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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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For olsen. well i went back to work last night. i was

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hi for steven olsen.
well i went back to work last night. i was nervous. def nervous. i felt tearful on edge and even took an afternoon nap. after getting up late. a subconscious way of being like maybe ill miss work? i went in and it wasnt too crazy i think the charge nurse was taking it easy on me a bit. which hey ill take it.
i saw drs a and b. dr b i def told dr b that i was going on vacation. anyway he didnt text to me while i was gone and i didnt text him either. i see dr a- and hes like liz youre back!! so i said yeah why? oh i was so worried about you. we missed you. we thought you were sick. so i said no i was on vac. so i see dr b who comes right over and says a similar but diff thing. so i said i told you i was going on vac. so he saaid yeah you did. so i said see? and thats how much you listen to me. im not your wife. ur not supposed to ignore me. ur supposed to be enamored. so he was like ive been busy i forgot. so i said look u were so worried u didnt text. so hes like no i was, ive just been working a ton. so i said yeah yeah i dont want excuses. i want apologies and gifts. so he said ok. (am i too hard on men? i cant help but busting their chops. theyre like dogs who need and like to be punished.)
well youll never believe this. dr a tells me that he and dr b arent breaking up. so i say - kind of half listening and more ball busting - i say im so glad you 2 could work it out in couple therapy. (cuz im a bitch..) so dr b tells me that hes changed his mind. that he thinks he wants to stay at our hosp. he tells me how the pay is equal.. $310k per year. which is 150/ hr. i said what? so he says yeah.. why? so i said like whoa. he also told me the nurses are stellar here and names me and some others... not jenn i noticed but i said nothing...
anyway i told him that id like him to stay toobut he shouldnt stay b/c dr a wants him to stay... if hes making the same money but it advances his career he should do it. so he said yeah but hes a good partner and the guy thats replacing me sucks. and he knows the drs at the other hosp suck at night b/c they trained there as residents. i still personally thin if dr a got a great opportunity he would leave dr b. i didnt go that far cuz i thought it would alienate him.
im tired and if i can later i will reply to your post...

After being away from that stress mine, I am not at all surprised that you would find, conscious and unconscious ways to avoid it. WHo would want to go back to any job after a week's + vacation, but this job, with all the stress. A part of me would understand if you found a way to never go back.

I hope you are not telling me as news that you like to mess with the minds of men. We both have known that for quite a while now. And, you like it. (Don't say you don't). You love to get a male in a place where you can give him a zinger if you can. And, Dr's a and b are completely open to them. I think Dr a would not remember about anyone's vacation but his own, so no worries there. And dr b; that is odd that he forgot. You were talking with him before you went and mentioned it more than once. I sure hope they do not forget the principles of medicine like they forget personal details. And he is staying at your place? (Talk about a salary though. Wow that is a lot of cash. ) And look...he mentioned your name with the good nurses! Now don't tell me you still think you are not a good nurse. You are!

You are so right about Dr a leaving Dr b if he had the shot. He is all about himself. But then again. You know that. He's proven that consistently. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well you cant really say anything about that he mentioned me as a one of the 'good' nurses. hes on the spot and he knows id call him out if he didnt say my name in the good nurses list. although whats funny is that i wouldnt have. i know i am not up to my peak performance there and since preg again i dont feel well. i informed them cranky will be mood til nov 28th and they were like oh so dec youll be better? i was like yeah... sure...
then they told me oh youll show us pics right? and i was ike yeah.. if you want...
i told dr b i was breaking up with him b/c he doesnt listen to me anyway. and i was leaving him for another dr...
meanwhile later he - dr b asked me to go to dr a for some pts b/c dr a feels like i dont go to him b/c i dont think hes a good dr. so i said listen if he needs someone to stroke his ego - he shud get some chick to do i t and leave me the f**k alone. i told dr b doesnt he have a ton of girls after him? so dr b exhaled loud and said pls a ton. so i said ok so what does he need me for?
are they crazy?
meanwhile while i was gone the administrator and dr b didnt go out. and apparently dr b says its b/c he signed up for a ton of shifts at the other hosp. according to her she invited him (via facebook or some crap i dont understand ) to go to a club that had a show.. and she went and didnt expect him to show up b/c she hadnt heard back either way from him.
so she thinks hes a jerk and a coward...
i told her she should let him know shes not happy about it so shes notr a doormat.
but hew told me she doesnt have his phone number. cuz he doesnt want her to call all the time. but to me thats a huge signal hes not interested to her at least it shud be. i mean i have his num. so i said what? so i said i had it and he said well... b/c your special.
i still think dr b if he doesnt take the other job wud be doing a disservice to himself really. as much as id like him to stay. i had been thinking of going to days... esp with him leaving it was like a catalyst. but if he doesnt go... i was thinking maybe id stay nights. i know thats stupid right? i shud just do what i was going to do...
is it wrong that i was like i shud hook up with one of these drs... any1 of them to get some of that cash?
btw i came back to some changes...and more to come which just makes me bristle really...
i have a hard enuff time there. im afraid of more difficulties. i am actually nervous of what will happen to me next there. and i do fear for my license. i just cant go thru with this again. id prob leave nsg once the new investigation started and im dead serious. i dont what to do... but i cant keep going on like this. i really go with the best intentions but i know i could make a mistake and the action would be swift on me.
we had this safety quiz thats supposed to be anonymous... its said that we could speak freely and i basically said the place was scary. i gave it all low marks. and then i realized that it couldnt be anonymous- b/c we used our login - so i guess they could go thru to find out who rated what. we couldve wrote on it to but i didnt want to push the envelope. i was kicking myself after cuz i was like of course they could find out who said what. what kind of idiot am i?
btw the union is fighting that test we called them about. there hasnt been any other mention of it...we are also going into union negotiations..
my daughter doesnt vomit when she doesnt have this runny nose. its like she gags and swallows the snot and then pukes it up.
its extremely stressful as i cant get anything into this kid and the constant mess and her being upset of course. since i put her on the zyrtec so far so good. sun she didnt vomit. so i hope today goes as well.
any other questions about disney?

Well, if you had an audience; no they are not going to call you a bad nurse to your face But, I think that they know you are one of the good ones. You catch more concerns and issues and diagnoses than many of the other nurses, and they appreciate your wit and charm. (They do. It is obvious from how they treat you.) And yes: You will be cranky during your pregnancy, but that is to be expected and they will adjust.

That dr a and b thing, where they asked you to be more a part of dr a's cases is just dr a sending a message via dr b. He (dr a) wanted to see if you would say something about his skills, attitude or approach I am sure. That is a man who is insecure who needs to use his power to say...I need you Liz to stroke my ego and make me feel better about myself. And no, he cannot get enough. He is insecure and starving for approval, and he will get it where he can; you, dr b, patients, nurses, anyone. It is really quite sad that a doctor with his looks, and skills and so on is this insecure and needy.

I do not grasp the rules of social media all that well, but it would seem to me that if dr b never responded that it would be shortsighted to assume that he would suddenly appear at a "date" event. I mean it wasn't like they arranged something and then someone messed up the schedule. It isn't even known if Dr b responded or not to the invite. I am not sure how this makes him a coward. Even if he saw the invitation, not going does not make him irresponsible if there was not agreement of a date. The whole thing looks rather insecure on her part and I agree with you. I do not think he is all that interested in her. And, she does not have his phone number? That is not subtle.. Tell me if you were interested in someone that you would not be absolutely certain that you grabbed the phone number? You would, at all costs. For you to have it and her to not. That says it all right there. She has no shot.

I get what you mean about D b selling his career short. Money or not, the opportunity is better for him and staying where he is does not raise his profile one iota. He would do much better pursuing career influence and not just cash. For you and shifts: You have to do what is best for your and your family. Would working days help you see Kate and Rob more? Would it allow you to feel more rested? Would it permit you to deal with pregnancy a bit better while you work? That should be the questions that you answer to help you decide about a change. And yes, dr b should not be the catalyst of change for you.

Hook up with a doctor? Why? The money might be good, but the egos and the arrogance and the overall attitude. It all sucks. Stick with your engineer.

I hear that you are nervous about the changes at work. Changes are usually never all for the best at work, and an increase in oversight is often discouraging. But you also do not want to assume that these changes mean doom for you. Two investigations? Do you not you have to do something wrong first? Be easy on yourself. "What if" in this situation is very unhealthy.

There is no such thing as an anonymous survey but then again I see nothing wrong with telling the truth about the safety and concerns that you see on the job. This is something all administrators what, to know what is really going on. As long as you did not say your concerns with great attitude, you will be fine.

During negotiations I doubt the test issue will survive. There will be too much about salary and hours and benefits to worry about an unapproved test. I think that testis history.

Poor Kate,. I guess it is related to the runny nose and swallowing all that snot. I hope the zyrtec works. This has to stop, for her health and your sanity.

Nope I am happy about Disney. I also overdid it with Disney info. I need to let it all sink in a bit. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi steven. i am so exhausted from last night. i was with 5 and 6 pts while other nurses had 2 pts. my pts were sick too - one bleeding and me changing the dsg so many times foleys to be put in fingersticks. really the gamut.
i actually felt faint. by 3am i felt like i wasnt going to make it. i stepped outside to get some aire which i never do to try to get some cool air to make me feel better... nothing. i drank soda and ate a bagel. nothing. i still felt like i coud just keel over.
and its nurses week. yay happy nurses week. break ur ass til you pass out. while other rns had 2 pts who were easy not critical and me with 6 pts. steven i dont get why i always gotta work so hard for the money.
i mean i dont say anything and the very few times i have its gotten me nowhere.
anyway dr a and dr b.
they were in rare form. i think they may have had a fight. or a disagreement. i went to dr b still for most of my pts but dr b had a pt choking and was doing an emergency endoscope to remove the foreign body (pls chew your food people) anyway i made the mistake of trying to help a pt and went to dr a to get xray orders. he was cranky nonetheless.. why/ i dont know. he seemed fine with other people. either way he put the orders but put the right side instead of the left. xray called me and said orders for right instead of left but pt is saying its left... what to do? i told them to do the correct side and i guaranteed them i would get the orders corrected. i went to dr a who was giving me a hard time about fixing it. i finally goty fed up and asked dr b to do it since i saw he had put his name on the pt. so i said since its your pt... and he said.. its not. i said it is your names on it. so he said i didnt put it. now the drs are the ones who can do that in the computer.. not the nurses. so dr b seemed annoyed and said he would deal with that in a bit since he had too much to do at the time. i told him im not talking to dr a again with his attitude as i didnt feel well enough and had too much work to do. and i was staying away from him. dr b said ok as i was going to tell him next i will throw up on you. seriously.
so he says to me later look will you do a huge favor? can you splint this ladys finger? so i say ok...
he says ill be your slave. he goes on to say.. (im really like pekid now...) you can 2 really good slaves. so i say what? so he says me and your husband. youll have 2 of the best slaves ever. so i say robs not my slave. so he says liz i think we can tell you uwear the pants in the relationship...
i didnt give it back in that ans like i couldve.. he said i dont mean it as an insult. and i was like...ok. but i mean its like they think rob is emasculated? wtf is that? i didnt really further argue with him as i felt so sick i couldnt take it.
yeah the administrator... i havent told her i know she doesnt have his num. shes never said it and i just assumed that she did.
she didnt expect him to show up she said. she was upset she didnt hear back from him. thatys what she said.
ps dr b said there is a woman hed like to be with... but he wont tell me who. and i feel like its not the administrator.
meanwhile i barely slept today i kept tossing and turning and it was too hot and the gardener came. im going to be dead on my feet i feel like. im not ready for tonight and getting my ass kicked really.
and you have to do something wrong... yes. but you could inadverntently make a mistake and well... its looked upon as the same as doing something wrong. intentionally or unintentionally. i texted some people have a happy nurses week and one nurse.. asked me about the state she wrote a letter for me.
anyway she was like whoa whats taking so long and i told her how i felt like i was in abyss that wass just going to swallow me up.
i had dreams in the little sleep i got that i was going to be listed on the website and it essentially was going to be career ending. not that i couldnt work but... no one would hire me really. why would they will all these other nurses not on the website?
i now its what if land. but with all this time who cant go to what if land?
meanwhile i feel like if i feel sick like i did ast night.. i may go home sick. i was doing my best but i really didnt feel well.

Your shift sounded awful! That is a lot of work for someone who feels good, let alone pregnant, dizzy and ill. When you went to get a break and still didn't feel good I think that was the sign that this was more than just tired. I wonder if after all of the Disney trip and the other stresses of the vacation that your body just could not take it anymore and simply gave out. I know you are the Energizer Bunny of effort, as is your daughter, but you can only do too much. I wouldn't put too much stock in this an omen or something, just that you were deeply tired and worn to the bone.

The doctor situation between them is ridiculous. They act like they are boys with toys. And, I know what you mean about being stubborn and unwilling to admit wrong. We had a doctor that wrote a script for some (I think) cardiac medication. He forgot a zero in the dosage and indicated a dose that would stop the heart of a whale. The pharmacist called the doctor saying the scrip was in error and the doctor argued that he was correct. Dr a, just suck it up, and deal with the fact that you are human; respect your nurses and be honest.

The comment about Rob was just plain stupid. Either dr b was out of it, and was not thinking, or (and I hope not) he really feels this way. I suspect this was foot in mouth disease as the comment doesn't really fit his (dr b's) character. I would chock this up to stupidity, not much else.

Just hope the woman dr b wants to be with is not you. I so wish you were not stuck between this administrator thing and dr b. It just is bad news all around as you get to act as a dating monitor/broker between the two, a job you never wanted. Perhaps saying that you just don't want to discuss it would be a good idea at this point,

Sometimes illness wins over will. You just do what you can. I do hope you are feeling better now. Truth is: You have a lot of pressure on you and the State thing which seems to be perpetual can't help you feel any better. It is so easy to let yourself go into that land of what might happen if...And, as you have so little facts to go on, because they will not tell you the situation, all you can do is wonder. But, as we have talked about before, if this case was so cut and dried then this waiting would not occur. This shows that the case is anything but airtight. I would encourage you to see this as a good thing, not a negative.

True, it would be easier if it was settled, but the lack of sleep, your feeling ill, and the pregnancy cannot be helping you either. Just do what you are able Liz. And, try your best not to go where there are no facts. This could, and I think will, work out without your name appearing anywhere on a website. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi steven. dr b was all cheerful again and took 2 of my pts. one of them of course was a detox. so she injected a bag of heroin. so shes actively vomiting and arguing with us. dr a comes as she arrives and apparently as the triage nurse was putting her on the cardiac monitor.... well she had a big bag of weed found. well this is my pt and i went over pretty quickly.. and i totally miss the bag of weed. so im like what? where is it? so they tell me henry took it with the security guard and flushed it in the toilet. i go back to dr a to get orders and hes at his desk with 3 slices of 7/11 pizza, 4 burritos, a double big gulp and sour skittles. so i start to tell him about the pt refusing iv fluids, and the monitor and i say it sounds really suspect a huge bag of weed dissapeared in 5 min... so he starts laughing but like when youre eating and almost spit your food...? so then i say to him.. you know youre looking pretty suspect yourself over here with all this 7/11 food and you were just there yourself... so him and dr b are laughing so hard theyre practically crying... i have to admit i made myself laugh too.
dr b swings by and says that my timing was awesome and he hadnt laughed that hard in a long time.
dr b still wont ans the question of whos the hot chick...
then well i made a mistake last night. i had a 85 yr old pt with hyperkalemia. so we did our insulin / d50w trick. so the pt came with a ine with ems . the line was flushing ok and i gave the insulin and then i started to push the amp of d50. as i was pushing(slowly..) the line infiltrated. it seemed to me like 10 or so ccs on the antecubital. so i stopped and pulled the line. i put a cool compress as the pt said it was burning and then followed with 2 warms and watched it for the rest of the shift. i had an dr b look at it. he said it was ok... but my concern of course is necrosis.. and i didnt tell hi or write it in the chart. i made it sound like a reg infiltration... i dont know why i didnt just tell dr b and be honest. i was afraid itd be a bigger deal...
either way im worried that there could be necrosis and i could be called in - i didnt write i used the d50 in the chart i just wrote the line was being flushed...
i guess i should have been honest but i so dont trust anyone there. and then i had the freak out that its my year anniversary and i f**ked up and id be losing my job. it did look better before i left.. and a just answer dr just said itd be fine as i did everything right...
i hope hes right.
as far as interesting nights we had this chick come in whos 18 and cant urinate. luckily not my pt btw. so they put in a foley and then for some reason d/c the foley and let her go to go home. i found that whole situation odd an 18 year old who had no reason to have difficulty voiding. it made no sense. ok so they discharge her and out in the parking lot she strips naked (yeah you read that right) and starts screaming that we raped her with a foley so she may as well let everyone see. she starts punching a car in the parking lot.. so security has to drag her in and shes in full on freak out legs spread and you know what my biggest concern was right? what car was she banging on? i mean really my cars a lease and i gotta get it back in perfect condition...
so dr a and b are laughing ... and so are the other nurses...
i mean steven theres always going to be nutjobs.. but my car? come on. destroy hosp property thank you very much..
ugh now ill be worrying about whether or not ill hear about this ladys arm...

You made me laugh on that one. Dr a with the munchies. I guess he really did sneak some weed, huh? lol That is just one of those serendipitous moments that you cannot plan, and when it arrives, you just laugh and laugh. I loved it. Good one Liz.

Shame Dr b will not release the hot chick news. Maybe he is embarrassed? Maybe she isn't so hot.

You know. I do realize that you are scared out of your brains to make a mistake and be called on the carpet and disciplined or worse...but even though you covered this mistake, it does not sound like there is too much to it. I can see that if you were already seeing signs of improvement that the likelihood of necrosis is not high. Even I know that.

You already know that I am going to encourage you to tell the truth in the future about this stuff. Really Liz: You are a good nurse and mistakes happen. I know; I know; the hospital environment is brutal with errors and write ups and firings are common, but you have to let some vulnerability out. You will not get fired for something like this if you are truthful. It was a mistake. Just do not play into your fears and run with it. (Easy to say I know.) But honesty about these types of errors is important. It also makes you more real. And, you can't be perfect. That type of pressure, to be perfect, is harsh on you in a very negative way, and it does you no good.

MH cases are fun. I think that most of us worry about whose car is going to be peed on; broken into, violated or scratched. And a lease. You have a tiny mark on the thing and they read you the penalty box verbiage. You have to be careful about that. So no, I don't think you are odd for thinking of your car first. Anyway, she sounds like a substance induced psychosis.

I don't think you will hear about this lady's arm. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
IT WAS REALLY WEIRD THAT dr a had all that 7/11 food when i went back to his desk as it hadnt been there before. it turned out that an aide bought it all for him... (he owns those bitches..) she delivered it while we were with weed chick. lucily she didnt ask for the big bag of weed when she left b/c technically we have no right to assume its weed. and if it is what right does the hosp personnel have to take an illegal substance. granted i also had the thought we should make an emergency lockbox and put all sorts of stuff in it like weed when we need it - we used to keep reg cigarettes and lighters we found for such an occasion and nurses who didnt smoke - or only smoked like on occasion would use them.. they would take them ona bad day go out and smoke and come back with what was left. put it away. i really had no prob with that. i didnt do it and the pts will blow us up with the oxygen.
i think dr b likes this philopeno nurse who he thinks is militant and would boss him in bed.
i dont think shed go for him b/c the philopenos like to stick to the philopenos.
steven i just got a letter from office of discipline. it says that i wrongly assessed the pt at 2pm for the 4 to 8pm time. but there will be no disciplinary action at this time. if i am accused of this again i will be disciplined. i called the lawyer on her cell - she was very unhappy - i explained what happened and shes like who is that? who signed the letter? it says supervising investigator. i scanned the letter to send to her and shes calling
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
IT WAS REALLY WEIRD THAT dr a had all that 7/11 food when i went back to his desk as it hadnt been there before. it turned out that an aide bought it all for him... (he owns those bitches..) she delivered it while we were with weed chick. lucily she didnt ask for the big bag of weed when she left b/c technically we have no right to assume its weed. and if it is what right does the hosp personnel have to take an illegal substance. granted i also had the thought we should make an emergency lockbox and put all sorts of stuff in it like weed when we need it - we used to keep reg cigarettes and lighters we found for such an occasion and nurses who didnt smoke - or only smoked like on occasion would use them.. they would take them ona bad day go out and smoke and come back with what was left. put it away. i really had no prob with that. i didnt do it and the pts will blow us up with the oxygen
. i think dr b likes this philopeno nurse who he thinks is militant and would boss him in bed. i dont think shed go for him b/c the philopenos like to stick to the philopenos.
steven i just got a letter from office of discipline. it says that i wrongly assessed the pt at 2pm for the 4 to 8pm time. but there will be no disciplinary action at this time. if i am accused of this again i will be disciplined. i called the lawyer on her cell - she was very unhappy - i explained what happened and shes like who is that? who signed the letter? it says supervising investigator. i scanned the letter to send to her and shes calling 1st thing in the am b/c last she spoke with the hosp theyre saying thats the only tape. so shes accusing them of destroying evidence... and she called the investigator and told them theyre not cooperating so we can end this in a timely matter. so the investigator said he would call them.. and thats what she was up to. steven when i saw the letter i almost vomited. i slept alot today im so tired and i always run out to the mail. but i didnt and rob brought it in. i was shaking and thought it was going to be a suspension letter honestly. but is the letter saying that they do believe i did this but theyre not disciplining me?
the lawyer said it may not even be a real letter... but who would send it then? its on cheap paper bu ti t has the seal on the letter head.. its from the supervising investigator.. the lawyer said its maybe b/c they called the hosp and trhey couldnt produce the other tapes. and we know theres other cameras. they didnt say thay dont have the tapes either. theyre not handing them over. so shes accusing them of destroying evidence. i dont know what to think but when i got to the part where theyre lettting me go she started laughing and said really? i apologized to her for calling her on her cell but i called b/c its an emergency. she said she understood and told me to relax and sleep tonight and we would talk tomorrrow. i was going to do some shopping but id like to be able to talk the second she calls me and to have good reception.. i tried to call my parents but they must be asleep. it was 845 or something but theyre like farmers.
i called my friend the clerk who laughed so loud.. he told me you gotta f**k these people liz. you gotta sue them. i said well lets go thru this hump 1st. lets see if this is real and etc. i mean why didnt they send her the letter? unless shes going to get it in the am. but why not call and say look this is bullshit and we want to close it out. weve been mounting this huge defense steven. i never even spoke to them. they never even asked me what happened. not that i wanted to talk to them. i was very worried about that really. but i felt like it wouldnt just be this whole they made up their minds kind of thing. its almost anti climatic.
i dont know what to think. what do you think?
i feel like im in overdrive esp since ive slept most of the day from being so fatigued and dizzy and cold sweaty at work...
steven ill tell you the truth if i had your phone number id be on the phone with you now. if you answered of course...

What do I think? I think it's great! And, I think you are off the hook. Congratulations!

I also think your attorney is ticked because she is an attorney and was looking for a real fight. This is, as I said...a case that appears to have been started as a personal/marginal thing. I doubt there was ever real evidence that you did anything other than your word against another's. That is why this was always so nebulous. There was not much there. So they say you didn't assess well. That is no big deal. It is a mistake, not an intentional act. So, you are not getting your license touched and you will be fine.

That is the key and now you can keep your job or move on as you wish.

The letter is real. Of that I have no doubt. Cheap paper...of course. It is the State. Our abuse letters naming perpetrators of abuse go out on regular cheap copy grade paper...for real. And, why did it go to you not her? It is your license, not your attorney's. Letters like that are never sent to anyone but the licensed party. Sometimes copies are sent to attorneys but later.

Prepping a huge defense, of course. You have to prepare for the worst. But now it seems all that is not needed. Your attorney wants to feel useful. So, she is posturing and threatening and so forth...but if you want this to be over, it's over. Only your will to sue or get them back will make this go on further.

And, my advice, now that I see the decision: Take this letter at face value and let this end. You may want to kill them for what they did to you. I get that. But, I also know what it is like to sue the system. Proving that destruction of evidence is real sounds great on paper but is nearly impossible in reality. It is costly in time and emotion. You have been through too much already. Yes, it seems anticlimactic.That is due to the energy that you put into this. But now...

This is done. You are free. Have a party. There is no way this is "fake". The State has better things to do than go after you. That is clear. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
HI STEVEN. I STARTED A RESPONSE BUT KATE GOT to the laptop and closed all my open windows. whatever
it doesnt matter. so the lawyer called the investigator and they said that he brought it to his supervisor that the hosp isnt providing the tapes and can we close this? and the supervisor closed it out. the thing with it says you did x y z and ill be prosecuted as a 2nd offense if corrective action doesnt occur the lawyer is disputing b/c she said as i said if youre not disciplining her and the reason why youre dropping it. and that i still deny these charges. and its just an allegation. so the lawyers sending a letter that the reason youre dropping this is b/c theres no evidence and its just an allegation which i deny and it should all just be dropped. she said we may or may not hear back, but itll b e on record and nothings on my license and obviously no fine.
the lawyer said well talk soon and to celebrate. too bad i cnat as this weekend we have my bro in laws who kids 1st birthday is ***** weekend. they come to all our crap so we have to go to theirs as my mom says.
i guess next weekend. i could actually go out now but kates being all cuddly and i feel kind of lazy. i have food in this house literally im on the last of the milk and i used up the food we had prior to going away and i havent shopped since. too bad we had to leave food at disney we had a good amount.
so im just going to hang around here. do soem laundry. it seems alittle anticlimatic as i planned on celebrating like a brain damaged monkey... but... it is what it is.
im just happy its over. and its over as suddenly as it occured. weird i got the letter the same day as my 1 year anniversary at my new job.
of course the lawyer said dont ever do that shit again. i told her i dont- and im careful. and gthe new hosp has a computer system doesnt let you do it. it stops you. so she said well thats good. i told her i will call her again if i get in trouble or im standing in front of a dead body and we dont know what to do. she said you know drs do that. i said yeah well i dont play and if i feel threatened i will call you. and she said thats fine with her. but she laughed when i said im calling when im in front of a dead body.
she said please refer me to your friends and i said i will. and i thanked her for all her hard work. she said it was also b/c i was smart enough to call her right away and to keep my head above water and not admit anything.
btw i was always told and compimented by other medical professionals that i was excellent assessing pts steven. seriously. it shocks me to have an assessment of mine to be called into question. i am thorough. and i was always aggressive with the drs.
i called my parents and my dad was happy of course. my mom was happy but then laid a ton of crap on me that her mother is in the hosp and the problems shes having with her sisters and my cousin lorraine who really is her main caretaker. but my grandmother was like her mother b/c my moms oldest sister got preg at 15 in 1959. so my grandmother basically raised her. when my aunt moved to ohio she left lorraine at 16 years old with my grandmother and took her 2 sons with her who were 12 and 8. she says lorraine didnt wnat to go which lorraine admits but i wouldnt be able to leave kate and move away and not have her with me. 16 is not all grown up and even if the child didnt wish to go id say it was normal. i mean theres no f**king macys there. come on. i think there is now but when they were moving there wasnt. (realize my cousin is 53 now. so youre talking almost 40 years ago when they moved...) as far as im concerned that could be considered child abuse. lol
so my moms all anxious and i told her youre not involved why are you anxious. oh well the hosp called her, so i said ok and? i mean so? i told her screen your calls. no one answers me when i call about all these pts. none of the families care. either way i told her to not let anyone put anything on her and when her sister talks about crap from 1962 just say oh gosh lets talk about new business! or i now can you believe its been 55 years since that happened?!! but to say it with a smile. and to force herself to smile while saying it
i really wish we could skip this stupid birthday party. but then id feel guilty.
and after all this. i got a text message from tmm1. who says and i quote.. hi sweetie ;)
how does he know steven? how does he know?
its crazy.
and i cant let go that dr b wants to be my slave...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey steven forgot to tell you in disney tips that people do is once youre committed to going... people give their kids disney money. they actually have a disney dollr bill and all these other denominations. its like bigger monopoly money. anyway then when its their bday they get whatever and disney money to save to bring with you. then the kids can waste it all on candy (they make their own fudge on main street. i didnt have any. how good am i?) and they mass produce candy and snacks that are like poohs peanut butter cups and chip and dales pretzels. mickey mouses choc covered pretzels - i bring those for my dad everytime. he loves them. and coconut patties shaped like mickey for my mom. i love those they spoil you from mounds candy since its so high quality. i havent tasted a thing thats mass produced and adoreablely packaged that i didnt love. they have goofy jelly beans that rob loves.
btw my dad of course bought us disney dollars to keep. each one of us. now imagine the disney company having fathers who like coins and money like that and all that money not turned in. theyre money making maniacs arent they? no ones going to turn them in cuz its $1. u know its a keepsake. multiply that by a 400 million kids. geniuses really.
anyway that way then the kids have spending money. less on you while youre there. and people do the disney jar also. you throw excess change and then cash it in right efore and its souveneir money. i sat down and realized for 6 of us to go... and the food and hotel and everything, well im estimating we spent 20k. if you can believe it. thats assuming the hotel was 10k since it was a 2 bedroom suite..
next time im thinking wilderness lodge. or poly... i love the poly. i know its not ur cup of tea but... i do like the hotel alot. and the buffet inside is pretty damm good. the meat comes on the big skewers and everyone loved it. the food was good before but this last trip they added stuff and its improved. i hope you consider it even though its not your style. one night to make the wife and girls happy.. chicks like hawaii.
hey steven how come i couldnt get this news before vacation?

I can understand why your attorney would want it on record that you did nothing wrong. It is crazy to accuse of you of something; they can't prove it, and then they offer a threat of, if this happens a second time there will not be a reprieve. So, I do get the attorney's thinking. I am also glad to see that you seem inclined to let this go after that. It was a LONG time you endured this wasn't it? The stress was incredible and you really went through it.

Now... know that you may not feel as relieved as you think you should be for a while. That is normal. You will feel uneasy for a time, like this is unreal. You may feel edgy and odd and nervous. You will fluctuate a lot in mood, lots of up and down. You may have a sudden period about a week from now where you feel very depressed for a few days and tearful. That is normal too. You may have a big fight over nothing with family. All is typical, and is your mind's way of releasing this pent up garbage. Simply said, don't expect to feel "better" for at least 4-6 weeks. It will take that long, once the initial relief is felt to go back to pre-event feelings. But once it is gone you will feel much better.

You are good at patient assessment. I don't think the state case reviewer had much to say so they said this and let it go. And, you were smart to call an attorney, not admit anything and fight this out. It helped get you out of this mess, and you did great. You didn't feel that at times throughout this, but you did do very well. You succeeded!

Leave it to your mom to minimize your accomplishment and to talk about, what else, her own issues and worries. And now she wants you to worry about her worries. (And you wonder why you have issues with worry yourself. Look how you were trained, by a true expert in worry and anxiety.) My two cents: Try to avoid being mom's counselor. You have enough on your plate. She doesn't need advice anyway, as you know she will not take it. So, just nod and change the topic. Really...

I laughed at the No Macy's comment. (I'll bet they have Kohl's there in Ohio. Oh hate Kohls. Well, no 30% off and Kohl's cash for you then.)

Birthday party issues are like obligations; you have to attend them, and have to deal. I don't see an easy way to avoid them. Guilt isn't great, but then again some things you just have to do and get over.

Tmm#1: He is creepy for sure. It is like he has some odd connection to your life. I can't explain it other than by a clear addiction to you. He has to talk (text at) you sometimes I think, but his timing is otherworldly. I have no good explanation as to how he does what he does timing wise.

Disney is a marketing machine. And would will spend all the Disney dollars? Yes, many will keep them. It is truly brilliant marketing. And, if you keep talking about candy I will have to crawl to Disney. I have a major chocolate weakness, and I love coconut too. And like Jelly Beans too.

I have a vacation and Disney Jar, so to speak. It helps pay for a lot of the ancillary things on vacation, and candy of course. It does add up, all those dollars and quarters. But I can easily see how you could drop 20k at Disney. I am looking at 9-10 for the rooms and food package. The place is really expensive. I do like the Poly, in a way.

I saw a hula show there years ago. I remember the Polynesian girls more than anything else, but then I was a younger man back then and totally enamored with anything with a skirt, grass or otherwise. And dr b as your slave? What do they put in the water at that hospital?

Why couldn't you get this good news before vacation? Then you wouldn't be like most of us; we who never hear the good stuff prior to a fun event, so we are encouraged to worry while we try to have fun. It isn't fair, but it is typical. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well i just got a text from tmm1 saying i never thought you would turn into such a bitch. what happened to you?
steven i am so ready to call him and tell him hes what happened to me. my god. wtf is wrong with him? plenty of times he didnt talk to me for long period when it was inconvenient for him. and all the other hurtful hateful things hes done to me?
Don't call him, even though you are angry and upset. This is baiting and this is exactly what he wants, plus this really shows is character and selfishness has not changed one bit. You are definitely better off without him. He can be a real piece of work I can see that...Steven
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
now i know why people flip out. honestly i havent done anything to him. why does he have to send that? just stop texting. im not answering for a reason. for all he knows i dont even have that phone number anymore
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
its almost 2 years we havent spoken steven. i think it will be this summer. i spoke to him after i had kate and i didnt hear from him... and then he sent me an email in oct why are you so angry with me? then the thing happened in feb and ive been speaking to you since. he lives 2 miles away i could drive to his house and tell his wife. i mean wy would you mess with me? my husband knows. not that it was him... but he knows..

I know what you say when I recommend changing cell numbers...but this is insane. You really have enough evidence to pursue a harassment charge if you wanted it. And, the fact he persists without hearing from you is somewhat scary. I am not totally sure of his intent, but his last post is disturbing, and accusatory.

Perhaps looking into totally blocking his access to your cell is a worthwhile effort yet again. It has to be something the company that is your cell carrier can do. Or, the gloves can come off and you send him an attorney letter. (Probably would avoid that option, but this is getting ridiculous.) Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well i told the attorney im not letting the whole you did this and there will be no disciplinary action but dont do it again. i told her i want that all corrected. no freaking way. they decided on their own to close it out. we were armed to the teeth to go in and blow this away. we also got it in writing that the hosp has no other tapes. which is why she said they destroyed evidence.
it totally doesnt make sense to say were closing it out but dont do it again.
i kinda feel... i dont know happy a little but not the elation i thought i would. i dont feel like doing anything today at all. kates watching tv and i need to buy mothers day gifts and go food shopping and all this stuff. and its a nice day out. and i thought i would feel relaxed and happy...
im kinda surprised that they didnt bring up the asessment thing - but i think it was left out of the formal complaint. the lawyer was prepping for it from the original meeting i had with the hosp but when they called me they didnt mention it.
i bought candy as souvenirs for my parents, but i only bought myself this soft reseable bag of pecan turtle chocolate covered candy. i was sad when it was gone.. i bought it on the trip and theres not that many in there for 5.95. not that its not a good value im saying its just not a huge amount. anyway their stuff is really good. ill tell you where to eat when you gotta make reservations. which is like the same day you have your trip dates and hotel reservations. good places go fast and when jenn was going she didt get into places cuz she wasnt aggressive. she was going sooner than me- and i had all my reservations and she had none.
ok so if you were at the poly and there were the ladies half naked in grass skirts and you were enamored...? why wouldnt you want to go back? were a much younger man then? so what are you now? getting that viagra script filled religiously? i know youre a religious man.
ok even im impressed with myself for that one. lol.
anyway as long as youre not leering... go ahead and look. youre on vacation. let me tell you the girls were hot there including the moms. they really turned it out this past time i was there. i dont know if it was just a good looking group of people there when i was vacationing but the ladies were dressed very put together. i remember one time i went with rob and i asked him if there was like fat week at disney. every where we looked it was like morbidly obese people.
i def cant say that this time. i was the one showing rob.. hey look that girls shorts are so short you can see cheek.
i know im messed up.
dr b. hes not that much of a younger man but maybe hes still enamored by women or anything in a skirt. (explaining the whole ill be your slave thing...)
jenn saw his facebook pics and she saw a pic of the girlfriend and apparently shes a hot blonde...
i said she has to log on and then go to his thing and show me. ill be the judge of that.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
oh steven dont forget mothers day is this sunday.

Mother's Day is Sunday? Oh, no! (Seriously I have much planned including a get away for my wife and dinner for my mother...I think I am set to go.)

I am so glad for you about your resolution of "no harm to your license".

I do agree that you need to try to get any reference to wrongdoing out of the reports. And, it seems to be the right thing to do, period. You will feel elated, but probably not just yet. Most people who go through this feel numb for a while, then really, really tired, then depressed, then happy; but not in a crazy bark at the moon sort of way.

Disney and problem. I will be sure to get them. I am obsessive anyway and would make certain that they knew I was coming to dinner or whatever long beforehand. I don't think I could wait till the last minute.

I was a teenager when I was at Poly. It was a different intensity of hormones back then. I am anything but geriatric, thank you, ***** ***** am more civil and can see Disney for more than a bunch of costumed young ladies.

And, you...telling me to go ahead and leer? What is that about? Leering is the same as wanting and wanting gets men into trouble. So no leering. Anyway, I am not going to Disney for leering purposes. It is a family park.

Yeah, sounds like Dr B is hooked on the XX Chromosome thing. Some men are, too much. They let women control them as a result. Scary stuff Dr b! Be careful. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
oh. well ill be lucky if i get a card. i havent gotten one yet for mothers day. prob cuz kate cant buy them.
i did get the minivan the 1st year (just happened that kate was born end of march - 3/30.) so we went a few weeks later kate was 2 or 3 aweeks old. and then we picked it up right at the beggining of may. of course rob was against getting it. my father and i strong armed him essentially. my dad was like you have a f**king saturn thats 11 years old. and the 18 year old crown vic which is where the baby actually was being transported. so we sold the saturn privately for 2k and used it as the down payment. it sold the 1st night. then we put a sign in the crown vic in july and one of our neighbors saw the sign, we were asking 3k he said 2500 cash i said fine. my dad and i bought that car together - wewent to the dealership and picked it out. it was
1993.. then he gave it to me it was like 14 years old and my dad bought the infiniti fx. yeah. a pimp car.
in all black inside and out...
see? a pimp car.
he loves it.
i guarantee you i wont have anything for mothers day. so good for you that you got your stuff together. but youre smarter than the average bear.
why do i have to go thru depression again? what kind of bullshit is that? my life has been awful. ive wasted almost all of kates life with this. can you imagine?
i know everyones telling me to drop this.. but you know i cant face the people at my old hosp. and look at my life and the cost of this. and the financial cost. i still have more legal bills coming in. and the fact i didnt get the good job at the nicer hosp. i work at this hellhole where ill have some other event occur that will f**k up my nsg career. now im stuck b/c im knocked up.. but if i wasnt... id be looking for a new job.
im not saying i am suing. im just saying.. i need some time to think. prob with my luck no one would take my case. but i do know other nurses have sued for diff things and have all won. that hosp just settles things honestly.
we had a family feed a pt who couldnt swallow due to a stroke. anyway the family insisted on feeding her their homemade food (they were chinese... like most pts were til st vincents closed. then the african americans and hispanics scared them off. im serious they were terrified of them.) well she was 92 or whatever and she ends up choking and were running a code and were suctioning out like a gallon of the food. well she dies. the hosp paid them off 10k! i told the lawyers why? we shouldve called the police. they shouldve been charged with like manslaughter. they paid them off to go away. and i was pissed honestly.
i didnt say leer.
steven are you my husband ? you dont listen to a thing i say. i said as long as youre NOT LEERING. you cant look at a woman and appreciate her beauty and keep going? come on.
i can look at a woman and appreciate her beauty.
dr b follows his dick around. its an illness most men have. what can you do? thank god for them otherwise id have to deal with them. and i just want them to do as i say.

Hi, I wanted to let you know a couple of things. One is that some people are reporting that they cannot accept more than one question on a thread. I hope that is only a glitch as it is a real pain to start new questions all the time. And two: Sun, Mon-Tues I may have limited access to internet. Probably not in reality, but just wanted you to know so you didn't think I abandoned you or something. lol

Rob not getting you something for mother's day? And, you are pregnant and have a two year old. He better!! Jewelery works and it is easy to get. Hey, I wouldn't want to be him tomorrow. He better get with it. That is an important day for you.

I can't say I love our minivan. But I don't hate it either. Our (mine and yours) Odyssey's are like tanks, and they are one of the safest cars in the world. So what if they are not Infinity fx's...Pretty cool dad I must say. But we do tend to fall in love with our cars and I still miss my Civic from years back. It was a peach of a car.

You do not have to go through depression again necessarily. Some do, and it is short in duration. I just wanted you to know that it is possible, and by me telling you to expect it, the odds that it will happen decrease as well as the potential severity if it does. Don't worry about that.

I think that considering what to do is a good thing in the legal case. Now you have some breathing room. So, take your time and think this through. Ask lots of different types of people for opinions and thoughts. You d not want to have a lot of regrets that you should have and didn't, and did and should not have.

I agree that the family of that poor old lady should not have been given anything. They killed her. Why give them money for something they did? That is crazy and we wonder why health care is so costly. Look at this nonsense. I agree with you. They are the alleged perpetrators of abuse here, not the hospital.

You did say leer but I did pull it out of context a bit. Okay. Appreciate beauty. I will agree with that. And I can appreciate beauty too. But then again: I still do not like the whole island theme and the clothes and the twirling of fire batons and the dead pig in leaves and dirt steaming it up, all day. Yuk. It is just me. I don't like the idea of tropical anything on vacation. I think Wilderness sounds like great fun.

So as I you like the idea of a slave. Why liz...Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey accepted more ans for you.. that way.. in case they are doing something like that.. my account is "premier" so i dont know if they have diff levels or whatever. this is the 1st time it said that so i dont know how theyre changing the system...?
either way its hard to come up with "new" questions cuz i have and they put them as a "follow up" - so i may have to place 'fake" questions - i have before i dont know if you noticed on other accounts where ive re asked about kate or something... how about a code? if i put a wink at the end of my unusually short question...? its really to start a new thread. and you can answer the old reply there instead of you wasting time on my pressing question - my baby throws carrots. what do i do?
i figured since you had weekend get away plans youd be ditching me. lol. thats fine im ok with it.
have a good time and when you get back to it.. then you do. im ok.
yeah robs going to say we just went to disney and we blew our wad and we cant afford anything. he wants to but he has no money. which i guess is true. we have no credit cards so... we are all cash. so i have "borrow" - like not pay a bill if the unexpected happen. like the short paycheck. i didnt pay the car payment. paid it this check. it all always gets paid.
i just said to him... oh what do you have planned for mothers day? and he said uh.. nothing.. youre working arent you?
yeah i am sunday night...
rob wasnt against the minivan.. i was at 1st. but my dad talked me into it. i wanted the pilot. anyway rob was for it as the family car and liked it.. as did i with all we have to haul.. he was worried we couldnt afford it. we were struggling since we bought the house.. and luckily had just the same month or the month before paid off robs credit cards.. it was $1100 a month. so.. now we are with $1100 more a month and he has no credit card debt. my cards will be paid off in a year and 2 months. another $750 a month. that will be good to put towards the new mortgage for a new house...
anyway the odyssey we have is the 1st new car i got ever. and then we got the crv in july that same year and i love that too. so i have no complaints.
btw i dont want to be preg anymore. im tired of it. i feel fat and tired. and too hot and nauseous.
i dont feel so thrilled right now. maybe im just unhappy. like i thought it was b/c of the state thing.. i had a very hard time a t work since i was preg with kate. and it feels like it hasnt relented. but i dont know. i mean its just been a long hard haul since kate. she became my main focus and work became a thing i drag my self to.. but with her hip and everything.. i dont know. its like i havent enjoyed much anymore. i did finaly start to enjoy myself the last few days at disney but i dont know if its b/c i needed 4 days to decompress o rif it was b/c we finally lost his parents and were going at our own pace and just enjoying ourselves.
ill tell you. i wish we could go back.
we went to the 1 yr olds bday today. it sucked. even the soda was flat. and hero sanwiches. ugh. i drove an hour for that. and it was so crowded at the room they rented you could barely move.
ok so dont go to the poly. lol. i thought (mister sensitive caring guy) that your wife and girls would like it. and you do have a pre teen boy who by next year may appreciate dancing grass skirt girls.
either way theres tons of places to eat so if you really hate that place.. theres other places to go. but the dancing girls is the luau. the place i was talking to you about what the buffet place. the sit down they bring it to you buffet which is welcomed after running all over the place......
i havent heard anymore from tmm1... i didnt answer him either. i still feel like telling him to drop dead.

Wow, Internet access here is a little tricky. I am in a place that gives new meaning to the word remote. It is a small cabin on an abandoned farm. (sounds creepy, but ,as the the surrounding woods and field make it look like something out of the 1700's, and it has a hot tub, etc. Not bad. And, I have to really squint to see my closest neighbor about a quarter mile away.

I have no idea what is going on with JA. They are changing to Pearl and there are a number of odd reports that some other experts (now called professionals) are giving about how the system works. Nothing serious or bad, but new and different. I think it will be better overall though.

No money. That never changes. By Mother's Day is something that should be recognized. I hope he gave you at least a card, or had Kate scribble one out. Something, right? And, I will not "ditch" you...even on vacation. What if something bad happens to you and there is no one for you to talk with?

I am impressed thought that you do without a credit card. I know very few people who can do it. And, from what you said about your debt reduction plan, if you can do so quickly and reduce your debt fast, with interest rates as they are you should be able to get that wonderful house. Go for it!

You don't want to be pregnant anymore? Well, I do not know and sane woman who would want to be. From what I can see it is annoying at best and miserable at worst. You are close to the time when you should get your energy and some sense of self back.

You should plan to go back to Disney alone. This trip was a required one with the extended family. Next time it can just be you and Rob and the babies. Yes, it is costly, but it is so worth it to be alone.

BDay part sounded horrible. But look. You made your appearance and did your thing.

Stop busting my chops about the Poly. lol I like what I like and can't help it that the tropical theme annoys me. (I hate heat and that whole thing is associated with that kind of weather.) Yuk.

Tmm. He should disappear. He is so, well... he has a serious creep factor going.

I do think we need to start a new thread. Steven

I just wrote this really long answer and the internet dumped me. There is very spotty access here as I am using a phone system. (seriously)

I am WAY out in the woods. I can't even see another person or hear anyone. It is remote to say the least.

But I can see your posts and hopefully if I write short replies you will get them. We might need to start a new thread.

Sorry about M Day. You should have at least got a card...something that Kate could scribble on or something....sheeze.

I will try to catch you later tonight. And yes...I need to keep in touch. What if something would happen and you had no one to talk with? That would not be good. Talk to you later tonight, Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi steven. well you like the wilderness. dial up is the wilderness. definitely.
i did get your long answer. and your short.
see? the wilderness doesnt suck.
ok maybe it does. and there isnt enough bleach in the wilderness for me to get in a hot tub. yucky.
i started a new question for you in just answerland.
i heard on the radio that today - the day after mothers day - is a huge day to sign up for the website ashley madison. the married peoples cheating website.
i went to dunkin donuts today after crying for 45 min in the car on the way home.. i got sympathetic looks from some women. im thinking they didnt realize i worked all night already. i had the feeling they thought i was upset from mothers day. oh well. i cant explain my life to the people at dunin donuts. im in my uniform.
hey the poly could be a great opening to explaining the birds and the bees to the boy.. and how he shoul never trust any of those little bitches who say theyre on the pill.