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Dr-A-Greene, Psychologist
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Why would a neuropsychologist after a neorpsych test write

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why would a neuropsychologist after a neorpsych test write in my medical note i am scizophrencic? I have exhuastion and pain from lupus, degenerative back, fibromyalgia and limited lung fuction. Im applying for disability, iam depressed due to the sudden death of my husband 5 years ago but take my meds and reg. see a psychiatrist and therepist. I don't hear voices, drink, do drugs of anything risky.

Can you tell me where the note was encountered? Was this feedback that you received directly from the neuropsychologist? Why were the tests ordered? (It would help me to know the background here).

Basically, test results should be delivered verbally to the patient, so I am confused about the note's origin. Additionally, just the organization of your question indicates to me that you don't have the cognitive characteristics of a schizophrenic...


Dr. G.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Well thank you! I was in trouble at work for so many mistakes-prob. with memory? 'I've never been in trouble in my life. The hospital system allows you to log on and view test results, reports etc. No he did not tell me this is person but i doubt he knows i could see it online-i don't know anyone else that cks.this was a short report posted a month later.

That's bizarre...I'm wondering why he didn't discuss it with you. Did you have a follow-up appointment with him to discuss the results? I'm thinking that this would be the best way to proceed. It's unethical for a doctor to do tests and not talk about the results with the party that ordered them. Since you're the patient, he should have a one-on-one with you. I'm thinking that it could be a couple of things: 1) a mistake in the data entry system or 2) a pattern in the testing results that indicates some disorganization. Either way, it wouldn't indicate schizophrenia without a complete testing battery that included personality testing.

Also, just a note: have you had your hormone levels checked? When estrogen drops memory can be affected.

Thanks and best of luck to you!

Dr. G.

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