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Kate, Changing my thinking is no easy feat. I keep trying

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Changing my thinking is no easy feat. I keep trying but I consistently revert back to my negative way of thinking. Perhaps I am incapable of doing this. That or it is a very tough task to accomplish.


Changing your thinking is definitely not an overnight thing. It does take time and persistence. Part of that is because negative thinking becomes a habit, much like biting your nails. It is almost automatic to think of things one way. Changing that takes practice.

What does help is things like props and reminders. Just deciding to change your thinking won't do it. You almost have to prepare for it, like you would if you took a trip somewhere. Make lists, reminders around your house, affirmations to carry with you and help from others to remind you of your goal.

It also helps to listen to how you talk and what you say if you tend to voice your thoughts. Some people just say what come to mind, not thinking how it sounds. By paying attention, you can hear what you sound like to others. Record yourself if it helps, or ask your daughter to catch you talking and record it so you can hear yourself. That often is a catalyst to change.

Educating yourself helps too. Read what you can about cognitive therapy and how it is used to change your thoughts. And other resources can help you learn to change how you think. Here is one to help you:

With some practice, you will find it gets easier.


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