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Brad The Therapist
Brad The Therapist, LCPC
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I think I am suffering from mild depression. My symptoms are

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I think I am suffering from mild depression. My symptoms are crying uncontrollably, getting upset over stupid little things, and becoming very aggitated. Evidentally my Mother suffered from the same thing, although she passed away several years ago. I didn't grow up with her but reunited again later in life. My sister, whom I am very close to now, did grow up with her and she tells me she experienced those same symptoms and was on meds. I want to try the natural route first and have been reading about the med Amoryn on line. Please tell me your thoughts about it first. I am 51 and I currently take a low dose of Maxide, for water retension, and Losartan, for bp. I have recently started working out somewhat. I thought that would give me more energy, help me loose weight, and get rid of the little aches and pains I am starting to have. Thank you for your input. Jill R.
Thank you for your post. Before starting any treatment, have you seen your medical doctor recently? If not, my first suggestion is to see your doctor and inform your physician of your current situation where you are crying uncontrollably. There may be a medical issues (such as hyperthyroidism) that can cause you to feel more sad because of the hormones and neurotransmitter not firing the way it should. If your doctor informs you that you do not have any medical issues, I urge you to see a therapist and discuss with the therapist on when this mild depression first started. You may be crying or feeling sad because of unresolved issues from the past. For you not growing up with your mother may be one of many experiences you might have had that affected the way you feel.
Although I did not answer your question regarding using naturalpathic route of treating depression, there no studies that show how these natural supplements help with depression because they are not regulated by the FDA. St. John's Wort has shown slight improvement on a small percentage of subjects in the literature...other than that, I am unaware of studies that showed natural medicine can be helpful with depression.
I applaud you for exercising as this is very helpful in decreasing depression. Other activities such as deep breathing and yoga has also shown effective as well.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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