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David Akiva
David Akiva, BA, MA,
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 167
Experience:  Counselor; Behavioral Consultant
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I've suffered from depression, panic, anxiety disorder for

Resolved Question:

I've suffered from depression, panic, anxiety disorder for many years. Im fifty one and have dealt with this since my twenties. I'm really having one of the worst times I've ever had. I've been crying for the last five days and not just crying but sobbing until my heart feels like it hurts! I feel shaky and just lost! I am currently taking Celexa, and alprazolam nothing seems to help. I feel like I am losing control. Never been this bad before.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  David Akiva replied 5 years ago.
DuddyH :

Welcome, I'm a professional counselor and behavioral-consultant. I'd like to chat with you for a few moments to better understand your question and the situation you're describing.

DuddyH :

You went offline right as I entered the chat room. So, I'll wait to see if you get an e-mail notification of my presence in chat and respond.

DuddyH :


DuddyH :

Well you don't seem to have come back online. You must be busy with another task. I'll check back shortly for your response.

Customer: Hi sorry about that. Would love to talk with you.
DuddyH :

Great. I just saw your chat response. How are you doing right now?

Customer: I'm a little better. Don't feel like I'm falling apart at this moment!
DuddyH :

that's good to hear. I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this right now. It sound's like you may need supportive counseling. Do you have access to therapy right now?

DuddyH :

Are you currently working with a counselor?

Customer: No I'm not
DuddyH :

Do you have insurance coverage or other means of covering the cost?

Customer: Yes I do
DuddyH :

Would you like help finding a therapist in your area? How can I best help you today in terms of answering a question?

DuddyH :

You seem to have gone offline again. I'll check back shortly for your response. From what you've written so far, I think it's important to get counseling support. Hope you're back online soon.

Customer: Yes I would some therapy
DuddyH :

Hi again. In addition to helping you find a therapist etc, do you have any other question that you'd like to ask today?

Customer: I don't think so just need a good therapist
DuddyH :

Ok, no problem. May I ask what city and state you're in?

Customer: I'm in cranberry PA
DuddyH :

Is Cranberry a city or town? or is it near a major city?

DuddyH :

You've gone offline again. I'll check back shortly to see if you've returned.

Customer: It's a township about forty minutes from Pittsburgh
Customer: I apologize I'm multitasking
DuddyH :

No problem. I was multi-tasking too.

Customer: That's fine
DuddyH :

Neat, we are both back in chat at the same time.

DuddyH :

Do you have a few minutes right now to work together?

Customer: Yeah final ya,
Customer: Finally!
DuddyH :

May I ask if you've had therapy before? If so, is there a particular type of counseling or therapy that you've found helpful in the past?

Customer: I really can spell. You would think as a RN I could answer my own questions!
DuddyH :

No problem, I make so many typos myself. And don't worry, when you're having a difficult time getting some help is perfectly normal as you know.

Customer: When my husband was killed 15years ago I went and it really helped. She was a LSW?
Customer: I know it is I just am usually able to take care of it myself I'm a pretty tuff southern girl. I've had to be.
DuddyH :

Sorry to hear about your husband. And good to hear you are usually a strong person. Let me ask, was the therapy you attended talk therapy or was it more structured like CBT or behavioral therapy?

Customer: It was talk therapy. I went to a psychiatrist during that time and did not like thst. Felt like they just want to give you a pill to fix everything that's not my style.
DuddyH :

I hear you. And I agree that getting effective, evidence-based counseling and avoiding unnecessary meds should be a priority. Do you have an EAP program through work?

Customer: I'm not sure would have to check.
DuddyH :

Ok. The reason I ask is that if you have a standard EAP program, you can usually get short term solution focused counseling, even tele-counseling or e-counseling if you need it. I'd prioritize checking your policy or calling your HR office to find out. EAP counseling is completely confidential, so once you contact your EAP your employer can not have access to your counseling file. Few people are aware that they have EAP counseling available and it's completely free too.

DuddyH :

Now I'm just going to see if I can find therapists in your area...back in a few moments...

DuddyH :

I was not able to find any therapists in Cranberry, but there are 2 resources in Franklin, which I think is just down the road from you:

DuddyH :

Your offline again. So I'll check back shortly for your response.

Customer: Ok I will check that out!
DuddyH :

Have I answered your question ok today?

Customer: Yes you have and I do have an EAP
Customer: Thank you.
DuddyH :

Oh great! I would contact your EAP to explore counseling. You can usually get even tele-counseling right away. They will be better able to assess your support and counseling needs and connect you with resources (probably some free and very helpful in your immediate area).

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