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Is there a public forum to report unethical behavior of

Resolved Question:

Is there a public forum to report unethical behavior of psychologists? One can find such forums on medical doctors, on lawyers, but none on therapists. I realize there is a licensing board to whom one can take an issue, but that is entirely private.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  KansasTherapist replied 5 years ago.
I believe Angie's list is the only public forum for rating therapists. There was another forum but it's now closed, they say due to spam. I wonder if you could put a request on your local Craig's List for other clients of this therapist who have had problems. If there was more than one complaint to the licensing board, perhaps it would get more attention.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Here is the odd and complicating issue. This therapist is a womasn with whom my husband began an affair -- she was not my therapist and I'm pretty sure she wasn't his -- but they both lie about everything, so who knows? I did not seek to report her out of "scorned wife" syndrome. I learned after 23 years of what i believed was a monogomous marriage (something my husband and I had both agreed upon) and he maintained throughout our mariage that he was faithful (while I actually was)... It turned out that he cheated on me throughout our entire marriage. He would troll an adult website, arrange to meet an anonymous woman, meet her for sex in our car in a semi-public place, and then they'd go their separate ways. IT IS THRU THIS SITE THAT HE MEET THIS WOMAN, who happens to be a therapist in private practice specializing in sexual problems (drips irony, I know). She was, at the time, married with two young children, vowing that she was faithful to her husband, and was on this adult sex site, where she would arrange to meet men for anonymous sex, with the added wrinkle that her particular "need" was o have other strangers watch. This went on for long period of time, DURING WHICH SHE WAS A THERAPIST COUNSELING PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR SEXUAL ISSUES. I have no idea if that behavior continues or not. Allegedly not, but all matters with her are "allegedly" as she is not a close friend of veracity. I thought: It's so difficult for someone to be brave enough to go into therapy, much less therapy over sexual issues. Imagine a clinet of hers, divulging his most private and difficult sexual issues...and perhaps he is a voyuer or a swinger or a sex addict and he shows up and who should be the sex object of the event? HIS THERAPIST. Or what if the spouse of a client ended up there. Or...just the possibilities for devastating impact on a vulnerable client seemed and seem huge to me. I tried to report her to the liscening board. I made it clear why i was reporting this, and the obvious ethical problems involved. I'm assuming they interviewed her, and Im assuming she lied and said that yes, she had met my husband "online" in a chat room (stearing clear of the "adult" angle) and yes, they had fallen in love and left their spouses, but that I had "invented" the rest out of my own hurt and rejection. All I ever received back from the Board was a terse and and patronizing letter saying the Board did not get involved in therapists's "personal lives". I explained -- again -- that this was not personal. They didnt answer me. So I sk you...what forum is there? And when does one cross the legal line? Should I just pretend I don't know how horribly she could be screwing people up? Doesn't the public have a right to know?
Expert:  KansasTherapist replied 5 years ago.
I can understand your concern and frustration with this situation. Your biggest disadvantage is that your the ex wife of her current partner. That doesn't mean you're wrong, but it does make it easier for her to paint you as just someone out to get her. There are reviews of health professionals on Angie's list, but I don't know how many people that would reach. As I said, finding someone else who has been affected by her behavior would be a better bet, though it would be difficult in this case.
Overall, it seems to me that you have done what you can. As frustrating as it is, it may be time to let this go for your own sake. In the future, she may have another complaint made against her, or in someone other way, like being arrested for having sex in public, have her actions come to light. If nothing else you can be sure your cheating ex will cheat on her as well.
Maybe it's time to focus on your own needs and future.
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