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Oh Kate, everything went wrong at my therapist's appt :(

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Oh Kate, everything went wrong at my therapist's appt :( This is probably why I get so nervous beforehand. I never know if it will go good or not and it impacts the rest of my week. That is my fault but I can't seem to help it.
She just came off holidays and was 15 minutes late for our appt. I would have been okay with that but then she ended our session 10 minutes early. I actually said something about it and she had tons of reasons why she was behind but I don't want to sound mean, but why does that have to have anything to do with me?
Plus I had a really bad flashback in her waiting room. This guy in there also waiting had some similarities to my ex and it go me thinking bad thoughts. I did tell her about it and she brought me back by talking about the present moment. But I still left with it not really dealt with fully.
I hate this. I get myself hopeful that things will be better when I leave. But that is ignorant of me seeing as most of what we talk about is not nice stuff. I don't feel very hopeful right now. I wish life would go by faster and I could just be done with it. I'm tired of always having to try so hard to feel half decent. I know there are people with worse problems than me. But I can't seem to focus on that at all.


It sounds like the appointment did not go well at all. Shortchanging you for time during your session was not the best way to make you feel you are important. Though sometimes it is hard and things happen, it would be good if your therapist tried to make it up to you by scheduling extra time with you for your next appointment. Maybe you could suggest that to her if this occurs again.

It is good that you recognized the trigger this time when you had your flashback. Each time you can recognize what sets your flashbacks off, you can try to stop them from happening by grounding yourself. With more practice, you should be able to gain some control over them.

It is tempting to want relief from how you feel. Many people feel the way you do when they struggle with depression and feelings of hopelessness. You mentioned that you are aware that there are others who have worse problems than you do. It may be good to take that thought further and considered volunteering to help those who are struggling. Helping others can lift your depression and make you feel you are contributing. It can also provide you with a reason to get up each day. People often report that when they volunteer, they feel they get more out of it than the person they are helping.


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