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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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hi for steven if sun and mon were busy well tuesday

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hi for steven olsen.
so if sun and mon were busy well tuesday the whole place blew up. i walked in and i actually stopped to look at the madness that was going on. i had my assignment teamed (we now team nurse despite alot of complaints.. its difficult b/c not everyone wants to do it the same way....) so i was teamed with bully nurse. i wasnt really concerned about that... she had an icu pt with 6 others. the icu pt was bucking the vent which really dangerous, and wasnt properly sedated. i had 10 pts who were regulars. so were in a full on run. and all the pts are unhappy. really unhappy. im close to saying you see that like the place is wall to people right?
well bully nurse who i s supposedly acute care trained (im not..) well shes messing everything up. im kind of observing this guy, and i finally say to her we gotta deal with this shit. so i tell her call the dr hes not sedated enough. so she says i did we increased the sedation. i said whats the propofol at? (yes the micheal jackson drug) so she says were maxed out. i said oh shit come on. so i tell one of the male aides get restraints were nailing this guy to the cross. (bully nurse comes with mittens. i said wtf is that?) so then she draws the propofol off the line and gives it push. im like what are you doing? she says oh trying to get him under control. now theres 2 problems with this. one. she doesnt have a drs order. and 2. in ny state rns dont push propofol. so i tell her this. so shes like oh. i told her flush the line with saline and thats it. whats in the trube well you had to cuz the iv pump was beeping. so bully nurse was laughing and said oh good idea... we get the guy with lots of time effort under control. were finally getting ouyt of there. i felt like i was physically beaten honestly. dr b was stuck he had a pt who was an ectopic who was bleeding into her pelvis and was being emergently taken to the or. so me and him were stuck more than hour past my shift i think he was stuck 90 min past..
so before dr b came by dr a did and told me hey liz thx for a great week.. it was fun .. etc. and im like ok.. have a good one..even the other nurses were like what? i was like i dont know...

so kim the administrator came by and was like what happened? i said i dont know the whole place was on fire. it was crazy.
so she said she was going to speak to dr b. i said ok... i had work to do, and kim and dr b were talking. so i walked by and was like good night guys.. they got me in the convo and we talked for a few minutes... i said again ok im out.. and dr b says ok ill come with you.. so i say bye and dr bs walking with me. he says whered you park? i said over there and he parked in the er staff lot. i park in general cuz the er staff lot is too crowded. so i said what is that? (meaning his car) a nissan? so he says yeah. i said oh those things are tin cans. so he tells me it has the same body as an infiniti.. just a different suspension and engine.. so i say to him its flat silver it doesnt even have the good metallic paint. (i hate cars without the metallic flecks) so he says and the interior is charcoal and cherry red leather. i said oh god. so he says no its nice. so he says come on ill show you. i said no thats ok.. im thinking of walking all the way there and then back to my car and i feel like i could drop. so he says ill drive you over to your car. now i felt uncomfortable with that. to tell the truth. so i said no thats ok. i sit in the car and it has like no legroom. so i said just get the infiniti next time. so he said yeah or a beamer. so i go yeah get a big one not the small ones. so hes showing me the diff cars in the lot and oh thats drs so and so car. im nodding along cuz i couldve sat back and slept sitting up. so he says you want to go to breakfast? i said im starving but im afraid i wont make it home awake. he looked pretty bleary eyed himself. his eyes were red...
so he drives me over to the crv. and he brings up kim.. oh kims a nice girl etc. this is the 1st week in a month im not working ot this week.. so im like he says i think ill ask her out for sat. i said oh really? i thought you were taking me out he says ill take you out saturday. i just laughed at that.
so she had been talking about going to vegas b/c her friends getting married there next year.. so i said oh you shud go with kim. get married. so he says hey you never know. i said well if thats the case i better be invited. he loves vegas and knows all the shows he was telling her which ones to see.
so what do you think? its a love connection?

Well, it is really nice to hear from you. I was wondering about how we would connect...


Wow, I have to say that you have been through it! And, the teaming up with Bully Nurse, that sounded like a walk through on danger and incompetence and worry, but all on you as she seemed totally oblivious. How could she not know that certain drugs cannot be pushed through by an RN? And she seems blatantly oblivious, and worse, at least to me she seems unconcerned about her errors and behavior. Scary stuff this teaming process if the person you are teamed with is less than stellar.


Dr b and his car. I had to laugh. (I am a car guy to begin with) So, the Nissan has the same body as an Infinity, just a different engine and suspension. Well duh...some Porsche's have the same basic body as certain VW's but that does not mean that your VW is a Porsche. After thinking about him: I think he is really just a little boy personality in a man's body. He is actually sort of funny and pathetic simultaneously. However, with his personality and profession that would make him desirable to many women though. But nothing is going to help him with the red leather interior thing...gads.


Nice of him to drive you to your car but he sounds like he was speaking daffy from all the tiredness and worry and stress of the night. And, he now wants to date Kim? Either he is getting more desperate or he was just overtired. I will say that he treats you a lot like a trusted sister, really almost like family. That is a nice complement. Kim...I have no idea. Dr b seems more positive about her, and I get the impression the idea of dating her is growing on him but I am uncertain if he is really thinking of this or just shooting thoughts into the wind. Love connection? Nah, maybe desperation connection. Or fatigue connection. Steven




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well see thgeres diff teaming ways and she was really responsible for the pt.
not me. if we had all the pts in one name and it was like oh were sharing them thats different. then id be somehow culpable. but i had my own pts and he wanst one of them. anyway its a good thing i have doreens the lawyer cell on speed dial.

look if i was able to out talk the last hosp who were after me like mad dogs.. i could out talk about anothers nurses error that i had no f**king clue about. i wanst there. the guy was bucking the sedation b/c hes a drug addict. i said that to her too. i said hes withdrawing see if theyll order ativan and then maybe we can get the sedation to over come it. they did get the ativan and he did settle. unfortunately with this type of nursing and leaving icu pts all over with nurses who arent icu ... i mean even shes acute care trained... shes not appropriately trained. and def not icu trained. propofol is called mothers milk b/c it looks like milk in the bottle it has to be in glass to be stable and comes in small glass bottles that look like infants formula. ive had it and so has my mother while she was on a vent.. and i had it to start putting me down for my last baby and then they rapidly intubated me. anyway propofol is nice. its.. relaxing. i know thats f**ked up to say..... but its good for these vented pts to be resting.

yeah i told him even hondas have metallic paint. and i wouldnt get a non metallic color. even the white has a metallic swirl. the crv is white and the odyssey is silver. it looks clean all the time due to the silver. my dad told me not get black it looks dirty all the time and he hates that. i told dr b that the nissan is a little boys car and he needed a mans car. i said i have moms car but its comfortable so i will deal with it til our situation changes... and he said oh minvans are awful. i said yeah i know but you cant beat the sliding doors. and in a parking lot.. its a must have. and swinging the carseat in. and how big the door is to get in and out of. forget it. you have to get it. and he said ok. kids... minvan.
i should sell these things steven.
you know what id really like to sell? houses. i love houses and decorating. and i thin id be good at it.. but i know real estate people are hurting. i told rob we could be a husband and wife duo and he talks to the guy and i talk to the woman and wed own them.

anyway the interior is like... i dotn now. the dash is charcoal and the red is leather but only parts of the seats - like the center of the seat and the outer edges are charcoal. its i guess like sporty or racing? he said why spend 30k more when its the same thing? i said its def im sure not the same thing. the hull of it being the same but with diff paint an d interiors and tires and suspension and engine...? come on.

do you think its weird i felt weird being alone with him? i felt a tension.. i dont know if he did. i def was so tired i wasnt on my witty game. if i didnt have my car there i wouldve been out like a light and told him to drive me home. then again i dont think he needed extra time driving either. i dotn know how he felt about us being alone...
jenn said oh come on as friend.. blah blah. i said i dont know... i have doubts about men and friendships with women. i was so tired i just wanted to put my head back... but i know i wouldve fallen asleep.

i told dr b it was weird that dr a came over and said thx for a nice week and i had fun etc.
i said to jenn its like hes a girl. moody and saying thank you? come on. she said oh he was just letting you know it was great. i said look, im fine its him getting nasty and bitchy and me withdrawing when he gets like that b/c im not putting up with it. dr b said dr a has been thru a very brutal divorce the ex tried to say he was an incompetent dr. i said how ridiculous is that? so she can lose out on that money?and of course she thinks hes a piece of shit. shes the ex wife.
i told dr b, look next time he says something humble tell him to shut up hes a dr and gets pussy. my god get a set.

i thought maybe kim was funny and relaxed and maybe he just seemed to like her...
she was asking about diff shows in vegas and he was saying how the best places to stay are wynn, encore , and bellagio. i said i wasnt at wynn but bellagio was my favorite which is where shes staying.. the wedding is at the bellagio...
and then all the diff performers. its her 1st time and shes excited and i said i only went once but it was alot of fun..(rob had a business conference and i decided i was going too if they were paying..)

we may have both been off the beaten path from exhaustion...

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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Thanks for the Mouse Saver info. That is great to know and depressing at the same time. Is everything going to increase in costs? How come things rarely go down? You know? I might be able to join Auto Club South as we have relatives there. So, maybe it might be worth the added expense of joining...even if I could, note sure these relatives would help anyone but themselves. lol


I will tell you what...the teaming issue might be good from a hospital standpoint, even a legal one, but from a number of other views, even the patients, wow...issues.


You sound like a pharmacy rep for propofol. Looks like bottled milk huh? Perhaps you can even use it on cereal. (stays crunchy even in milk?) Cheerios and Propofol? Hmmm.


You do have the personality to sell things, mini-vans, houses or whatever. I could picture you doing so. You like to convince people of things you believe in. People make a lot of money when the economy is solid...but nursing, we all need nurses all the time, good and bad times economically. You picked a good career in many ways.


The car sounds very boy racer...rather immature, from the color schemes to the story of why it is so awesome. I am not sure why you felt so odd with him. But he does like you, and he is an opportunist as we have his judgment is off from being tired. I don't think it will amount to a hill of beans really.


Dr a and his agenda. I always ask myself with him...what is he really looking to get? He knows you are not thrilled with him. He also does not want to be hated and dr b does, I am sure, convey that you do not like him. As a result he is going to offer some odd bits here and there. This is one of them. I would chalk this up to his insecurity and not much else.


His wife hating him? Most wives going through a divorce are not going to be nice and will say a lot of mean things. Telling others he is a lousy doctor is counterproductive to her. What about all that alimony? She doesn't want to lose out on that by making him out to be an idiot medically. Weird. Really Weird.


Kim, if she can remain relaxed and interested she may indeed get a shot at dr b. Then again, he may just be messing around with you and her. I would not put that past him to do as he tends to have an odd streak going with women, even nice ones from what I can tell. Steven


Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i dont know the cost of auto club south...
of course you always have to crunch the numbers of what the membership costs to what you will save.
i still think you should have you or your wife become an annual pass holder. the discount you get on the hotel may pay for half of your park tickets or more. i joined the annual pass for our honeymoon. so did rob. it was 800. we saved 1100 on the hotel. then you got 10% off your food and merchandise. which adds up. i didnt crunch those number but i figured it was at least 300 more. we bring lots of stuff back - for other people and family. and of course i used my discount and passed the savings on. you have 3 kids and youll be buying stuff.
until you actually have the pass you wont be able to see what youll save on the hotel, so you could call disney and tell them the truth you wanted to see the savings if you did join. they do it no problem.
btw you have to say a key phrase as theyre trained to not tell you the best deal unless you ask and say is that your best deal?
not with the passholder rates but if youre going to do the straight rates..
then we did the trick of going back 11 months later and already had park tickets got the hotel discount and paid for the flight down. it really was a bargain. i know its diff with 5 annual park passes. but if you do the one annual pass itll cover everyone honestly.

the hosp doesnt give a crap about the nurses and at my old hosp they had team nsg and got rid of it b/c no one was responsible for the pt then. its i thought nurse y did it. or told the dr about it.
i have kept my mouth shut as its yet another excuse the nurses can use to get out of trouble. i dont know how this place doesnt know anything...
i dont know if the city is more cutthroat? or i was around the block more than these nurses? im not critically care trained... although i took that course that i failed with a 73 that i needed a 75 for...
no one at this place knows i worked a manhatten er or took classes at cornell. but either way.. we worked differently.

oh propofol is called mothers milk by alot of med personel.
i didnt coin the term. its a good drug since you can pull it back quickly if the pt starts to have low bp or hr or resp... wit has a short half life and metabolizes out quickly. its a drug of choice for vented pts..

i guess youre right about dr b. i just felt strange about it.

as far as dr b.. you think he tells a i cant stand him? i try not to say much as i dont wnat to be the yoko of the group really.
apparently dr as ex wife told the court and supposedly tried to go after his license saying he s incompetant. now o f course i dont know how true that is. id let him burst into flames by himself and enjoy the alimony that i get. who cares if hes a screw up?

bt w dr a told me an update about the cardiac arrest we argued about. well the pt came off the vent was neurologically intact (shocking) and was off for 2 days. well he went back inot cardiac arrest again. and they couldnt intubate - so dr a said hes shocked we got it but this major medical ctr couldnt. i said look they have resident and i guarantee you that the residents couldnt. so the pt not only aspirated and has pneumonia they had to emergently trach him. so hes ona vent with aspiration pna.. again. the 2 days of coherence get sall of us off the hook. now the other place owns him. any deficit he has... its on them.

i dont know if hes going top follow thru with asking kim out. its already friday tomorrow and ina way.. id tell her even if she was free to say no. cuz im abitch and i think its not good to make things easy for men. i mean does he think im sitting around to wait to see how his plans work out? i dont think so. let him ask for a week or 2 in advance. see if i can fit him in to my busy schedule...

The annual pass does sound like the best deal. It is 800 dollars, but the saving exceeds the cost by a good bit. Thanks again. I will look into that.


You do not sound very thrilled with your current hospital, at least compared to what you were used to. I understand where you used to work, based on the hints you gave me, and the fact that I saw it on the news via the web. But in some ways this place seems even more clueless administration wise. It is as if they do not understand how to manage risk, and risk management is what health care tends to need, especially at the front door where you work. And, you are right; they have no idea what they have in you, or what you know compared to most, or your education. It is no wonder you surprise dr b so often with what you know. It is like they are used to hiring the dregs.


I still think you should sell pharmaceuticals. You make them sound so, well...nice. (really you do) Maybe you missed another calling in the business word. The pharmacy companies like female reps too and they consider (unspoken of course) flirting as a necessary part of the job....


Dr a's wife, I really doubt, unless she is a total fool (and that is possible I guess) would not go after his competency as a doctor, unless of course she is so hurt that all she sees is vengeance. Then, well; I get it. Does dr b talk to dr a about what you have said? I do not think directly, but men like to talk about things; like who do you think is good; who do you think likes to work with me, likes me etc. So, something about you has probably come up. I doubt dr b would ever say anything that would be directly harmful. He does not seem the type at all.


That is sad about the man who arrested. I would have hoped that he got out of the woods and stayed there, and that if he needed to intubated that a major medical center could figure it out. (It does show how good you all are though.) I had aspiration pneumonia. I was in good health and I didn't have a bad heart, and it was really rough on my body. I said after it happened that I understood why older people die from this.


Kim and dr b. I do feel that she should say no, if he asks; at least at first. It build mystery and makes him wonder why didn't she say yes. That is good for any man who is in a position of some authority and ranking. That actually is a good technique for her if she wants to improve her odds of having him become interested. Steven

Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the annual pass was 800 for both me and rob. its now currently 519 per person. we got those passes 7 years ago they were 400 and change. its gone up less than 100 dollars in 7 years which isnt too bad...
anyway we did save like 1100. so you could be saving more than that.

at my old hosp there was almost no nsg administration/ education. we had 2 educators. the one who screwed me. and another one who was an icu educator who was a complete dingbat. we had the cno and there was supposed to be 2 more administrators.. but we hadnt had those positions filled for a few years.

according to dr b, the ex wife went after dr as license to practice medicine saying hes incompetant. i said why would she do that when its getting rid of a cash cow? and he was like their divorce was one of the worst ive ever heard of compared to other friends of mine who divorced....

yeah im pretty familiar with the pharmaceutical sluts. they come by and are perfectly dressed/ coiffed. and suits and dresses to kill. theyre like playboy bunnies.
theyre super flirty and they annoyed the crap out of me when theyd be waiting for the dr. i worked in a urology office for 5 years.
anyway i finally had to make ground rules. im telling him once youre here. after that. im done. but he always made time for the tramps.

im telling you the major medical ctr could intubate it was they were teaching instead of doing. ive seen it plenty of times at my other hosp.
how the heck did you aspirate?

as far as dr b. as of last night he didnt ask kim out. she textedme and i asked. so she said maybe he changed his mind?
and even i was like thats the biggest bullshit.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey steven - im trying to get ja to make my account to be the unlimited .. but its not giving me the option... i dont know whats going to happen now...

As far as limited vs unlimited: You should contact the Just Answer site moderator to talk about your account. I am sure they can clarify things for you.


Even at over 1k it is probably a better deal to get the annual pass than to go through what I am now with the general reservation and deal sites, etc. Plus it would simplify things a lot.


His wife sounds really, really angry. That level of illogical action is usually only seen in people who are either really personality disordered (very) or someone who is just too hurt and angry, so much so that they cannot even see straight. Often that is the result of some drastically miserable stuff that occurred between them. I wouldn't even want to speculate about what that might have been.


We do see things exactly the same about the Pharm Reps. They are a trip aren't they? Except for a fee scale and a red light, they are pretty open about the sexual overtones. You sound just like our office managers when they (the reps) would come around. They don't fool anyone these reps, but the doctors often would be, I think just for the attention certain ones would give. They pay them a lot of money, almost escort wages for the good ones.


I had undiagnosed GERD. It was terrible one night and I upchucked in my sleep. Not pleasant. The results of that turned ugly. I was so sick I didn't know what to do. Two separate courses of Avalox finally kicked it.


Dr b better get his act together. He either asks her out or not. Playing with her is just mean. Maybe as a friend you could mention this, but then again, you do not need to be in the middle of this mess. Steven












Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i would say get only 1 annual pass if youre not getting for the whole family. b/c you only need 1 for all the benefits. and i would put it in whoever has credit cards in their name. meaning if you have higher limits and will be using your cards .. i would get it in your name if you have joint and kate has the same limit and shell be doing the majority of dealing with this or booking she should do it.
i have a feeling you do the vacations - see i do the vacations. but not all families work the same.
i do all this stuff. but rob always had higher limits. so if i was booking and its online no big deal if it wa sin his name.. just book and use his credit card. but in person disney will id you. everytime. they didnt use to do that when we had the passes. my bil thsi past time became a annual pass holder at my urging b/c i said if you use your points from dvc next year go before it expires... so if it expires the endo of april... go in the middle of april and use your dvc points to stay there. and you have your ticket. now your just talking food and airfare. (see? im good at this.)
either way save the extra 100 bucks and dont get the 2nd annual pass unless youre doing the whole family. or you plan on going the 2 of you sans children the following year. that would be cruel but funny.
im sure you know a good therapist to refer the kids to.

anyway i would def call and see the actual discount you will get. i rechecked and its still up to 40% discount on the room. Its only for one room though. it used to be up to 3 rooms. so you will need a villa/ suite type room. or it would be worth it for kate to get it if you need 2 rooms.

anyway ur going to have the best time.

dr a told me a while ago he shouldve married an er nurse. and that shes an occupational therapist. and essentially shes a crazy bitch.
i dont know - dr a can piss me off pretty good.
i dont know what happened b/c at 1st i was able to talk to him...and liked him alot.
and he used to confide in me. whatever. i know you told me an educated man like that confiding in me was risky that he was going to make a move on me...

you have to be thin to be one of those slutty reps. im not saying im above that - thats for sure i will admit. its just im not thin enough.
they do like rns doing it b/c the drs trust an rn more than some chick off the street supposedly.
alot of those reps did the whole basic instinct cross and uncross their legs. i wonder how many had underwear on.
my only prob with all of it is ... could i kiss all that ass? i dont know.

geez steven. you shouldnt have aspirated. you shouldve had your gag reflex kick in.

i will tell drb to stop being a jerk and get his poop together. and tell him jerky hes being. i will def tell her not to accept his date if its short noticed.......
and i may really have to bust his chops n tell him what a dick hes being.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ANYWAY I TOOK KATE TO MOMMY AND ME... she did ok i guess. kate i guess beats to her own drummer? i dont know if thats a sign of her being dumb? or a sign of intelligence. kate doesnt seem .. whats the right word? like ive noticed jens daughter cassie sticks with kate and so does this boy seamus. like kates playing and when shes done she goes to the next thing. she doesnt see if the other kids are going. she just goes. jen was away this weekend shes camping so just seamus was there.. she was doing stuff and it seemed like seamus was up her butt. finally he banged his gigantic granite head into hers... she had a huge red mark and wouldnt let me put her down. i told her like go play shes not crying and shit happens so to speak. So i send her back out into playing. and this boy i slike around her. like shes playing and he keeps swooping by.. and im like ok.. and kate doesnt engage really with them. ive seen her engage with other kids.. im not worried about that.. but i thought it was weird. esp since today kate didnt really engage at all today. she did what the teacher said... like bring this back or like group commands.. but kate seemed kind of shy .. and the teacher kind of paid special attention.. like she said come up and get a puppet. so i tell kate go get a puppet. so theres a ton of kids there and kates hanging back (im like that too. i wont wait on line for a free lunch or food. ill go back when its less crowded. unless im preg. lol) so the teacher doesnt realize kate doesnt have one. and after the kids cleared out she gave it a few more minutes. i told kate go go. there were plenty left. well she says ok and starts closing up the bin to play and i was going to let her be without b/c frankly if you dont move or do what youre told to do.. well youre going to miss out. so i figured id let her be punished by this. like her inattention or her inability to follow directions.. whatever it was. the teacher realizes only seconds into this and just takes her to get one... kate got a lion and had it...
so what are your thoughts?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok got the mousesavers email prices def will go up tomorrow

You're like my own personal vacation consultant!


I hear you on the mousesavers thing, and I think I am inclined to go with the annual pass and use the one credit card, one person thing.That works very well, and is a very good approach. Thank you.


I can tell you really like to help on these types of things. I have to think up a career for you that involves nursing, vacation travel and planning. Maybe you could work on a cruise ship for Disney. Hey, don't laugh. Someone has to do it. And, I bet it pays well... and the park discounts! Of course you will never see your husband unless he comes with you...and of course you would not see your extended family, ever. (Hmmm, this is sounding better and better.)


Dr a's wife is an OT? That is usually a profession that attracts a fairly nice group of people. Most of the OT's I know are very nice indeed. But, maybe he did something really awful, or perhaps she is nasty. It is impossible to know from here, but my gut takes me to option A. And yes...educated men who confide in women often make moves on them. That is a fact.


Well, you got the image of the reps pretty down I would say. It really is the leg cross uncross thing. I also know that many of them seek to pick things off the floor regularly, and they are not buttoned up exactly. It is an interesting profession.


I did gag when I woke up, just not enough I guess. It was painful beyond painful, like swallowing Drano. Then a few days later I had pneumonia.


Dr b is not being very nice to Kim. I feel badly she is expecting him to act decently. I would ream him out, for certain. That is just low class on his part.

Kate: Grateful that she is like she is. My middle one is the same and has, as a 13 year old, piles of friends; starts her own fads and trends and couldn't care less what anyone thinks of her. She was like Kate was, socially, since she could walk. I think the socially secure ones act like this. I believe, with all that I know, that she is not only doing well, but great.


That added shyness is common in eldest girls and with some minor encouragement all works out. I really do not see any issues here. She is exposed to many children and seems very well adjusted otherwise. I also encourage parents to make certain that dad plays a big part of the encouragement as little girls learn much from their fathers in this way. But as far as this single incident, I do not see a lot of worries. She has many signs of independent thinking and aside from the expected shyness is running normal or even slightly ahead of the game. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
btw you can buy the annual pass as far in advance as you need and not activate it until you go. if you activate it the time will be running out. according to people have activated passes 5 years old. so if youre booking 12 or 14 months ahead.. dont worry about buying it. but if its not activated and you lose it.. its a huge deal. so you shud make xerox copies of the receipt and of the voucher for the pass itself. it has numbers on it.
at checkin of the hotel its good to have it activated prior to check in b/c there are some hotel people that will not honor the annual pass rate until its activated. you only pay for one night to book the whole vacation just so you know..... it used to be just a $100.

ah were not moving to florida. its practically a prison state. the crime there is crazy.

as far as the pharmeceutical rep thing... well maybe after the baby weight is off. and think of the money ill save on underwear and not needing any.

yeah and dr a didnt even make a move on me. or dr b. well f**k them both.
as far as kim. she doesnt even have his number. i mean... what do you want? and if a guy wants to no matter how freaking busy he is... makes time for you. im not talking after marriage (lol)
i mean we all know its true. now the other thing was i opened my big mouth and told kim he said he was going to make plans with her this weekend - he didnt tell her that. he said to me unsolicited... oh kims a nice girl (thats bad as far as im concerned...) and hes going to ask her out for lunch or dinner...on sat. i teased him and said i thought we were going out. and he said ill take you to dinner. i just laughed and he said ive asked you to go out before. we talked about other things and i got in my car and drove the sleepytime death missile home. we havent spoken since.

so i thought he was going to ask her out.. it wasnt like he was pressured by me in anyway lie oh when will u ask her etc? so i thought he was being genuine. then kim called me like 30 min later and was like so what happened? and i told her.

kate seems to have a good imagination i was pretty impressed she was eating an apple slice and decided it was a boat since she had taken a bite out of it.. and made it ride the high seas up and down...

hey she should be way ahead of the game. i thought shes a genius. come on now. lol.
well steven ill be upfront with you... i am having difficulty switching over to an unlimited account. i contacted customer service but they said i have to switch it over. i accepted another ans trying to make the advertisement to come up... but it didnt and again i was unable to switch over. i wrote back to them telling them theres no button my homepage nor am i being asked to switch. i havent heard a response yet.. so our correspondence may have to wait til thursday when i can start another account..maybe on my reg computer to try to see if theyre tracking me somehow....
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
btw my bro and my dad were at the mets perfect game last night. theyre over the moon. they said the stadium was rocking like it used to. i remember going to playoff games at shea and the crowd would stomp so hard if you were just walking it was like a low grade earthquake it was crazy. i said to my bro how funny would it have been if you guys didnt go and say me and mom went and you guys missed it? they go to tons of games btw. my bro was like that wud so not funny. he was so pissed i was like ok o it didnt happen geez. relax. stupid boys.

Thank you vacation consultant! I will keep this in mind as I through the process. I like that fact that you can keep it dormant, if you are careful, until it is needed.


Don't worry; plenty of Disney Cruises leave the port of Maryland. You can always move there. lol


True, as a pharmacy rep you will have no bills for a lot of clothing items and you can shop at Fredericks of Hollywood. This is looking better and better.


I would not worry about what Dr b said to you about Kim. He is the one who has to back up anything that he says by action. Trouble is, a lot of men no longer put much stock into what they say. They talk to talk. And, it does not sound like he is going to do anything with Kim except perhaps talk about it. If he thinks you want him to ask her out he may say that just to get you into a conversation. I am thinking more and more that he has zero intent to ask her anything.


I am not allowed to discuss anything about accounts so I certainly hope they can work things out for you. I will wait to see what happens here on this end. I am sure something will work out. Hey, how about that Mets game with your brother and father! That would have been outstanding to see. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the vac people at disney will quote you the passholder rate.. but they only have so many rooms with that discount. so thats why i say jump on that pony a year in advance. of course that doesnt mean that they wont have rooms available. just not at the discounted rate. i also think they do for dvc club members but i thinks its unspoken. or they wont admit it to them.
so if your heart is set on those treehouses... well you see where im going with that.

the disney cruise leaves from ny now too according to my inlaws... either way everyone just books online and they dont use travel agents anymore.

fredericks of hollywood? really?

i haved to get ready for work... i am very much not looking forward to it. i am so nauseated right now its not funny. i just need to feel better already. when will i feel better? im always so worried of what will happen to me there or what new predicament i will be in. or worse how much risk im putting to my license.
i also dont really feel much relief or happiness with my case being over. my exhaustion level is crazy. i feel like i only barely function and have to muster up an effort to do anything as it is. work is extremely vigorous im sick nauseated and dizzy by the time im leaving.
i feel like im not up to working anymore. i rememeber being preg with kate and how hard it was for me and the same with the last one. and now its like im not even at the halfway mark and i cant see me making it thru....of course we cnat afford me going out for an extended period of time. so i dont know what to do.
i feel like im ready to cry.

Believe me. I will jump on that rate as soon as I can. I don;t procrastinate much by nature.


Nausea has to be one of the worst experiences physically. There is so little that you can do about it while pregnant, and I remember my wife being pregnant with all three of them, but especially our boy, and being so sick...but somehow she went to work, Exertion made it worse and I really felt for her and I have so much pity for you as well. That sucks, so big time. Sometimes all you can do is cry, and that is okay, It does not solve anything true, but it is a vent and allows you to release some of that pent up pain.


I know you expected to feel fantastic about he licensing issue. It is wonderful, but you went through such a protracted period of time in stress that most people just feel numb and exhausted. I am sure some of what you are feeling now is about the stress that occurred It is important that you do not get on yourself to feel this way or that about what happened, but simply to accept what you feel at the moment. Now, you feel tired and sick, for multiple reasons. Do what you can now to take care of yourself. Rest if you get a second. Do what you can at work and know that the nausea and fatigue will pass and you will get your second wind and feel more hopeful. Now you feel like crap and that is pretty common. The hopelessness about getting through work as well. You will get through and as fast as this came on it will leave. It does not feel like that at the moment but it is true. Steven

Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well im glad to hear youre not a procrastinator only b/c it sucks helping people to do all this stuff and then they essentially chicken out. but hey its their money right?
and some people live in a dream world without realizing what things entail.
i have a huge entry to write and tell you all that happened but i def will run out of time. ill write what i can.. i can cont tomorrow.

last night well i was a bitch on fire steven. i couldnt even help it. i dont mean it, but i walk into this huge mess. and we have so much missing staff... i have no rn partner so they closed my other side. and they close one upfront. so theres less nurses to circulate the pts to.
theres no med assistants so no blood draws. or sending any specimens to the lab. so not only do you need to collect you have bag and tag them all and then send them in the shoot.

we have no nurses aides nor triage so were triaging all our own pts. plus bedpans water blankets etc. its a disaster. so i have a pt whos miscarrying at 22 its her 2nd child her 1st is like 3.. so shes carrying on shes in so much pain. she knew she was going to miscarry b/c she went to her private ob and he said the baby had no heartbeat. so her parents are there and the fathers essentially ready to rip my throat out. i gave her the iv motrin ordered by dr b... but its not working. so i try to talk to dr jerkoff. thats right jerkoff. so a nurse - lenore - comes and cuts the iine waiting to speak to dr jerkoff. she says the daughter just came, said she thinks the pts having a stroke. which as far as im concerned i dont fight with an attending to come n see a pt. call the stroke code. everyone hands are tied and they have to come and assess the pt and put orders etc.
so this dr jerkoff well he panicks when theres an emergency (a good quality in an er attending wouldnt you say?) and you cant talk to him when there is an emergency b/c he cant multi task. so he comes out of this pts room and hes somebody who talks too loud in the 1st place so yelling is crazy and hes yelling at me - are you the nurse for this pt? so i say no but he continues screaming - this pt has lidocaine wide open!!! so im like what? so i said clamp it off. lidocaine is an antiarrythmic drug that should be regulated closely on a pump. so im like ok well get a pump and hes screaming that s life threatening!! this pt could die!! (in front of all the pts and families...) so im like ill get the nurse. so im like lenore- what sgoing on over here.. so shes like that pt has zithromax hanging. so im like well.. that snot what dr jerkoff said. so it turns out were only 40 minutes into the shift and lenore didnt do all her rounds which neither did i b/c we kept getting slammed by er pts. who are considered more unstable than already assessed pts.
well they call michele - and it turns out the day shift nurse hung it prior to leaving. well i was kinda pissed that dr jerkoff yelled at me when i just kept trying to get orders for my other pts. so i get the morphine order and go back to the hail storm of this pt and family who are super pissed. i give 10mg of morphine and shes to have a pelvic and be seen by dr jerkoff.
i try to move on. meanwhile all night michele is talking to everyone about this error. i had to call the lawyers i had to call the chief nursing officer, i had to call that administrator who i personally dont trust who asked when she heard appx how much lidocaine was given is the pt dead? so michele says no. and shes walking around with the iv tubing and the bag attached (which im sure will be bagged tagged and used against this nurse as evidence.. if they report her to the state they actually send that stuff.)
michele tried to engage with me about this but i just really didnt. b/c i feel like everyone knows except the nurse. she didnt say she called her. so lenore says how could this happen? so i said its in the omnicell - the machine where the meds are kept and prob pulled it out of the wrong slot. or the slot was incorrectly filled by pharmacy. not an excuse but theres where i can see it happening. so i tdoes turn out the drugs are one on top of each diff shelves.. but yet i can see this error. so michele says oh im sure it wasnt in the wrong spot on the shelves. of course b/c pharmacy could never make a mistake.
well i have to go... talk to you tomorrow..

I am not sure if what you wrote here was the huge entry or that is yet to come. This stuff is pretty significant though. The whole system that you work in is like an active mine field. Every day there is a potential to have something legal or similar brought into your life.


Here, an error by the nurse could have cost the patient much more than actually occurred. Yet, this nurse will not be defended in any way, nor will the system that is being used to coordinate the medication delivery be explored to make it better. Instead they will bag and tag her, and the doctor, doctor j, does not help matters one bit. Instead, he raises liability to a new high with this family. What else would they do/think when they they heard, point blank, this doctor stating that the nurse and the hospital are guilty of negligence? What a time of it, and you get the brunt of the family anger and the doctor yelling at you. Honestly there should be scapegoat pay for you. So, tell me about this big post... Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well steven another... night.
no my huge entry is to come..
well after the dr jerkoff yelled at me - he announced overhead for colleen to take orders from ob gyn. at 1130pm. now colleen works days is def not there. i realize my ob pt will be admitted and pickup, clarify that its the same pt, and take the orders. after that i go and tell dr jerkoff btw im assuming that call was for me but im not colleen. and walk away. steven i could crash the sleepytime death missile and they would call colleens family and tell them that shes dead. and no1 would notice i didnt come to take my pts. im dead serious. so dr jerkoff says oh come back come back. so im like what? so he says i was in the middle of an emergency i just made a mistake etc. so i was like that emergency was 3 hrs ago. you just dont know my name. and thats it. so i start walking away. he called after me again but i pretended not to hear. i tell this story later in the night and to 2 clerks and theyre laughing at the jokes and a nurses aide wlaks up behind me and says hey jen... im like are you f**king kidding ? really? and i realize no1 calls any of them liz. so i dont exist. seriously. i said this maybe good for me. when all the complaints come rolling in ill be like it wasnt me.. it was colleen.

anyway i pretend to not know dr b didnt ask kim out. so i say hey how was your hot date? he says what date? i said you said youre going out with kim. so he says oh i didnt ask her. so i said oh. so he says i think ill as her this sat. so then he goes on to say that hes not sure itll work out, his life is too crazy. so i said well then maybe the best way to be a gentleman is to be honest and tell her that.
so he and i got called away and inte3rrupted. we said no more about it. so in the am when i see kim. i cut to the chase and say listen kim.. i think you should move on. and i tell her what i said to him. so she said i hate wasting time. the rejection i can deal with. its the time wasting. so i said i know... but think- and i hate to say it, but hes not serious about this. sher ponders if hes a commitment phobe and im likeit doesnt matter what his prob is.. its not yours. and dont make it yours. she says shes not mad at me and i try to believe her.

well last night as im traveling to work.. i get atext that he asked her out. for lunch saturday. so she said thru the facebook thing. so i told her dont answer right away. let him sweat a little.
so far she hasnt answered.

then my friend wendy who just broke up with her live in boyfriend 2 weeks ago.. (btw he wont leave the apt now and throws up everyday now..hes been calling sick for 2 weeks to his job if you can believe this...) well she hinted but didnt tell me details that there was soemone else. not serious but yet someone else. so im like ok.. so she lets it slip its peter rn. the one who said he couldnt stop thinking about me with the whole tie up thing.. he was def kidding but it was funny. so peter rn is like 28 and wendy is like 45. so i said to her are you getting your groove back? she laughed but said theyve only gone out and nothing intimate has happened. so im like ok. well i had this preg 22 yr old pt with a 24 yr male. i didnt thin it was a good match up.. so i asked can i ask you a question? he got very loud and was like im doing 5 things right now. and im signing a pt ama. so im like ok forget it. so i walk away. b/c steven the abuse here is crazy. im not going to get yelled at. so i walk away. he comes after me (guilts a bitch isnt it?) and says ill help you liz whats up? so i said forget it. he walks away and i decide that the 2 pts will dorm together and its going to be documented as per michele the moron who put them together. so im hanging blood on a pt and peter comes back and says whats up? so i say nothing. hanging blood. he says u have a question? so i say no i hang blood according to my old hosp policies whihc are stricter than this hospitals. so he says ok.. so what was ur question. so i said oh its ok. i worked it out. im a nurse for along time. thats a dig that im a nurse longer than him.. so he says ok just out of curiosity. were in front of a pt and i didnt wnat to get into it so i say ok i was going to ask u what ur doing sat night... as a joke. the pt looks at us... like do they have soemthing going on? so he says oh im taking my girlfriend out. shes been bugging me. so i go aw. poor peter. so i say oh is that the girl that youve been dating for a long time? like since when i came? a year ago? so he says yeah.. so im lie no wedding bells? so hes like nah... not yet. so i say oh.. so i mention this is to wendy. so she says ahh. good to know. so i said i dont know the whole story.. but i wanted to alert you. she took it well and said thats ok. and im like i feel bad. but i wanted you to know. so she says howd you get that out of him? so i said i should be a f**king prosecuter steven.

anyway today is my 7th wedding anniversary. i told rob that its time for renogiations ... i mEAN even murders get parole..

anyway i spoke with peter the mgr again and was like so you have a day shift postion for me? so hes like no... its too short on nights. youll be oin nights for awhile. so i tell him that michele has essentially taken my days away and i need them b/s i already dont see my kid from sun nite to thurday am. and its too much. if u split my days.. well ill never see her. and im doing this for a year already. and kates 2 and notices now. he says hell talk to michele and my days will be fixed. iam kind of disappointed.. i mean and now its ayear. and ill have the next one and id like to see it once ina while. he says yes thatd be good. so he asked when i was due and i said nov. he says ok liz.. so there i am. stuck.
maybe peter has the though he cant bare to be there all day with me?

btw the pt who got the lidocaine drip by accident is ok. as for the nurse.. nothing has been said about her...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
oh and a new nurse asked michele about taking the triage class. so she was like oh ask rachel (the educator who calls me colleen..) so i said oh michele can i be out in triage? so shes like oh didnt you feel uncomfortable last time? so i said oh but im good now weve done so many ourselves bedside.. im good. so shes like ok.. so im hoping it advocated for me to go to triage. although she didnt put me out there last night and we checked our schedule and tonight im stuck in the back corner again.
and dr b isnt on again. he wanted to got a clubs opening he said. i wonder if dr a will be back.
i hope its quiet again. its so much easier on me when we dont run like maniacs.

Wow, not having an identity at work is usually a bad thing, but where you are employed, that might work out, assuming you want to commit some crimes and blame others. They would never know who you are. But seriously, to not know your name, at all? Besides, don't you wear name tags or id? Isn't it rather obvious who you are?


Are you a visual clone of Coleen? For these people to not have a clue about you, that is inexcusable. And, this type of thing would make most people feel hurt, as if they did not have value. There are people who I have known who just do not get noticed in life, but you do not seem that type at all. Are people there that oblivious? This didn't happen at your last place did it?


You did a nice thing with Kim. I really do not see her being angry with you. Dr b is not a commitment phobe, he's just really jerky in this area. He has that sometimes male attitude that he is above needing to inform his "women" that he has not made a choice yet. I do not think he actually likes her all that much, but I think he also fears confrontation where he has to say he does not want to be with someone. Now watch this...he'll go on the date and absolutely love her. We'll see though. He is a hard one to read on this issue. But as far as Kim, you did a really nice thing for her. And you are so right. Kim: Let him sweat. He should have to wait, a long while too.


Wendy and Peter: Wow, your place has a lot of action, that is for certain. I feel badly for Wendy, but also for you. How on earth do you get in the middle of all of this stuff? Okay you do get information out of people, but that information is like spy level stuff and it puts you in a bad position, one where you could get blamed for things that don't work out. I am thinking that holding your ears and saying la la la loudly when they tell you things might not be such a bad idea here. Really, it is terrible how often you seem to be in the middle of this nonsense. You might not be noticed for your name by doctors or other nurses, but your loon magnet works well enough.


Happy Anniversary! Doing anything special? And did you make that parole thing up or repeat it from somewhere. Pretty funny.


As far as shifts: Wow, that was a managerial way to say we need you to stay where you are and not move. That is obvious. Getting night shift staff on is not easy for them, and as you are easy to deal with on nights, you stay. That sucks.


I do not think it has anything to do with Peter and you; it is about his need to have night staff and the fact that you have some tenure and he wants to keep it that way. Not good for you, and he sounds like he inquired about your due date simply as a way for him to judge your leave, and his impending night staffing issue. For him: This issue is closed I think. Time to look for another job after this baby is born. Really.


You know if you did the medication error that you would be in prison orange already. Wow, nothing happened to the other nurse? That is incredible.


I hope you have an easier time of it at work. You are tired, and deserve a break. It does sound like you made an in-road into the triage advocacy world. And, that would be good for you, as you have been in that other role far too long. Dr a: Well, I kind of hope that he is not on, but again, look at your other choices bedsides dr a. Yuk.


Michele needs to have you on the brain. Anytime you can bring the topic of working triage to her, do it, Even email is good. Steven









Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey steven. yes. i wear my id chest level. and no this didnt happen at my old job. in fact at my old job i was the person everyone knew. and it not only became annoying... i am glad that i am not as high profile here. i also was one of the few white people at my job though. here its a ton of white nurses. a few black and all the philopenos work on nights.
i dont know what to think of it. the nurses aide had overheard me and thought he was funny and called me jen.

kim thinks he needed me to yell at him or a kick in the pants to actually do it. i def didnt yell or give him a kick in the pants i said it very matter of factly. almost like i didnt care anything about kim.. but i was talking to him only.

i can get shit out of people. i do all sorts of conversation traps. jhust for giggles not cuz i care.
lie i had this 1st manger who was very mean to me. well she went to the icu xmas party that was getting wild i was told. so she came back to the floor and i was working and she was a little messed up. i just said on a fluke.. oh who was the guy you were dancing with? so she go embarassed and was like dr so and so. and everyone was there and did the hootin and woo wooing.

we have have no plans for our anniversary. maybe i can get something together for the weekend. rob left me a card thats a scene from disneys cinderella where it says who needs fairy tale romance? and you open it and it says when you have the real thing?
and he left me godiva choc covered strawberries. i called him and we spoke briefly.

the whole joke is marriage is like a life sentence... you conversationally say to your audience and say i mean wtf did i ever do? even murders get parole...

my joke i made up is that marriages should have contracts like unions and renegotiate the terms every 3 years or what not to work out the terms... and if you cant... well youre on strike.

oh i m not saying nothing happened to the med error nurse. i just didnt hear yet. im afraid of what happened to her. some1 said there may be a spot for you now on days.. i had that thought but didnt utter it. b/c i would never wish that on another nurse.

well have to get ready for work
me and this girl kerry have the team together tonight. shes nice and works. so im fine with that. lets hope its not too crazy.

I am certain that having your name forgotten is at a personal level very disturbing. It implies that you are not significant to others. Now the fact that the opposite occurred at your other job is enough to know that this situation is not about you. It may be that you are part of the dominant culture at work and blend in, or it many simply be that these people are not really concerned about anyone except themselves, It is frightening that your ID tag is not read though. I'll bet your patients know you better than some of the staff. It is truly odd.


No matter how you got dr b to see that he was being rude, and needed to connect with Kim, one way or be it. It happened. Good for you. At least he did something decent by agreeing to see her. And you do have a talent for getting the goods on people. You don't forget anything; you have a good sense of humor and you came from a family where you had to read people well to survive. Those traits add up to being able to move people emotionally and behaviorally,well.


At least your husband remembered your anniversary! And, chocolate covered strawberrys, especially now in this season are pretty good. The card being Disney was a nice touch too. Maybe he isn't all bad; right Liz?


So marriage is like a union agreement? Good thing I am from a union state with labor laws like your own. I get that joke. Now in a "right to work" State like Virginia, they may not get that joke. They don't have union anything.


That would be a lousy way to get a daylight job...but if it happens, it happens and is for you an opportunity. That is pretty Machiavellian; but hey. If it works...


I hope your night did go well. Steven


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi steven. i just got home. yep. from working all night. i got home, ready to sleep and saw that i had a message on the answering machine. ok. so its my mom saying to call her when i get home. i call and i can tell right away somethings wrong. well it turns out.. grandma died. so im like ok what happened? so she starts telling me. she was in the hosp - she went back b/c her back was really bothering her. she was in pain and couldnt sit or stand. so lorraine my cousin called 911 and brought her back fri night. now i know my mom isnt always right. dont get me wrong.. but mon VNS is calling saying theyre not getting any answer on the phone or door. so my moms like oh shit. grandma doesnt go out. so she called lorraine at work and it turned out grandma is in the hosp. which i think is crappy that lorraine didnt say i sent her back to the hosp. so my mom had though this past mon grandma had died. with good reason. so at 330am they called and said they found her unresponsive and did everything they could. so i said wasnt grandma a dnr? so she says yes. i said and they coded her? so she says no. so i said well then how did they dpo everything they could then? thats not what i say about a dnr case. but she said no they knew she was a dnr. i say ok mom b/c fighting with her even though i suspect the truth doesnt matter. shes dead.
so my mom says get some sleep. ill talk to you tomorrow. im already almost in queens. so i tell her that. so shes like all right. i get there like 15 min later if that and my dad stayed home from work and my brothers there. so im like stephens here. so shes like i didnt know he was coming. so i guess im supposed to believe that he spontaneously showed up in the 15 min that i hung up and was there. i dont know about that. so i get in and sit down. so were talking and my dads really upset. my mom says well she liked him. i said mom he knows her from when hes 15. it has to be disturbing for him. it brings back alot of memories. im sure. she admits when hes not there that when his father died she felt the same and that it really shook her up. and that was like 18 years ago.
ok, so im trying to keep a lid on this thing. everyone seemed kind of tearful, but no one cried. we talked of other things. so i said ok do you want to go and plan this tomorrow? so she says no. shes waiting for her sisters who didnt have to do this last time. my mom grandma and me and lorraine and my dad did it. so my mom says shes not having them just waltz in and she had to go thru this. so im like well but when are they getting here? so my one aunt is in oklahoma. she obviously has to fly. but no one in her family works and theyre broke. her husband thinks hes in conspiracy theory. he has guns... its scary. he doesnt leave the house. she has one son who she just lets not do anything whos like 24. and her daughter is married and neither of them work. they all live in this house. so i dont know if theyll all be able to come. but shes supposedly trying to get the next flight out. my mothers other sister who is more of a basket case than my mom if thats possible.. well shes driving from ohio. they havent left yet. and on top of that..theyre driving. and shes saying theyre going to take a break and take 2 days to come b/c they cant handle the long trip in one day. shes also made comments like oh i mean its not a race to get there and i dont have to beat (her sister) there.
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hi steven theres more to all this of course. i fell asleep typing. i am trying to find maternity cothes in black... not easy, apparently people are jolly and happy preg. so im trying to muster up clothes and get us straightened out. after that ill conclude.

of course theres problems other than clothes. my mother said she doesnt want kate to come. which hurt my feelings. and how stubborn shes being.
i def need advice. ill also open up a new account to see if i can do the switch into unlimited again.

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. This is a such stressor for the family and for you, and often these types of things create additional burdens for you in terms of relatives' behaviors and what you have to deal with. This cannot be easy and I am sorry for you. I am already seeing the relatives driving (maybe flying) in and being, well, themselves.

Dad's reaction seem pretty strong, and if he was close to her, and knew her since he was 15, this is a major loss for him. I think being emotionally there with him in all this is a good idea and will help him through this better. But I am worried that you will be seen as the competent one and roped into doing a lot of arrangements and similar. Perhaps that is not true, but I still get concerned about it. And, you expressing that you just can't deal with this right now might be a good hint that you really cannot. Just be sure to take care of you in all of this stress.

My wife had to find a black dress while 6 months plus pregnant. Good luck with that. She settled for a gray I believe. And, I expected the Kate comment. Which, by the way is not only a hurtful thing to say. It is good for Kate to be at these types of events, for her and others. It may sound weird, but doing so is look at the circle of our lives.

Yes, we do need to start a new thread. This one is now too long and hard to work with. Steven