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Heidi LPC, Psychotherapist
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Went to a neurosurgeon due to a back problem with bulging protruding d

Customer Question

i went to a new neurosergeon today due to a back problem with a bulging protruding degenerative was the first day to see him.I have been bipolar since age 19,thyroid removal in 2000 due to thyroid cancer,fooot surgery 6 years ago due to posterior tibilal tendon rupture.i have had many problems through out my life medically and have worked as a lpn since my thyroid was removed.i went to lpn school after my thyroid cancer was removed.i told him i have had many health problems and i am wanting to apply for disabilty so i can work part time.he said what i thought to be rather rude"isnt that unethical to get on social security or say you are disabled just to work part time".He said you could get a desk job. i was shocked that he would say something so rude so i responded with my truthful answer that i thought it was unethical to work as a nurse when i didnt think i could handle my job.I said my feet are messed up.he asked to see my feet and he said they look okay to you think he was wrong to say what he did?I am not planning to report the doctor i just dont think he should have responded that way.i also said to him  that i would go into a job such as housekeeping since i coulnt handle the postion as a nurse.he said to me that why cant i just change my medications and i said i was in the process of that.i told him i have had difficulty working since i cannot exercise at all due to my back pain and foot problems and that is causing me stress and preventing me to work full time.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Heidi LPC replied 5 years ago.

Hi! I am sorry to hear of all the health struggles you have had, and can tell that you are hurt that your Dr. didn't back you up in your thought to apply for disability. It can be tough to feel others are judging you without ever having walked in your shoes, no doubt. No one knows better than you how you feel everyday, and how painful it is for you to perform certain tasks. The job you were trained for is very physical, and you feel that you could no longer perform those duties safely for either yourself or your patients. This is very understandable.

Re: your Dr's. position, he has a point that you can look for work that is less physical, as you are not completely disabled as say, someone with a more debilitating condition... someone who cannot physically or mentally function in a fashion to be able to meet the basic requirements of work. However, even those with serious conditions can at times find work that is both meaningful to them and of service to others. Of course, our current economy is difficult and jobs aren't easy to find, but it isn't impossible, I suppose.

There are people who take advantage of the system all over, and it is quite possible that your Dr. doesn't want to participate in ever being accused of saying someone is completely disabled when he feels that they aren't. It is somewhat understandable that he would want to protect his license in this way. Although he stated his opinion in a way that felt rude to you, you have the absolute right to see another Dr. for another opinion, and you may just want to do this to put your mind at ease. I wish you the very best, ***** ***** you for using the site!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i wasnt going to him to get disabilty for my back.I am without a thyroid and it is hard to function without one.i have been able to exercise for many years and that helped so since i cant exercise i have harder time coping with bipolar and being without thyroid.My thyroid doctor and would be the ones to be notified by the social security office whether they thought i could work or not.
Expert:  Heidi LPC replied 5 years ago.
I see... well, maybe it will be necessary to see them and ask them their thoughts on the issue... and until then, I wish you strength and energy to find your answers! Let me know if I can be of any further support or assistance, and have a good evening!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i ihad to see him because i needed a specialized doctor to treat me for future problems.I had only seen a family doctor and he refered me to a neurosergeon.I was having troube working before i had the back injury and have for years but as a nurse we must do the ethehical decsion to seek help and stop nursing or go part time if our health preevents us from working problerly.I have worked full time for aprox 25 years with bipolar and thyroid removed aprox 12 years ago and if i tell a doctor i want to to apply for disabilty becuase i want to work part time due to not being able to work full time the doctor without even knowing my past shoulnt tell me "dont you think that is unethical if you just want to work part time and you are not disabled.Bipolar is a disabilty and so is being without a thyroid due to thyroid cancer and so is your foots major tendon being attached to the navicaul bone surgiclly to be able to walk.I have never seen or could imagine a doctor so rude by saying that.i told him all my medical problems biplar since age 19,thyroid removal foot surgery before i told him i was applying for disabilty so how could he say i am not disabled with those diagnoses.thes are disabling conditions.I have worked with a disability for years and i dont think i can anymore and need part time.

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