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I have been feeling depressed for some time now three weeks,

Customer Question

I have been feeling depressed for some time now three weeks , during this time my personality has some how become immature , all the things i like doing im not doing at all , i have disconneted from friends, i feel that i have become more awkward , i cant concentrate much, i over think everything , saying to my self i was always better in the past , and i have become more forgetful, i cant make conversation like before , normally im a very motivated bubbly person , but recently its like i have no self confidence . i was very happy when i had a bit of weight and a my personality was much more outgoing , i have recently lost weight and my personality has gone with it as i am insecure of my appearance, i beleive i have dipped into my childhood personality which was a very insecure with social anxiety problems,i knew that i had improved when i had the better personality and was dreading this time when this awful personality will return. im constantly analysing peoples actions and why
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Alicia_MSW replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for asking your question. I'm happy to help.
From what you've said in your message, it does sound like you might be suffering from a depressive disorder. Although we cannot provide a diagnosis without an in-person evaluation, it's important that you consult a licensed mental health professional, psychiatrist or at the very least, your GP to obtain a proper diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. If you've suffered social anxiety in the past and you feel that it's returned now, you might benefit from a specific form of therapy known as cognitive-behavioral therapy (or CBT). This type of treatment is very effective for anxiety disorders and depression. It's usually short-term and geared towards changing dysfunctional, negative and/or unrealistic thought patterns that can trigger or exacerbate anxiety and depression.
You can read more about CBT here:
And you can find a qualified therapist here:
Based on what you've said, it sounds like this could be a very beneficial option for you, especially since you say that you feel like you have no self-confidence and are over-analyzing other people's actions (this is a sign of a dysfunctional thought pattern, so CBT can help you identify the underlying thoughts and make positive changes so you can think along a more realistic and positive line, which can, in the end, help you feel better.) It's also possible (though it's not always necessary) that medication can offer some benefit (such as an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication), but you'd need to speak to your doctor about that to see if it's appropriate in your case.
There are some self-help steps you can take as well. You might be interested in reading this information from the Mayo Clinic to see if any of these tips are useful for you.
The first article is with regards ***** *****:
and the second is with regards ***** ***** anxiety:
I hope that helps. Please let me know if you need additional assistance.
Expert:  DrPsychologist replied 5 years ago.
Actually, from what you've said you might be experiencing dissociation rather than just depression. When you say that you have been forgetful, what do you mean? How forgetful? Are you finding that you travel away from your home without knowing how or why you got there, that you do tasks like washing the dishes and don't remember having done so, or more mild forgetfulness like missing a doctor's appointment that you didn't write down in your daily planner?
Also, when you describe different personalities what do you mean exactly?
How is your memory for childhood events? Are there large gaps in your memory or is it pretty coherent - within normal limits for most people?
Have you sought psychotherapy with a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist, or licensed practitioner in your area? If you need help with referrals, you can go to your state's psychological association (ex: New Jersey Psychological Association). Call them and tell and describe your symptoms and they will direct you towards a good psychiatrist for a med eval and therapist for talk therapy.
Finally, did anything happen to precipitate your depressive mood?
I would suggest that you schedule an appt with either a psychiatrist or a psychologist today for this week.
Please let me know if I cnn be of further assistance.
I am happy to continue this discussion with you if you would like.
Expert:  DrPsychologist replied 5 years ago.
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