and Psychological First Aide, (all three very well researched for use on PTSD) swear EFT is mostly smoke and mirrors. Worse, hard academic and unbiased research on this form of therapy is unfortunately not very significant, as it is considered an alternate form of therapy.

The most recent studies on EFT revealed that anxiety did improve with EFT, but there was no proof that the tapping technique was the cause of that improvement; rather, it was suspected the personal attention and the developing therapeutic relationship was the real source of the lessened anxiety.

I am inclined to give you the opinion that a more traditional approach such as CBT and even EMDR might be a very good place to start as this is outcome and evidence based. If this was a question asked by my own family I would be inclined to steer the person toward something more mainstream, simply because this issue is considered very significant and can, in wrong treatment hands, become worse.

But, I also know that many non traditional forms of therapy can be beneficial. As long as you are very careful in your selection of the practitioner of EFT, and you can interview the therapist prior to the treatment experience, you may wish to consider this as an treatment option in conjunction with other more traditional methods. Steven

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