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I have to do research on these 2 questions on three peoples

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I have to do research on these 2 questions on three peoples answer.
From your understanding of stereotypes and social norms, do you think television programs and commercials provide a realistic view of the diverse groups in the United States? Explain your answer by using specific examples.
Most psychology textbooks use the Milgram experiment as a way to describe conformity and obedience. There are significant ethical flaws in the experiment, which make it inappropriate by current standards. However, it does lead to some interesting thoughts regarding obedience and conformity.
Explain the experiment in detail and describe why it worked. Based on your understanding of the social norms during the time of the experiment and those that exist now, do you think that this type of experiment could be repeated? Discuss whether or not the participants would agree to be part of the experiment.
Hello again,
The first part of your question is not really mental-health oriented, but you might want to refer to this link for some specific information:
I can't write the paper for you, of course, but you might find this link helpful for answering the second part of your question:
See here regarding the experiment being repeated:
Hope that helps.
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