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Brad The Therapist
Brad The Therapist, LCPC
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What kind of support and advice can I get when I am

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What kind of support and advice can I get when I am concerned about the medication they have my daughter on for ADD?
Thank you for your post. What are your concerns about your daughter's medication for ADHD?
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She doesn't sleep much at all and since she started taking the adderal and the medication for depression (don't remember what it was and she doesn't let me know much about what she takes anymore)... her engagement with her fiance was ended due to his concerns about her behavior, sometimes her eyes appear very large when she hadn't slept much, I had to have her placed in protective custody about a year ago. They kept her for a few days for observation and determined she wasn't a treat to herself. ... yet she insists that the problem is not the medication. Her fiance thought it was. He used to be on it, and since has gone for a month to a drug abuse facility and he attends AA. He is the one that kind of got her started on it, as he thought she was ADD or ADHD like he was. She lost her job of about 8 years, (she does have a college degree), about three months ago. She lives with me but I don't know how to handle being assertive with her due to her fragile and sometimes verbally abusive behavior towards me. She hasn't paid me anything for living here and she is not actively looking for work but does clean and organize around the house constantly. She will not talk to me much at all. Sometimes she is really level headed and very pleasant and other times she retreats and says she is working on a creative project and can't talk to me. Sometimes she retreats and sleeps a lot if I have someone over. It is very up and down behavior sometimes.
Thank you for your response. How is your daughter obtaining these medications? If she is taking ADHD medications and she cannot sleep, this means that the medications is causing her sleep disturbance. And mixing this with antidepressants do not help either. Does she have a psychiatrist or therapist? If not, may be you can express your concerns for your daughter by helping her attend a therapy session. If she refuses to go, you may have to give her "tough love." What do you think?
Brad The Therapist and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She sees a counselor every two weeks. I don't think she can keep getting Rx refilled without it. She was almost panicking yesterday a.m. When she couldn't figure out where she put her medicine. She said she gets dizzy if she doesn't take it. People have committed that she seems highs trying or nervous & sort of spacey sometimes. I agree.
Another recommendation I have is for you to attend a support group for family members. You can find a family support group tjeoughthe National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (