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My son just started taking prozac for his OCD and General

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My son just started taking prozac for his OCD and General ANziety Disorder 2 days ago.
He is taking .05 the lowest dose you can take he is 8. How long does it take to see a mood change in a good way? His doctor told me if everything was going well meaning no bad side effects to increase to 10 miligrams in 7 days.
Dr_Anderson : Greetings, and thank you for your question. While every person is different, the rule of thumb is that one may see positive results in as few as a couple weeks, but generally we don't expect to see them for 4-6 (and in some cases even longer) in most people, including. Children.
Dr_Anderson : Since he is on 5 mg, it is very reasonable for your doctor to have him wait a week until moving up to 10 mg.
Dr_Anderson : Most people with OCD need higher doses of Prozac than those using it for depression. Given your son is 8, 10 mg may actually be perfect.
Dr_Anderson : However, the benefit of time is important. In order to not give him too much of the medicine, it will be necessary for him to be at a steady dose for a couple of weeks. In kids especially, there can be a lag of benefit from when a medication is started or increased and when the actual benefit of it is noted.

Thank you, ***** ***** basicly knew that, I guess I hoping for quicker results. If their is a positive change will it occur gradsually?

Dr_Anderson : That, too can differ. For some of my kids, it was like a light switch was turned on. But for most, it is a gradual, but noticeable, change for the better.
Dr_Anderson : We wish these medicines worked more quickly, too! And with little or no side effects.

Thank you, ***** ***** helpful. Why does it take longer for children?


Thank you Dr. Anderson, I apprecaite it. I did find the information helpful

Dr_Anderson : It takes about the same amount of time,we just tend to go more slowly in kids because we do not want to "overshoot" the mark with the dose of medicine.

Thank you! Have a great day!

Dr_Anderson : Please let me know if you have any further questions, and feedback is most welcome.
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