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TherapistMarryAnn, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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Kate. I know it`s late but it was the only quiet time I

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Hi Kate. I know it`s late but it was the only quiet time I could get.
Thanks for your suggestions. Some I actually do! For example i have workbooks for both PTSD and OCD. Last Tuesday, I brought the PTSD book and we looked at it a bit together but ran out of time. I see her again tomorrow so maybe then we can delve into it further.
Now my bad news. The specialist that I was waiting to see for the past 8 months, gave no hopeful advise on what needs to be done to help me feel better. He basically said that he didn`t know what was wrong and I should prepare myself for this type of pain, etc. for my whole life. I was crushed. I think I will ask my my GP for a second opinion. It was devastating what he was saying. It was like he was giving up on helping me.
I am also very anxious about seeing my therapist tomorrow morning. I want to go but somehow feel afraid at the same time. I don`t understand this except for the fact that I feel she has lots of power over my emotions and feelings. Shouldn`t I feel glad to have her help instead of being afraid.
I use distration quite a bit. But I may have overused it as it has become increasingly hard to keep the bad thoughts away. I am trying hard to stay in the present moment but there are so many triggers and two seperate and very differeng assaults too.
Well I am so tired from how this week as transpired that I am going to go to try and get some sleep.
I hope you had a nice evening.


I am sorry to hear about your bad news. I wonder why he wasn't more encouraging? I understand that he needs to be truthful, but there needs to be some hope in your situation.

I agree with you, a second opinion from your GP is a good idea. Maybe even another specialist is a good idea. Doctors can be wrong just like anyone else.

People in therapy often feel that the therapist holds a lot of power. It can feel that way because the therapist seems to know all the answers. And when you are in therapy, you can feel vulnerable. But she is there is help you and guide you. If she is a good therapist, she will have no desire to how any kind of power over you, but instead will want to be a helper to you. It is quite common for a person in therapy to transfer some of their feelings onto the therapist. So if you feel powerless, feeling that the therapist has power over you and your feelings will be natural for you.

It would be very helpful to let your therapist know this. She will know it's transference and be able to help find the source of why you feel this way. Then you can resolve it from there.

Try not to see what happened to you as a big overwhelming thing. Seeing the whole picture at once can feel like too much. Try thinking about it in a different way. For example, change your thoughts to "I went through some very bad things, but I have help now, I am healthy and getting better all the time". When the bad thoughts start, try switching them to more positive thoughts. It will take the edge off how you feel because your feelings will follow your thoughts.

I hope you got some good sleep! Talk to you soon,


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks Kate for all the valuable insights. I think I'm so close to the events that happened that i have a very difficult time realizing that it was in the past. It is still so very painful but I think there would be something wrong with me if it wasn't. Slow small steps are great my therapist told me as it shows that I am moving forward. It isn't a race. This does take the pressure off me to push myself too hard at times.

The assault that happened 2 or so months ago pushed me back a bit. I talked to my therapist about this. She told that it was okay because I was strong enough to get through the other bad stuff and perhaps it's a set back but I am wiser now and know that I can get through difficult situations. She said I was strong enough and would not break down or go crazy by dealing with it. That's a relief! This, for me, is a real sensitive area. My OCD revolves around those worries.

Yes, that was what I meant - see my GP to get another referral to a specialist. I saw him today and he is on it. Then I had to zoom across town to get to my therapist appt. on time. I made it. It was a very light session and I think that was best because...

My daughter and I are going on a mini roadtrip for some "girl time". We're both very excited for 3 1/2 days of shopping, eating out and swimming (hot tub for me:) I need a new perspective right now and I think going away with her will give me a break from all the heavy and sad thoughts and memories that I've been having. They have been worse lately. But I have great faith in my daughter's' ability to give me a laugh or smile several times a day. I am actually looking forward to it and I don't look forward to much these days.

Well I finally did get to bed but didn't get enough sleep as I am extremely tired right now. I need to rest up because my daughter is having 5 of her friends over for a sleep-over birthday party tomorrow night. Help!!!

Thanks for listening Kate. You can always be depended upon.



I agree with your therapist, small steps is a good way to handle what happened to you. It is the best way to make progress. And you are strong enough to handle what has happened to you. You seek help when you feel down and that is a sign of strength.

Let me know what happens with your GP and the referral. Hopefully, the next doctor will know more.

Have lots of fun on your road trip! That sounds like a really good time.

And good luck with the sleep over! Whoa, that is a lot of kids all at once :)


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