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Doctor Rao
Doctor Rao, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MBBS,MD,DPM,MRCPsych
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On a trip, and having severe anxiety about going north. what

Resolved Question:

on a trip, and having severe anxiety about going north. what can i do to overcome
Submitted: 5 years ago via HealthBoards.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Rao replied 5 years ago.
Doctor Rao : Hi, You can start taking some useful steps and short term medication only if necessary.If you are online I would like to talk through things
Doctor Rao : Please confirm if you are online?

im online.

Doctor Rao : Ok

i cannot sleep because im having so much anxiety

Doctor Rao : Firstly we know that the anxiety levels can be managed by better preparation for example, being well informed about the area you are going,finding about the important services Etc

for past couple years iv had issues with vertigo. and the major issue i feel like im going up, (even though its really not that true)

Doctor Rao : If the anxeity is still present, as you mentioned some breathing exercises would help.I believe you have tried these.So, if you want me I can talk about few medication options



iv tried breathing stuff but its not helping


i cannot sleep cause i feel like im hyped up, but im so anxious

Doctor Rao : There are three different, short term use of benzodiazepines like Xanax but these are effective only in the short term and have problems of possible addiction in the long term.

i traveled approx 13 hours to the northern part of the country and i feel like i need to go south

Doctor Rao : Next option is the medications options like Clonidine and Vistaril..we know that these two can be effective for anxiety and sleep.
Doctor Rao : Third option is a trail of SSRI medication that can be helpful for the anxiety in the longer term.

whats the best for helping for the next 3 days? my trip is supposed to last the next 3 days

Doctor Rao : However, I want you to know that medications should be a last resort for only disabling anxiety and sleep problems.

ya i dont want to take meds if i dont have to

Doctor Rao : Ok.If it only short period you can discuss with your Doctor about Lorazepam or Alprozolam with your Doctor
Doctor Rao : As these medications are quick acting and short term benefits


Doctor Rao : It is important to look in stopping these medication when your anxiety settles down a s I mentioned these are not best in the longterm

is there any other suggestions that are not taking something

Doctor Rao : Sorry, do you mean suggestions for not needing to take any medication?

im not in my home town.. already most of the way to the destination


is there any other techiniques i can try to calm my anxiety

Doctor Rao : Ok.

i fear that im going to feel this way for 3 days and ruin the trip for my friend and myself


i have tried to sleep but i lay awake.. i cant close my eyes without feeling worse

Doctor Rao : There is one technique that has been tried called Prgressive muscle relaxation (PMR)..this is can find most o free information about it on the web
Doctor Rao : However if you want me to Exaplin I will try to

i can look it up

Doctor Rao : Have you got any other symptoms apart from anxiety
Doctor Rao : I mean any other depressive symptoms..

iv had a cold but thats about it


no more than usual


iv been pretty happy lately

Doctor Rao : The problem with sleep ?.Is it hard to go to sleep,or getting up early in the morning
Doctor Rao : Ok

iv had a fear of heights for 1-2 years normally i sleep fine,

Doctor Rao : Ok

however this is the first time iv traveled up north a significant amount. and i feel like im gonna fall if i go farther north


this is so frustrating because it seems so dumb yet my mind is like stop going north.


the sleep deprivation partially due to driving long distance today, and because im so figidy due to feeling so overwealmed

Doctor Rao : Ok. It is understandable how you are feeling..Fear of heights is not uncommon..May be after this trip if you want to address this in the longtermSorry Theere some useful techniques based on Cognitive behavioural therapy principle
Doctor Rao : If you want you can start with a self help book
Doctor Rao : For example
Doctor Rao : Overcoming Fear of Heights: How to Conquer Acrophobia and Live a Life Without LimitsMartin M. Antony (Author), Karen Rowa (Author)

il make sure to check that out soon

Doctor Rao : I have to inform you the medications I mentioned do have an effect on driving and driving is not advisable when you are taking them..
Doctor Rao : Sorry

i understand that. i will try to avoid taking anything if at all possible

Doctor Rao : Ok.Thanks.
Doctor Rao : I wish you all the best.please do not hesitate to ask for more info if required.If you find the answer helpful,please Accept the answer. Positive feedback would be greatly appreciated.Thank you
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