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AskJason, Ment. Health Answers
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  B.A. Psychology
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I have troubles sleeping i have try everything to sleep from

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hello my name is tab
and i have troubles sleeping i have try everything to sleep from sleeping tablets they didnt do anything and i am really low on energy so can u help me please i have tryed everything
AskJason :

I wonder, do you happen to drink a lot of coffee, tea or soda? What about energy drinks, Red Bull, etc? All of these drinks contain a lot of caffeine, which can cause sleeplessness even six to eight hours after you ingest them. If so, my initial advice would be to eliminate these things from your diet and see if this brings and relief to your condition.

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Thank you for accepting my answer, but I wish my answer was more helpful to you. I would also suggest you get yourself tested for sleep apnea, since one of the symptoms is waking up very tired even after you do sleep. I'd also recommend you see your doctor and get tested for things like thyroid function, etc. I wish I could tell you more but I am not a doctor and can only offer you these basic opinions. Good luck!