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Thanks Kate for being there for me as usual. I do feel

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Thanks Kate for being there for me as usual. I do feel better today. Just a tiny bit of inner anxiety because I don't trust what's ahead yet, med wise but you know mornings are my worst time of day,
I didn't tell you but within the past week two of my friends had sudden heart attacks. One, 58 years old, died alone. The second, my daughter's ex brother-in-law had a massive one last Friday night. He's alive and well only by the grace of God after being without a pulse for well over a half-hour. He's only 45. The week before that another friend's brother slipped in the bathtup, fell, broke his neck and it killed him. I know you will think this is silly but yesterday morning our two cats who love each other suddenly began fighting and nothing we could do would stop them no matter what we did. This lasted well over an hour. It turned out one cat was sick, which, according to the vet, caused her to fight the other.
Normally I'd be upset over all of this but none of it would have caused me to get anxious or feel out of control. But then again, Joe and I were sitting talking about how I was feeling and he said he felt the same way - unnerved and like waiting for the other shoe to fall and his personality is definitely the opposite of mine. Layed back and not much gets him upset. So maybe the way I felt was normal for me under the circumstances of where I was yesterday.
Today I accept that I have one med washing out my body and another med entering it and my brain chemicals need time to adjust. How long that will take I don't know but eventually it will all even out and I'll be feeling fine. Until then I have to accept what is and trust God, knowing He will get me through and it all will end up working out for my good. I accept that I can't make it happen any faster than it's going to take.
In the meantime, I will do my relaxation breathing and listen to some Christian relaxation tapes I sent away for.
BTW, do you have much knowledge about sleep apnea? I have some questions I'd like to have answered. I won't be seeing my sleep doctor for another two weeks.


I am so sorry to hear about all the losses you have suffered. One would be enough to make you feel upset, sad and edgy, but so many in such a short period of time is overwhelming. As you were describing the losses, I was thinking how out of control you might feel just hearing about all of these deaths. When someone dies, there is a lot of sadness but there is also a feeling of helplessness. Not that you could have done anything, but the fact that a loss has to be faced and there is no real way to do anything to get around your grief or the grief of others can make you feel hopeless and helpless. I think this played a big part in your anxiety. All the losses along with the change in medications are related through the out of control feeling you get from both.

There is also a sense of facing your own mortality. Although you know God and are saved, the idea of death is not easy to face. Even Jesus did not want to die. So facing the thought of your own death can be frightening and bring on a lot of anxiety. As time goes on you gain back that feeling of safety but it does take time.

I do not think your cats fighting like they did is odd at all. I used to have two cats and sometimes out of the blue they would do the same thing. Not for as long as your cats, but it always seemed connected to something going on in our home. Animals are so sensitive to what goes on in their environment, I think more than we realize.

Trusting God is a good answer to your medication anxieties. As you know, He will never give you more than you can handle. And He is right there with you.

Sleep apnea is more of a medical issue. I do have some experience through the people I have worked with who have had to go through what you are going through, although I might not be able to answer your questions fully.

Have a good day, Rita. You are in my prayers,


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