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Doctor Rao
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I'm 41 years old.i have been taking Paxil for almost 12

Customer Question

Hello name is ***** ***** I'm 41 years old.i have been taking Paxil for almost 12 years now and I feel so good and relaxed and happy,my daily dosage is 60mg and I'm happy with it.but for the last couple of days I began to feel not that good why? I don't know no reason at all,my neck hurts me so much that I had to take medication for it and it began to feel better.My question is does Paxil still work after all these years ?or after certain years Paxil will stop working...I'm so scared to go back to the feelings that I used to feel before taking Paxil.thank u very much
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Rao replied 5 years ago.
Doctor Rao : Hi,Going through the question.Will answer soon
Doctor Rao : Glad to hear you were doing fine with Paxil for long time
Doctor Rao : In my experience, if any antidepressant suit a person and if the person doing well with an antidepressant there is no reason to believe that medication would stop working after some time. Antidepressants do not have the tolerance property, which means the person would develop resistance to the same dose after long time of use.
Doctor Rao : The symptom you mentioned might be due to completely unrelated to Depression (physical neck pain). What we do know is any Painful condition do have a negative effect on the mood.Hopefully as you are taking medication for neck pain, things would settle and you would start feeling better.
Doctor Rao : However, if symptoms persists I would advice you to see yourdoctor to see if any other medication needs to be added in the short term (please note it should be as an adjuvant,to support Paxil only and not as a replacement because you did so well on Paxil).
Doctor Rao : I hope you would soon feel better. I wish you all the best. If you find the answer helpful,please leave a positive feedback. Thank you
Customer: So the Paxil still work?i mean the effect of Paxil will not stop as long as I'm taking it?in other words will Paxil stop working after certain yeas or it will keep working ....because I'm not thinking of stopping it for ever.thanks
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Expert:  Doctor Rao replied 5 years ago.
Hi, Paxil would not stop working just because you are taking that for long time. As I mentioned before Paxil does not have problems like Tolerance or dependence. For Example, if any one is on Benzodiazepines like Diazepam,Lorazepam these medications usually stop working if they too for long time as the body develops tolerance to them in most of the cases.
I hope this helps.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.
Thank you