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In my right eye since this morning after i took shower,after

Resolved Question:

in my right eye since this morning after i took shower,after few hours after that, i noticed eye is itching and finally i looked in mirror, i found very tiny area swelling behind the eye lid.
what is that and how can it be cured?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr_Anderson replied 5 years ago.
Dr_Anderson : Greetings, and thank you for your question.
Dr_Anderson : If it is behind the eyelid, that is usually either an infected follicle, or a plugged gland (stye)

how does it happen?

Dr_Anderson : Do you have any vision changes?

I went to doctor last year after that i did not go but i do not feel vision has changed

Dr_Anderson : They can Happen for a lot of reasons, like allergies, sleeping with the eye down on a pillow, dirt on or around the eye...

is it major or minor problem?


I have dry eyes problem

Dr_Anderson : Typically, they will go away SI conservative treatment. This includes: (1) warm packs to the area (2) keeping the area clean (3) and most of all, resisting the urge to "mess" with the area :)
Dr_Anderson : With, not SI. not sure why that popped in there...

usually in morning , i see white stuff coming after i wake up

Dr_Anderson : Typically a minor but very irritating problem.
Dr_Anderson : Yes, that sounds like a plugged gland, the white stuff is sebum. Sort of like a pimple.
Dr_Anderson : Cleaning your eyelids with a gentle, hypoallergenic soap before bed and after getting up, plus using saline eye drops or artificial rears ought to help.

docotor told me last year,it usually comes after eyes are infected and dry


is any cure for that?

Dr_Anderson : Yup, a good reason to clean the eyes gently, and keep them most if possible, but try to avoid ointments which may themselves block the pores.
Dr_Anderson : No specific cure, more preventative management like listed above.
Dr_Anderson : If they recur a lot, it may be necessary to see an ophthalmologist to obtain eye drop antibiotics.

white stuff comes only during summer time when eyes gets too dry


can i use the eye cooling drop at this moment?


that is eye drops

Dr_Anderson : What is in the drop?

its name is ***** ***** cooling comfort



Dr_Anderson : As long as it does not have steroids in it, it ought to be ok to use. I

it has glycerine , hyrochloride and zinc sulphate

Dr_Anderson : I think it sounds like a trip to the. Eye doctor is in order. This is not vision threatening, but it does cause discomfort and is very annoying. It's may be necessary to have some antihistamine, antibiotic, and/or moisturizing drops to use during the allergy seasons.
Dr_Anderson : Yes, that is ok to use.

thanks for ur help and i really appreciate u

Dr_Anderson : You are quite welcome! Please let me know if you have any further questions - and please click on the accept button if this was useful! Regards, ***** *****
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