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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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for steven olsen pleaseso we are in the aftermath of the

Resolved Question:

for steven olsen please so we are in the aftermath of the party... i feel it wasnt the greatest party.. i usually throw good parties and am known for it, but i think i fell flat this time. of course it was cloudy and overcast and cold. so we put a sign on the front door of the house - go to the side to the backyard. well not onew person did. not one. so now theyre convening in the house and basically dont want to go out. robs uncle who came from maryland esp... and his father. so we tell them to go, we tell them to go.. and people are like not moving. so kates asleep btw- taking a nap - so my mil and my dad apparently plus my bro - didnt leave yet theyre in my living room. i dont know this though. so the tent got so hot my brother while taking stuff out to the tent said turn off the heat its too hot.. so we did and it was too hot. when we brought everyone out they started to complain it was too cold turn up the heat theres no heat in here. so i had looked at the thermostat and it said 74. i dont think thats uncomfortable honestly. besides the fact one i knew that they were goiing to complain, they complain my house it too cold and when i go to their house its too hot, and ive been pretty miserable but kept my mouth shut out of politeness. anyway me and my big mouth came back into the house and complained to my husband in the eat in kitchen and said i cant believe these f**king people, i knew they would be complaining etc. so rob said whos complaining? i said your family. which was the truth. now my brothers in laws all came and were only appreciative and very impressed with the swingset, and the kids all had a ball... they asked if they could let the baby go on the swings.. so rob said of course - and they were like oh you could charge money for the kids to play on this its so nice.. i said all the kids have them around here and ours isnt the greatest, although the kids were all over it and rob said the kids were saying what an awesome clubhouse this is... so it seems the kids had a good time. meanwhile its really nice out today. and on top of that - we have a ton of work to do to clean up b/c his parents and brother didnt leave until after 9pm, despite showing up early at 1240. we went to bed soon after b/c i couldnt keep my eyes open, but i woke up at 4am worrying the party sucked and did my father, my mil and brother hear me say these f**king people, and ive decided im not throwing anymore parties. im done. its a ton of money, a ton of work and time on both our parts and its for nothing. i couldve bought kate a small cake some balloons, played with her in the backyard, and she wouldnt have known the diff, i mean she seemed to have a good time, either way i guess this was a big waste of time effort, and money. to which rob said this am. we didnt need to have this party blah blah. so i said fine, im sorry i was wrong. what can i say at this point? his uncle and wife (the aunt died..) left extremely early, before i could finish cleaning up the dinner to switch for cake, and im quick at doing the change over - i dont sit around and languish...i think i looked at my watch and it was a few min after 4pm... (theyre from maryland and robs cousin informed hed be there to visit this weekend, and well essentially i felt invited themselves..) well then the other cousin said they had to leave- the kid was tired, and the other cousin had to leave the husband wasnt feeling well from before coming... and this was all before cake and singing happy birthday. so today rob says to me oh i over heard them they were making plans to meet up... to go to dinner. which upset me. b/c them coming kind of was half the reason the whole thing blew into this overgrown party. the other half was oh my bro in laws already bought her bday presents.... ither way i feel a little deflated over the money spent and it wasnt a blast. i didnt get any compliments except from my brothers in laws who were excited it was the same food from last year. my dad called today - i thought to say they heard me in the living room - but he said yest was a typical march day blah blah, the tent was warm and the kids didnt care they were outside and played and loved the swingset. the most surprising thing was my parents said how much they liked the contractors work, and they need a deck replaced so they said theyre going to call the guy. kates nose looked awful and got plenty of what happened comments, to which i didnt point fingers, i just said oh she fell... my dad was upset when he saw it. he said it didnt look that bad before, but what can i say? i didnt see it when it happened.
oh and my mom was like did you tell his family youre preg? so i said no...

 so she says on the way out to the car - well youre starting to show. so i said uh well i dont think i should yet - it maybe the shirt i was wearing... or im just fat, but i def havent been eating alot, ive actually kind of lost my appetite to some extent, and i dont feel i have to eat like i did other times... at least not yet... im also worried (and not that i want to be sick) but that im not the least bit nauseated.. like maybe somethings wrong...? i tried to makew appt with the dr on fri but theres no one in the office so im going to call tomorrow - but im not going til im 7 weeks - b/c every other time ivegone at 6 weeks he says to come back in 1 week b/c i dont have a heartbeat b/c i ovulate later than 14 days.. so i figured id cut to the chase and just go at 7 weeks instead of 6. then i worry wondering if itll be ok..

 so ill give you a chance to guess whether or not you think dr b came...

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 5 years ago.

Did dr b come. I would say, no. I do not think he did. Was I right? Of course a part of me wants to think that he is so nice, that knowing he is about to leave for greener pastures, he wondered up to the house just to say hello. But then again...I don't think he did. So, how did I do? Was I right that he did not show?


You know. There was no way to win on this party. Even if it was a "blast" as you desired, someone would have said something about someone or fussed over the tent/house temperature to the point of argument or something...


Look, you did your best and out of love for Kate put out a terrific effort. You got a great swing set built before the party (yeah Rob) and the contractor apparently did a terrific job, and it was all noticed. More: No one got hurt and there wasn't any knock down drag out fights and no one created a permanent embarrassing moment memory. That is a good party.


I know you worry about what people thought and if people heard you swearing and all. But hey. It is your life now. They came and had a clean home, a good party, some conversation and they saw Kate... which was the whole point. Plus it gave you a chance to do a big bash before you get too uncomfortable in the pregnancy via nausea, etc.


Even if you do feel a bit deflated about the party it sounds like you did everything imaginable to make every one happy, from directional signs (ignored) to heated tents. Really, who does that? That is a classy party. And, anyone would be lucky to go. If they didn't like it, well, they're too blame as the whole thing was about a little girl's happiness.


You might be interested to know that my wife was informed that you are not yet nauseated, to which she said she is having a boy. So, there is a woman's intuition for you and a woman's feeling that you may just be more physically compatible for a boy's pregnancy. Now, you do not know Kate my wife. But, she is pretty good at the prediction thing I think.


And, mom saying that you are showing...either you have one heck of a baby on the way or mom is seeing things. Could you be that obvious and showing that quickly? It is possible, but she also has the advantage of knowing that you are pregnant. That alone probably adds perspective to her view of you.


When you go even one week early to the ob/gyn, all they do is make excuses. Been there; seen that. Although it would give them a heart attack to do so, I sometimes wondered if showing up at the halfway point would be a good idea as a first visit! It would get things moving and you would not be as poked and prodded as much, right? (I know, bad idea...but I feel sorry for women who are pregnant. They get what appears to be primitive medicine. You know if men got pregnant we could have all our scans and tests via email. And, birth would be painless and pregnancy just 3 days.)


Liz, you did a great job at the party and I do not have to be there to know that you did. You are a perfectionist to an extent, and what you did sounded awesome. You should be proud that you pulled this all off. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi steven. you are correct, dr b didnt come to the party. i was going to text him to "secretly'/ remind him of the party - like oh come around back.. or some secret game playing thing but then i decided im not ever mentioning this party to him. i figured id never mention it but bg mouth jenn said oh you missed kates party...
so dr b said how come you didnt text me to remind me? so i said uh cuz i figured you had other things to do? so he said i sat at starbucks all afternoon and was bored... he said oh i could meet the kid and the husband. so i kind of hemmed at that... then i said please if you really wanted to come youd have remembered. (i have realized in my old age, men do things they dont want or miraculously are on time or remember things when they are motivated or want to do so... like tmm. he always remembered our anniversary in dec. i never mentioned it, nor reminded him and pretended to not be sure when it was.. speaking of which i havent heard from him or tmm2 since i last told you i did. def a month or more since for both..)
so dr b says no thats not true i really forgot. so i said if i was a hot piece of ass youd have seriously had this party etched in your mind... so he said oh liz you know youre a hot piece of ass. so i said oh please...
he said doesnt your husband tell you that? i said yes he used to.. when he was motivated and it was really true. so he says to me well its really true. nnm

Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 5 years ago.

Well, I guess we couldn't really expect dr b to show. And, I agree with you 100%. If he really wanted to come he would have and no man needs a text to recall a place and event that he really wants to go. As far as his honesty, who knows? He can be a little bit on the questionable side sometimes. Was he really bored at Starbucks? I doubt it.

I do have to admit he flirts well.


TMM 1 and 2 no contact? That is surprising. TMM 2 I sort of expected he would fade off, but never tmm1. Perhaps April will be his month...It would be odd if he suddenly and permanently dropped off the face of the earth. Steven


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey steven, fell asleep after writing a long response, and i dont know what happened to it. so i started rewriting but kept falling asleep so i just sent what i started..

so last night dr b told me he was having chest pain towards the end of the night... he asked for maalox, which i gave... so we still had writing to do - so i stalled him a little til i finally convinced him to at least get an ekg which would only cover an st elevation mi, wed need blood for a non st elevation, but i figured lets start with that, he didntr want to make a big deal o rlet anyone know.. so we went to the clinic side which was closed and the ekg guy came - glad it was a guy, and dr b starts to undress in front of me so i start to duck out, and hes its ok liz you can stay.. so he sits back on the bed, and i swear to god 1 hes really hairy - not a little hairy, like the fly hairy... so hes sitting in the bed sucking it in,i swear, so i stepped out and it was finished, he sat there after it was done not i a hurry to put his shirt on as it seemed to me, and it had some normal abnormalities, but nothing to blow your nose about. so he got dressed, and he said hell go to the catholic hosp if it gets worse when he gets home. i texted him after we were home a bit and he said im going to skip workking out and go to sleep. so i said ok, well talk later. so i havent received another text, so im thinking hes ok... at least i hope so.
i had worries of headlines er dr leaves er and goes home to die - thats a pretty common thing in medicine. hopefully he was just having gerd or something.

i tried to make my ob appointment and they dont want me to come til april 18th, which ill be 8 weeks already. it used to be 6 weeks, which i said isnt that late? no. theyre so snotty there. i cant stand it. ill be 6 weeks this week, but i guess its ok. thatll be my last day of work and the following week were going on vacation...

if it had been just sunny weather even if it was on the colder side for the party it wouldve been alot better. and if i felt it was a relatively good party id be mad there was conplaints but still know it was a good party. like the christening. it had a few snags, but it was a good party.

well the nausea thing is the reason why i think its a boy - but it makes me worry something could be wrong too asd a lack of symptoms is also a sign of miscarriage. i peed on a stick to try to reassure myself, it was positive of course, but i feel a little insecure. i guess well tell my inlaws when we go away, ill see if its necessary cuz id lie to wait as long as possible, but if im sick theyll be with us alot i wont be able to hide it...
i like how you believe your wife shes having a boy instead ofme.. who also thinks so far its a boy...

i may just be fat which i s why shes saying im showing.. although some women say esp women like me with multiple pregnancies - even though they are not full term all of them, the body 'remembers' and pops out.. i think i have a not as flat stomach as i did and i was wearing a soft flowey shirt with a seam under the bust so its not a defined waist which prob added to her thought, not that i wear tight clothes really. esp not too fitted now.

anyway i just have been feeling down, just not liking me. colleen also has been depressed and with the party over and not occupying me i guess ive had time to think. the whole state thing is also bothering me.. i guess i could send another email although i like to noit bother with them as it just reminds me more...
well i have to go, i need to get dressed and leave early, its day 2 of being on time for the april may june section...
oh i saw peter i said hey pete you miss me? he said no and started to laugh. i said ok ill remember that...
Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 5 years ago.

Falling asleep on JA is not as bad as at the wheel of your car. So, although I feel sorry that your reply to me was lost a couple of times; it could be a lot worse considering all the circumstances. I am surprised that you are awake when you drive sometimes, as exhausted as you are when you leave work.


Hopefully dr b was not in cardiac distress, but rather in digestive. And, a really hairy dr b? Well, that could be nice for some ladies who like that sort of thing, but I am guessing that he looked like he had bear fur. And, sucking it in...that is funny. I guess he really does have that male sense of pride that many of us seem to. I find it funny that he was okay with you seeing him get undressed and then sucked in his gut. You must mean something to him, or he is vain, but who knows. I do hope that he is okay.


Eight weeks does seem a bit long for an appointment. Do you have any other options as far as an ob/gyn? Your doctor sounds less than accommodating, and that has to be one of the most important traits, openness and accommodation, in that field of medicine. Ob/gyn's are not that rare but I know many women who once they feel comfortable with one, will tolerate a lot because of the comfort level (or lack thereof) with finding a new one.


Well, I trust my wife. If she says its a boy, I will be it is. That does not mean I cannot vote that it is a girl. Telling your whole family on vacation is a good idea. That allows you to pick the time and place much more carefully. Excited about the vacation? And the baby?


Multiple pregnancies? My wife looked four months pregnant at two when we had our last one. I think that is par for the course. The only one that seemed slow to show was our first. After that she looked pregnant, fast.


Feeling down is pretty common at this stage of pregnancy and you also have been really through it. Post trauma stress such as work, party, family, baby, Kate, house issues and all the rest...that is much bigger than you think. It takes a toll on your emotions and body. Be gentle with yourself. You have been through so much. It is only natural that you will feel this way, and many dwell on the negatives when the stress events conclude. Plus, your body does not respond to stress as well when you are pregnant, and that will cause or elevate the blues too. Try to do a few nice things for yourself. Time locking, where you take five minutes just for you, even behind a closed door, anything like that, is good. You need something to balance all of this out before you go to Disney. Really. Take a second, even now to breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth, evenly, three times gently. You have been under such demands and stress and your body is telling you about it through the depressed feelings. Time to try to take some time and energy for you, even if you do not feel like you can. Steven



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well funny you say the falling asleep behind the wheel thing.. i really did yesterday after leaving dr b. i swerved and luckily woke up and no one was right next to me.
i stopped drinking coffee before getting preg but drinking coke or diet coke...
i think the coffee made me more anxious before the shift and got me on edge..

dr bs pain has persisted last night but its reproduceable - and i think its muscleskeletal pain from working out...
he took aleve and it improved, but drank 2 more doses of maalox thru the night.. i told him not take aleve when you already have gerd.. but hey what do i know? i mean its naproxen Sodium. sodium. which burns a hole in your stomach..
dr bs hair wasnt completely awful.. but ironic how much hair guys have everywhere but their heads. hes pale with blue eyes but with dark brown/ black hair. he looks typical italian to me...
the sucking it in... well it prob wasnt necessary.. i think hes a thinner guy trapped in a fatter mindset really as hes lost alot of weight.
i felt a little uncomfortable seeing him without his shirt, but i mean if he was at the beach i wouldve seen more honestly..
i did see his underwear....
then again ive seen more than most whores have.
i was more worried the ekg guy would think we were an item...
i had an old man who was 82 tell me that dr b was like my husband... and i said oh no were not married, and he said work husband? lol.
who nows what dr b thinks of me. i kinda was trying persuade him about tylenol when he turned to me and said thats why i like you liz, you really care for your pts.. and everyone of them, not just certain ones.
oh and dr b passed the 2nd part of his board certification. next is just a chart review - obviously you send really good ones only... so his certification is in the bag...

meanwhile dr a bought pizza and asked me early in shift.. do u want pizza? i said ok... he said what can you eat? i said well im not eating anchovies for sure.. so he laughed and said ok, ill get you pizza. he didnt buy enuf but i got a slice and was happy with that, he wouldnt take any money.. that was weird..

the ob/ gyn. well i wanted to go next week but hes away for freaking passover. that seems to be when i need him most - passover. kates born at this time next week is already 7 weeks. if i go this week ill have to go back b/c i ovulate late and my 'baby' is always a yolk sak, and i have to go back in a week. rob always says ok, just tell me when its not a scrambled egg and its a baby..
as far as finding another ob gyn. well unless you have a personal opinion, well.. its not easy. i found my current gyn by a friend referral. i was much younger but i was with rob.. maybe already married. anyway so i go for a reg checkup and ive never seen him or anything. i knew he was on the younger side.. like 40..
but that was it. so i go in and well hes gorgeous. so now im sitting in a paper gown and hes talking to me. hes married with 5 kids. yes 5 - thats it. hes a conservative jew that wears the yalmulke..
hes also a very good surgeon. which ob gyn is not usually known for. which i liked b/c if ytou have a vag delivery, i need him to do a good episiotomy and if i need a section, hes a good surgeon.
either way my goal is to get me and my kid out alive really.
this is my 4th pregnancy..
Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 5 years ago.

Funny wasn't the word I was looking for about your extreme fatigue and driving. That is scary, and I guessed it simply because I wonder if you can see how exhausted you are. No one can keep up the pace and the personal expectations that you do, of yourself. I recall that you drive a ways to work and you often mention that you are like the living dead when you leave...and caffeine only goes so far.


Good to know about dr b. Hopefully he is just experiencing chest pain from the workout. Those pec muscle exercises do make you feel like you have a cardiac condition the next day. And, since he isn't identified by you as a candidate for the next planet of the apes movie, I guess he is in the "hairy but normal" range. I did laugh at your nursing comment about what you have seen compared to most women of ill repute. That made me laugh out loud. I am afraid to know what you have seen. I am sure it is, interesting. I cannot even imagine what you have seen, or better yet, things you wish could get out of your mind, after you saw it.


Based on what you told me happened in the exam room, I really doubt anyone would think you were connected to dr b. It sounded really innocent, especially compared to what you must see on a daily basis with others.


We all do have our work spouses and they see us more than our real ones in most cases. That is a matter of fact I think. But he (dr b) does like you. He says really nice things about you in a very personal way and context. Men do not do that unless they like you. And, no, he does not have to like you sexually to like you.


Somehow I can imagine Dr A buying a pizza and reaping the rewards of "what a nice guy" comments. He didn't want the money because this was about him, not all of you; at least I think so.


Why is it that doctors are always away from the office when you need them? And, you just know that if Kate was born at Christmas that you would have had a Christian obgyn and not a Jewish one. Five kids for this man huh? He must follow that sex after the 14th day thing. That gets a lot of women pregnant on that particular schedule.


Your baby isn't a yoke; it's serious. (sorry, that pun is so bad I deserve punishment.)


Well, I will tell you that the obgyn's who are good surgeons are pretty rare in my view as well. I do know one. Trouble is, he is c section happy. That may just be him and his boat payments, but still...makes a person wonder why the skill set of obgyn and surgical skill seems so divergent. And as to the last thing. Yes, just get you and the baby out okay. That is the goal. Steven



Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey steven,
unfortunately tomorrow will be another day of extreme fatigue b/c i have to pick kate up early - like by 12noon to get her to her 1pm drs appointment. i guess i will try to catch 2 hrs before i go to hopefully stay up... its her reg 2 yr old check up.. at least ill see my kate early. thats the only bright side. ill see if she naps in the afternoon after the appt - maybe i can nap with her. and the living dead does describe me now preg and not sleeping. worrisome is all i can say

yeah, look to me - if i see you naked i well i saw you naked ive taken care of other staff members at my other hosp and their families and saw the goodies. and i really dont remember oddly enough. i dont know why i dont remember but its kinda like im not really looking? i mean i remember to an extent like soon after but next year i wont remember..

i forgot to tell you the educator who called me colleen sent us an email that all the nurses have to come in on their day off this month for a test about er nursing. so im like ok and whatas on this test? and what if we fail? and im too busy to come in on my day off to do this. and on top of that will they use the test to single us out? so i say to other people this is bullshit this could be to trap people to have grounds to fire them. or like say mary they like but jane they dont so jane gets suspended and marys told you here take the test again...
this educator is from the catholic hosp thats all up nsgs ass - and i said we cant lay down on this one. b/c shell keep pulling bullshit on us we need to call the union and start fighting it by not coming in to do it. which is the other thing - it should be on company time. so collen went and spoke to the educator and shes like we just took that exam -- which is true - it was our final exam after our er training.
so someone else spoke to the educator right after colleen and colleen heard her say yes i know i just got yelled at by colleen.
so colleen was like ok f**k that now im calling the union rep. so shes doing that today and is to let me know..
i mean steven its always something at this place. theres no notice or flexibility. like an email that week. oh you have to come in blah blah. its just makes me nervous steven, i cant lose my job here, and im just sick and tired of it.

yeah i guess dr b does like me...
Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 5 years ago.

I have seen the pattern of sleeplessness and fatigue in my own wife during these times. All I can say is that it is critical that when you have a second or two to take it for yourself, including any opportunity to catch up on sleep. Naps, cat naps, anything. Now is Rob's time to really pitch in as this is a team effort. There are no solo times when you have this much stress and compressed schedule.


You can't remember the goodies. Well, I could probably tell you that either "A" this is such a normal part of your job that it really does not matter anymore. Like a plumber no longer gets grossed out by what he/she sees in the pipes. Or "B" you are so traumatized that you repress it all. I think I will vote for the professional answer, "A".


This constant messing with staff is so indicative of a place that has too much management and not enough staff. Every day someone has to come up with some new standard to measure something by. And really; the answer is to get rid of management positions, not staff. And, I have to say that growing up and living in a highly unionized environment: There is no way that you should be forced to take a test on your own time. If it is considered a part of the work on the job, or a requirement of it, then it must be done on company time. They can ask you to come in, but they have to do so with extra pay or incentive. I too would take this to the union and frankly: I think the nurses have one heck of a good case. This is lousy management, plain and simple.


I seriously doubt this is about losing workers (nurses). This is about someone saying to a monitoring authority that there are standards and the hospital exceeds them. (Look, we gave a test.)They are not going to use this as a culling mechanism. That may be the talk at the hospital among the nurses, but the reality is that this happens a lot. Although it is difficult to stop, the truth is that as long as the union raises a fuss, it should be alright. I think you can relax on this one.


And yes...dr b does like you. Steven

Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey steven busy and eventful night...
we had trauma after trauma.
well 1st we had a pt who used to be an nurse in the er there - either way she was a drug addict stealing drugs and lost her license. which makes me feel sick hearing about a nurse losing her license althoiugh prob rightfully deserved..
well she put these sex toy latex covered balls in her vagina and had a foul vag drainage plus a "tick' bite possibly strep throat, and a wound on her arm that "bled alot yesterday' so dr a starts a ton of orders and im running crazy. well her time is here to go to ct scan and theres a treauma on the table.
well she doesnt want to wait and she wanyts to go and smoke and go to her car etc.
i inform her that thats against hosp policy so she decides shes going ama. so dr a gives me her papers and says ask her where she got the sex toys... so i say oh you could go to stockroom . com so dr a is there and he says what? i repeat it and dr b pulls out his iphone. well they look it up and i see the 2 of them with their heads over the phone looking. i walk away laughing really.
so dr b well he cant handle it and says - liz are you and the hubby into this? so i looked at him and said im not answering that.
so hes like omg you neither confirm nor deny? well it only ramps him up... and steven i swear to god, he cant take it. he keeps asking me and i finally said i think its weird that 2 men in their 30s dont know where to buy sex things.
ok, so dr a admits its gotten him all hot and bothered too - away from dr b who also told me by himself. i laughed also again - he didnt have the nerve to ask me what i do with my husband but admitted he was very intrigued. he later asked me for a soda and i gave it to him from my work bag... and he said no no i dont want to take yours.. i meant for you to get one for me when you have time to stop... and i said thats a good way to end up with a high heel in your back. he said i would love that. then he told me im the hottest nurse there.
we had a long talk (after i found out he told the aides that he knows i dont like him. the aides were beating him up and saying how hes not nice to trhem, he doesnt say hello, etc - and i overheard some of this confrontation..well thats why he got the pizza for the aides and me...
the aides then came and ratted him out that he said that and i was sworn to secrecy..) so after all that was said where he said oh you know youre the hottest nurse etc... he said he had to go see pts, b/c hes a legend in his own time. so i said you mean in your own mind? so he said no in my own time. i said right in your own mind...
so he said seriously you know im low key - i say all that as a joke. i said well i could see people maybe misunderstanding that. he says really? why? i said b/c ur an er dr?
he says so? i said uh b/c you have brass balls? he said i do? i said well youre willing to crack a chest and massage a heart. its not for the weak and timid.
so he says anyone could do it. i could show you. i said look, think about this. an accountant who pushes papers and an er physician -0 who is essentially like a surgeon. so he said how so? i said did you ever see the movie malice? he said he loves that movie. i said yeah and who do surgeons think theyre better than? they say for you to pray to surgeon instead of god.
he says oh. so i said so maybe its not shocking that maybe you think youre hot shit and people believe you think it? he said oh.
i made a comment about er nurses compared to med surg and he said i shouldve married an er nurse. i said well it doesnt matter what she does - i asked what she does he said shes an occupational therapist which he said is all bullshit.. i told him when he puts her down it reflects on him and his own poor judgement. and its the mother of his child. and he shut up then.
meanwhile dr b keeps asking me about the website... and how he cant stop thinking about it. he had a trauma come and he crack th guys chest from 3 GSW and he did a really nice surgical cut and he brought me in to see the lung and the heart and show me stuff... it was cool.
he left 2 hrs late and texted me asking about it again and said hes really tired but he def is still thinking about it..

and then i realized that means that dr a and dr b have never done anything kinky....?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
so colleen called the union and they said they had no idea about the test and are going to start putting in motions to stop it. yay. the educator bitch who called me colleen said the test is to identify our personal weaknesses.. and to be remediated. i said yeah and wheres the cutoff ? like if you get a 40 do they say youre suspended until you get the grade necessary?
oh and she keeps calling a unit clerk named penny - peggy. so the clerk finally threw a whole huge fit. and she kept calling a nurses aide christine but her name is XXXXX XXXXX shes calling her christine, christine, so the educator says colleen how comes shes ignoring me? so she says well if you called her by the correct name shed probably answer you.
shes one of those uppity uptight know it all bitchs who thinks shes all perfect... even colleens like i hate that bitch...
apparently the manager from my old place told a staff rn that in 3 months all the managemwent from the new hosp will bringing their own people and theyll all be fired...
i wonder why she told them that...
maybe cuz its absolute? so its like whatever?
theres a manager there for like 25 years whos like pure prime evil and alot of people agree - and let me tell you steven i cant see that witch somewhere else.. or just run into her, you know? ugh.
Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 5 years ago.

Okkkaaaayyy....well, that was an interesting conversation with the doctors. And these men who are professionals are led around by their gonads, and can be so distracted about a conversation regarding sex toys that they cannot stay focused? That doesn't say much about their self control or discipline does it? And telling you that they want a heel in their back; I guess that was set up by you, but still. These are men in their 30's? They act like porn addicted 14 year olds. Wow. You should run the place Liz. At least you have perspective and self discipline.

Your conversation with dr a was enlightening. He seems confused and uncertain to a degree about his self value and worth. Do you see that? He knows he has skills and so on, but then talks about them in an odd sort of way, playing himself as low key, which I cannot imagine he is, at all. And, he can't see that others might think he is stuck on himself? Please. that is false modesty at best. I do not buy this, at all. I think you saw a window into his insecurity but I would not plan that it is anything but a small window. It is certainly not a breakthrough. And the comment about who he should have married. What was that about? I still think you should stay away from him.


Dr b cannot stop thinking about a website? Really? Come on. He cannot be that naive. If he is, I worry about him. He has to have been exposed to the world of weird in his work. I was, and I was in psych. Physical medicine is even worse. You see all the odd things. Have they ever been risky in their behavior? Probably, but doctors have an innate conservative bent in many cases that keeps their careers alive. Those who do not, they lose their jobs. I know. Some of those kinky doctors were clients of mine. They had lots of issues from shoe fetishes to serious control issues. As you can guess, kinky does not just stay in the bedroom. It tends to splash into other life areas, like work.


The union situation sounds like a real peach of a problem. This is the issue with places that hire lousy management. They get all into the "problem" without seeing that the problem is them. How on earth can you test for a standard if you do not know what that standard is? And, if there are no steps in place to deal with that standard, then the measurement becomes arbitrary and meaningless. That is why standards mean nothing without predetermined benchmarks.

Hopefully what you are hearing is exaggerated remarks from a rumor mill, as far as firing the whole crew. Then again, your old place was a study in weird. Steven








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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I DONt know if it was all their fault b/c i inda (ok just a little) busted their chops about how enamored they were by the website and the thought of the tied up thing..
i think that one - remember dr a said last week how rob and i arent hot? im married and preg. no big deal.
well i think the whole maybe rob and i are kinky blew his mind. and i think he may not have realized that when he thought about it... that he may like that whole thing., i bet you - 1 remember i said hes not good in bed? well now i know hes not. he doesnt even know what he likes. forget what a woman might.
but i really think hes plain vanilla. really. hes good looking and all, but.. i bet hes lacking.

dr b. the underdog - i bet since hes gotta work for it - well think hes prob better in bed,... and i think he already knows he likes the kinky. but doesnt actually get to do it b/c he doesnt have a willing partner. and i think i hit a nerve when he thought oh crap liz likes that and of course it doesnt come up in normal convo. but we work in an er with not normal stress or circumstance.

the botXXXXX XXXXXne maybe this boring preg housewife nurse - well maybe i got them a little hot and bothered and it surprised them. yes i think maybe dr b found me attractive already - but this may have been really too much for him.
i find it very amusing. and i dont think he only meant he couldnt stop thinking about the website steven.
just saying.

i dont think that kinky has to come into work, i know my husband doersnt ever mention anything about the things he likes and when i confided in my friend kathy he liked that, well she was stunned b/c she said omg he really really doesnt seem like that and she knew him for years at that point... and even myself knowing rob in every other way. it doesnt seem to go with him and surprises me..

i honestly dont think dr a realizes how he comes across. and i think he wants to remedy it. so thats why he bought me and the aides and one other nurse - kfc nurse pizza. to kiss our ass.
which kinda sours it to me really. i thought he asked me just to be nice and maybe cuz he found out i was pregnant.

its hard for me to tell - i mean he could be a good bullshit artist - but he seems like he could be oblivious. i know maybe that seems hard to believe, but i mean he looked upset when the aides had all cornered him. i dont know how or if they organized it (im so busy working i dont know how all these f**king things go on.. i dont really talk to the drs until after 2am.. unless its not swamped...) i did see the spectacle i had to walk in between the circle to get to my computer.

i personally think it sucks to gang up on a person. no matter what. i would speak to dr a and say listen i think youre rude to me or not kind or whatever, but not with 10 other nurses even if it was true for everyone. its just shitty...

i am very confused about the whole i shouldve married an ER nurse. i dont know if he was implying me.. or just in general...

as far as the tes. i had the thought we should all put c. and then wed all have the same score - and thered be not much they could do to us...

as far as the old hosp and all of mgtment being fired. is it wrong that that puts a smile on my face?
i mean weve had that happen before. new mgtmt or new hosp affiliation/ ownership.. and bye bye to all the assholes

i opened up a new question about kate..
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
oh and dr a confided in me he wanted to be a pediatrician. he was going to do a fellowship in peds - but didnt b/c of the divorce, he needed to start making money. he said he may see if he can go back. thats why he signs up for all the peds pts...
hes too aggressive with them, but i kept my mouth shut.

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