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Doctor Rao
Doctor Rao, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 641
Experience:  MBBS,MD,DPM,MRCPsych
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My friend is a refugee from Iran who hears his name called

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My friend is a refugee from Iran who hears his name called by voices behind him when people arent there - how can I help him?
Doctor Rao : Hi.Going through the Q.Will answer soon
Doctor Rao : Hi, Thank you for the question. Are you online?


Doctor Rao : Ok
Doctor Rao : Can I ask you few questions about your friend?

yes, but i dont know that much

Doctor Rao : No, don't worry..I just need some info..nothing personal info at this stage for me..I just want to clarify few things
Doctor Rao : The voices he mentioned, do they happen all the time..are they started lately
Doctor Rao : Is he showing any other blizzare behaviour for you be observed acting suspicious,talking about people following him or spying him etc

no i dont think they happen all the time

Doctor Rao : Does he have any symptoms like flashbacks from his days in Iran

i dont know about flashbacks or whether it started recently

Doctor Rao : Is he able to look after himself in term of social functioning ?
Doctor Rao : Ok
Doctor Rao : No worries..

he seems very bright and independent

Doctor Rao : Ok

very smart and intuitive

Doctor Rao : Ok..good to hear..

he cooks for himself and lives with a psychology post grad (also from iran) where they took a flat recently

Doctor Rao : From what you are saying..I should say you are very caring and being proactive to help him

i want to support him anyway i can

Doctor Rao : Ok..the symptoms you mentioned(I have to add with limited information ) I would suggest for him to see Psychiatrist first as following the assessment if the Psychiatrist feels the voices not not related to any serious and enduring mental illness and might be related to post traumatic issues she/he would refer him to Psychologist any way

i think he is a bit depressed about the way he was forced to leave - the voices seem to be of family and friends back home

Doctor Rao : Alternatively, if he see his GP, The GP can screen him (mainly to rule out serious mental illness) and make an appropriate route of referral.
Doctor Rao : Eitehr way it is important for him to seek help as we do know that the early one opts for treatment or assessment better would be the prognosis
Doctor Rao : Ok


Doctor Rao : Ofocurse it can never be easy to cope with

i am there for him, and he has a lot of support here

Doctor Rao : From what you are describing like his level of functioning,having insight,ability to look after himself,smart and intelligent I think it might be unlikely that he have developed any serious mental illness but as yu can appreciate it is difficult with limited information we got now
Doctor Rao : Pleased to hear about the level of support he got..

yes, i understand - thank you for ur help

Doctor Rao : If you find the answer helpful,please accept the answer.If you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask
Doctor Rao : If you have few minutes,positive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

can i chat to u again when i find out more info?

Doctor Rao : Yes need to ask for my name Dr Rao.

ok thanks

Doctor Rao : Then it will come to me my inbox..if I am not available for about 15 minutes it will go to general pool..How ever if it is not urgent still you can ask for me and I will answer as soon as possible
Doctor Rao : I wish him all the best

thank u - i will press 'accept' now

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