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Brad The Therapist
Brad The Therapist, LCPC
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  10 years of experience in working with youth and adults
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I need help. I dont know what to do any more and who can

Resolved Question:

My name is ***** ***** i need help. I dont know what to do any more and who can help me.
It went all terribly wrong today and this story top-up all my problems.
Was stuck in traffic and my friend wanted a shop. I've told her to get out of the car and walk to the shop it will be faster and this was the warst decision i;ve made.
She open the door and hit a cyclist. He was all right few bruses but a nice lady call the ambulance just to check him up. Was very nice from her. I was the driver and after a while i realised that the consecuences of this one secon of my friend not looking around can be very bad for me. I can't get over this and this made everything even worst. I know the driver is responisble for it but how can i be responsible for irresponsible person?
I'm perfectionist and working very hard for what i've got in my life, dont do nothing wrong trying to do everything good and cause of somebody else i've got to suffer? its not fair!
Please what can i do now?I feel realy bad and cant stop crying.Help
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Brad The Therapist replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your question. Before providing recommendations, I have a few questions. I can see how this incident caused you much stress and anxiety. What are you worried about at this point? Do you feel you will be found to be at fault (technically) by your car insurance although it not your fault? have you talked to this friend since the accident? What does she say about all of this?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My friend feel guilty of course and very sorry. but its not only the incident what im worried. of course im thinking about the cyclist i think is something normal. im not worried about insurance its happened of course then...nothing what can be done differently im just worried about myself. I dont think you understand what im feeling now.

The problem is that i've got enough being responsible for irresponsible people and at work i've got the same. What should i do now.Im working very hard for everything what ive got trying to help people and explain everything to avoid situatuions like happened today its just now im in moment when ive got enough repeting myself and feel helpfull and useless

Expert:  Brad The Therapist replied 5 years ago.
I see, you seem to be a very responsible person, but this accident has reminded you of how much you take for other people. Are you able to say, "no" to people when they ask you for a favor? What do you do for fun? It may be time for you to take some time for yourself and have some respite! what other questions do you have at this point? How else can I help you? Have you thought about seeing a therapist?
Customer: replied 5 years ago. just thought that i need some proffesional help thats why im here typing to you.

With my work i do lots of traveling and its very hard for me to tell when and where i'll be.

sometimes when we get a phone call we have to go somewhere else than we sholud stay before a week. I do not have much fun now in live cause when i get back from work i just feel to take shower eat and go to bed( watching tv) and i feel asleep in 5 min. and the other side cause of my traveling i dont have many friends just know people but not so much to go out witch them

Expert:  Brad The Therapist replied 5 years ago.

When you travel, do you have a chance to be a tourist and explore the town and city you are in? Or as you just exhausted from work and rather rest? What do you enjoy doing when you do have the time?

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