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Suzanne, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  LCSW, RN. Mental Health, Relationship & Parenting issues.EMDR, Hypnosis.
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ASK SUZANNE, I just feel really lonely like I don't have

Resolved Question:

ASK SUZANNE, I just feel really lonely like I don't have anyone to talk to. Know one who really understands me. my best friend jill is awesome, but i don't want to dump all my problems on her. i have other friends, but again don't want to dump on them. my husband doesn't quite understand me either. my psychologist is away until may 6th. any ideas for how i can find someone to talk to and keep me company?

ASK SUZANNE, These are the things I wish I could talk to someone about. My husband only worked 1 day this week, 2 days last week. per my psychologist's advice, i've been nice to him about it, yelling and getting upset, make things worse not better. we have been getting along good. sometimes though i feel bad and like it is my fault he's not more successful and that he doesn't want to have sex with me. i feel like i made a bad decision with who i married and i beat myself up for that. work is going good for the most part. thank god. last night rosa, my other best friend and I, took a class at the gym for 1 hour. although i look like i am in shape, i am not. the class was really hard and i struggled to get through it. asking my husband for an ipod for mother's day so i can get back into running and into better cardiovascular shape. aiden is doing ok. anthony's family doesn't like me. that's all i got. i wish i got along better with people. maybe i'm too needy or self-absorbed? please let me know your thoughts. thanks, Jen

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Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Suzanne replied 5 years ago.

It sounds like you are doing a lot of things right...working out, staying positive with your husband, doing well at work. And don't forget that your body went through a lot with pregnancy, so not being able to get through an hour-long exercise class is very understandable. I think getting an Ipod and running is a great idea....cardio work is very good for depression as raises the endorphins and can raise your mood as well.

Is there a reason you don't feel comfortable talking with your best friends about what's going on? It sounds like you're having to transition from getting support from his family to having to lean on your friends a bit more. Maybe just pick one issue a day to talk to a friend about...that way, you'll get to vent a bit, but your friend won't be overwhelmed.

And of course, I'm happy to be a sounding board for you here on Just Answer.


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