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My daughter was diagnosed with bipolar perineum? How can she

Resolved Question:

My daughter was diagnosed with bipolar perineum? How can she control this type of bipolar disease?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  DrFee replied 5 years ago.

Hello! Please remember that my response is for information only, we are not establishing a therapeutic relationship.

I am a little confused by your question, because there's Bipolar Type I and Bipolar Type II, and the Perineum is a region of the body between the genitals and the anus.

Can you please tell me who diagnosed your daughter with "Bipolar Perineum" and what they described it to be?

Thanks ---

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Sorry my son in law texted me that and apparently not "perineum". it is bipolar 2!

Expert:  DrFee replied 5 years ago.

OK. :) People with Bipolar have cycling episodes between "down" (depression) and "ups," (mania) however with Type II, they never reach a full blown "mania." Therefore, their "up" moods are less intense or referred to as "hypomanic." Therefore, most people regard Type II as a less severe form of Bipolar.

Nevertheless, treatment is still important Proper medication is a key component --the goal is to keep the mood level even and help avoid the person from dipping into depression. Sometimes this regiment of meds is called "preventative medication."

So ---it's critical that you find a good Psychiatrist who will work with your daughter to find the right medication that works for her.

I know you might be anxious and upset that she has received this diagnosis, but it is very, very manageable if she is compliant with treatment (sometimes compliance is an issue).

Let me know if you need tips on looking for a Psychiatrist.

Best Wishes.

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