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My grandson just turned seven and refuses to sleep anywhere

Customer Question

My grandson just turned seven and refuses to sleep anywhere but with his parents. He says he is afraid of the dark. Is this something to be worried about?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Rao replied 5 years ago.
Doctor Rao : Hi, Thank you for the question. Considering his age there is nothing to be worried of. We do see children complaining of Darkness, Going to upstairs alone in the night even with lights on Etc. In most cases they grow out of it with out any problem.However, it is important to look for any phobias developing. In this situation the usual practical suggestions are leaving a bed lamp on, leaving staircase light on with doors slightly closed. If he iis extremely scared parents might have to be supportive, stay until he goes to sleep along with other suggestions said above. Hiwever it is important to observe he is not using this not to sleep on his own and wanting to move in to parents room. I hope this answer helps. I wish him all the best.Thank you.

he refuses to have his own bed and has nver moved from his parents bed.have tried above suggestions.


Dad is not always around


Mom and Dad are both OCD Grandparents basicly raise kid. Mother around. both parents hoarders

Doctor Rao : Hi, If that is the situation although it can be difficult in the beginning the patents might need to be slightly assertive and nee d to encourage him to sleep in his own room. In most of the cases Token economy works well. By this I meant if he initially attempts to sleep in his room with patents attendance he would collect tokens, which can be later converted later. The discussion could be around taking for an activity, extra play time Etc in a reward firm. However these rewards has to be sensible and realistic.
Doctor Rao : If Dad is nit always around that would encourage his psyche to take the oppurtunity to go in to parents room. Kids usually pick up cues well and they easily sense if they are dealing with one parent most of the days, who can often be stressed they can get their way in.
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