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Brad The Therapist
Brad The Therapist, LCPC
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  10 years of experience in working with youth and adults
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my son is 16 and has been diagnosed with psychotic break nos

Customer Question

my son is 16 and has been diagnosed with psychotic break nos . onset at 15 he has some signs of schitzophrenia including some paranoia . He has possible TBA and now exploring Lymes disease. Who knows? He has insomnia. he has tried Zyprexa, and Syphris which worked a bit . Saphris was the best he was the closest to normal but had side effect of gripping pains throughout body including chest and had to stop Saphris. Abilify was totally wrong and seroquel made him violently ill. Latuda and riperdol did not seem to make a difference. This has been aweful and now Dr is trying to come up with new med. Any suggestions? why would he have enlarged lymphnodes and just above normal lymphocytes, monocytes rbc hemoglobin hematocrit since this started lymes test came out neg
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Brad The Therapist replied 5 years ago.

Brad The Therapist :

Thank you for your question. Before providing suggestions, I have a few questions for you about your son's symptoms. Please tell me more about what psychotic symptoms he has experienced. What was going on in his life last year when he had his psychotic break? Is there family history of schizophrenia or any other mental illness?

Brad The Therapist :

I am experiencing some technical difficulties so please reply whenever you can. I will here for another 2 hours.


we moved to a new school district and he started highschool had troble making friends it was very stressful. he had a couple of snowboarding falls and one he was unconscious for a bit(found out weeks later from kids) He has had numerous ticks on him and we live in a extremely high lymes disease area(northern Nj) He was going through puberty . His uncle is strange never on meds and no professional help. at times his uncle has some paranoid thoughts but has held a job for years but no friends lives at home and is 53.My sons symptoms at onset was paranoid (spying on him through xbox) communicating telapathicly, hallucinating and hearing god ( we are not religious) not that it makes a big difference. He was never on meds till this break.

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Expert:  Brad The Therapist replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your response. Has he received a neurological consult since the head injury? If not, this will be my first suggestion for you to obtain. Other than antipsychotics, has there been any other medications that have been used? Although any other lab tests?

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