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sopsych, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 9
Experience:  Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology Licensed Mental Health Counselor Twenty One Years Postgraduate Clinical Experience
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I am so overwhelmed with school, unemployment, grades, final

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I am so overwhelmed with school, unemployment, grades, final projects, and my bleak future that I have been trying to figure out ways to hurt myself to by some time.
DrPsychologist :

Hi. You obviously feel overwhelmed, but how is hurting yourself will be unhelpful in the long run and I think you know that.

DrPsychologist :

It sounds like you need to prioritize your needs, ask for assistance (financial as well), and do less

DrPsychologist :

I am in no way trying to minimize what you are going through

DrPsychologist :

What is causing you the most stress right now?


school and unemployment


I'm a good student, or I use to be. I've lost myself in my schoolwork. It takes me a long time to get it done, even with starting early. I've ran out of time. I've had 5 projects at the same time. Meanwhile, I am out of money to keep my apartment. I haven't found a job that I can keep yet. My schedule throws everything off.

Feeling overwhelmed is your unconscious telling you that you need to set priorities and relinquish your attempts to control everything. Your life and health needs to be a priority. Without that nothing else will be of value. Go to a public health clinic describe your depression and anxiety. Get an anti-depressant and a referral to a therapist. If your school work is in jeopardy, ask for a dr's note to give to your professors so that you can have an extension for your work. Also ask for a note to help you apply for rental assistance. Take one thing at a time first your health and well being, then your employment, then your school work. Protect your life, yourself, your heart and your mind. These things are irreplaceable. Money, career, even a home can be replaced. You can't be. Hang in there and don't give up. You are not at fault. Many of these problems are caused by the economy and the unfairness of the system. I wish you the best.

sopsych, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 9
Experience: Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology Licensed Mental Health Counselor Twenty One Years Postgraduate Clinical Experience
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you. I'm trying. I do need to seek help though. I feel as though I am failing at life. Things use to be pretty rough, so I'm trying to get as far from that as possible. It's strange to live in America and not have food in the house, hot water, and working plumbing, but that is where I came from. I was thankful to go to college to take a shower in a shower as oppose to a pot heated on the stove. It was hot in the summer, and cold in the winter. Pest were all over the place. Every time I "fail" at something, I feel five steps closer to that rough spot. I can't go back there. I just can't. I left high school closer to the 4.0 range, but in college I can't get past a 3.2. I realize it's engineering, but If I can't do this, then I don't know where my life will end up. All around me I am reminded how that sucks. I got an apartment because when I got kicked off campus for holidays and breaks, no one helped me. I didn't have a car then, and still don't. I had to figure out how to get back with what was left of my financial aid. I always over-drafted until next period. I will take your advice. I'm at the point where I really don't want to wake up whenever I can sleep.

You have a number of stressors that are overloading your capacity for coping at the moment. I was struck by your statement, "I'm at the point that I don't want to wake up wheneve I can sleep." This statement is indicative of how distressed you really are and sounds passively suicidal (although it does not sound like you would or have thoughts of actively suiciding). It is very important that you go to your university counseling center for help quickly - preferably today - in order to get the help that you need. You can call ahead to make an appointment and tell them that it is urgent or you can go as a walk in and be seen urgently. Be sure to tell them about your desire not to wake up and your attempt to sprain your ankle. They should be able to give you a note for your professors requesting that you have additional time to complete assignments and miss class for therapy, etc. The therapist should recommend an eval with a psychiatrist at the health center, but in case he/she does not, you can bring that up yourself. I would reccomend that you also go to the health center today and tell them that you need to see a psychiatrist or at the very least a medical doctor or nurse practitioner asap. Be sure to mention those same two items above to both the therapist and the psychiatrist. Another helpful department at universities is Disability Support Services. They provide services to students with learning disabilites, medical illness, and mental health issues.

If for some reason your school does not accommodate your needs then go to your advisor if you have one and discuss your situation. If none of these options work (and they should be the most useful to you being that you are at a university) then you can go to a local urgent care medical facility or to a community mental health center in your area - again, it is important that you go tomorrow, or at the latest on Friday. Even if you have class, you will get a note explaining your absence and the pofessor should accommodate your needs.

Be well.