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Dr. Bonnie
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My 11 year old out going talkative epileptic child started 2

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my 11 year old out going talkative epileptic child started 2 months ago and continues to hear voices (always negative things about herself ie) she's ugly, no one likes her, no one wants to be her friend, she's stupid), so she is secluding herself from friends and thinks people can read her mind so she has started talking to herself. what should i do?
Hello and thank you for consulting JA,

I am sorry to hear you and your daughter are experiencing this disturbing situation.

This could be a possible neurological problem involving structure or function of the brain. The neurologist should be consulted first. A work-up may need to be done to determine cause of hallucinations (ie. infection, mass).

Once this is ruled out, then, a child psychiatrist should be consulted to consider medications to alleviate these symptoms. Extreme stress or childhood schizophrenia are some cause of auditory hallucinations. If anxiety or stress is determined to be the cause, some individual therapy would also benefit her.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any follow up questions....
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
laughing for no reason or when things aren't funny, claiming that i am "tricking" her,when i try to explain the truth. she thinks people are hiding things from her or hiding in different parts of the house and when she goes there they run away that's why they aren't there anymore. Crying because people are "stealing" her friends when in actuallity she has secluded herself from them. claiming she can hear music or people in the walls. None of this was happening just 2 short months ago the biggest problem were her uncontrolled seizures now she's not seizing at all and this is worse! i don't understand any of this but I want to help her and I've tried everything i know. she only talks to me and rather than embarass herself at school she says nothing all day and concentrates on not exhibiting any of these behaviors there but she is slipping and was caught talking to herself and cliaming to hear music today. will additional medication with her VIMPAT (seizure medication) help?

So, have the doctors determined that this is side effect of VIMPAT for sure?

I looked at the side effect list and it does not include hallucinations and delusions.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


No, in fact her neurologist does not belive it is a side effect of VIMPAT and its hard to tell since its a relatively new drug; meaning not fda approved to be used alone and not used in people under 18 and my daughter is 11, right at puberty. But i doubt it s the medication because i basically forced the neurologist to switch medications and the behaviors did not go away, she has been switched 3 times in 2 months with no change in behavior, so i would have to agree with the neurologist that at this point i don't think its the medication. And the medication is controlling the seizures...some made her slightly most forgetful, one made her hair shed and this one seems to make her slightly more aggressive (talking back and demanding she is right) but none changed her hearing voices or talking to herself. it would simple go away for a while and come back the same.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about this, it saddens me greatly. i guess in accordance with your suggestion the next step is to get a work-up from her neurologist and see a psychologist since it is apparently getting worse not better.

Thank you for the additional information. I am heart sick as I read what you are going through. Yes, I think a mental health professional is in order now but I would start with a psychiatrist...they are the experts in medication for hallucinations and delusions.

I wish you all the best...
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