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Brad The Therapist
Brad The Therapist, LCPC
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  10 years of experience in working with youth and adults
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I think that the same motive that happened with me and the

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I think that the same motif that happened with me and the psychiatrist I was visiting happened again-.(AndI do not have any time for therapy because I've got a crazy college schedule)I am very confused, I am in the university and I have problems with my ten years older than me Professor X. The first time he saw me I saw him noticing my ‘behinds’. After 3 lessons he joined Christy, a 19 year old -10 years younger than me-, and they started waiting for me to get up both looking at my behinds and giggling. I have to note here : that was harmless- sort of like fun-Christy is an extremely well mannered kid. Then the professor called me in his office sat down with me and then- what a bless!- my favourite professor Y came along and said hi.(Professor Y is not handsome and good looking as professor X but he is such a descend fellow with a beautiful soul that I do sometimes chat with him-he is sort of like a father figure or someone I look up to the only problem is that he is best friends with professor X).Every time I said hi or even looked at dear Professor Y, Professor X would get aggressive and insulted me. Sort of saying ‘what you are talking about do not make any sense-what are you talking about ‘in an angry insulting voice instead of ‘you are wrong there’. Professor X started calling me in his office with every little excuse. I asked the other kids and they said they had never been ‘invited’ to his office. When I came to his office he said to me that I reminded him of some nuns he was teaching at, at a Christian school.(oops!) When I presented in his class, he started making fun of my taking notes during class nodding with his head up and down and frantically and taking-the way I did- notes while I was presenting. There were 6 other in class presentations and he did not act this way. The reason I took notes in his class was to avoid staring at him-I felt some sexual tension from my part. I started finding excuses so as not to go to his office. That was it he started criticizing me in front of the entire class-only me! By the way in the beginning of the class he was saying that he should never had taken his wife in the torture Museum in Holland but he should have taken her to the erotica museum, he said that sometimes married men are not fulfilled in their marriage at the time he said that, avoiding me for the entire hour. In one of the last lessons he said some men are very happy at their marriage and told us he had a son. At that point he was looking at me. (busted?) Furthermore he gave us an assignment on sociology on our own opinion about women’s sexual fulfilment of the 16th century. He handed in mine first and a girl’s second. I approached this girl so as to find out if indeed he had a preference at certain students (like me). The 19 year old girl said that she loved him so very much, that she was in love with him that in fact she send him e-mails in his university mail-box and he always answered back showing his interest on her.. ! He is indeed the most handsome pro in the college but is he playing college girls?. I tried to distant myself act as a good student since then. At the day of the exams I gave him the coldest look violently grasped the paper from his hand and never looked at him since. He looked irritated in the beginning as if he wanted to push me off the class-window but later on at the corner of my eye I found him searching for my glance(probably wondering what’s wrong with me). I never took any class with him again but surprisingly enough I see him everywhere I go. When I chat with my friend, Bill at the reception he gives at my friend an angry look in front of me. I started entering from the back of the university scheduling my hours so I won’t pop into him..That was the last semester. Now he has a lesson after mine and while I was in class he tried to open a conversation: nice weather. I nodded and left leaving him very angry indeed. Every time I did not open a conversation with him he became furious. He is very handsome I won’t hide it I had and still have sexual fantasies with him but when he approaches me I feel that I detest him: that he is only good in my fantasies and not so interesting in real life .And now I feel guilty that it is my sexual fantasies that caused all that and that I am to blame although I keep avoiding him. Did I create all this?I never flirted with him-tried to be typical always. Please help!!!PS.I feel so much relief to finally get this out of my chest!
Thank you for your question. It seems the dynamics you have with professor x is causing you strife. What type of recommendations are you looking for? You seem to be aware of having a physical attraction to this professor (which is typical for all humans to be attracted to each other) However this attraction is causing you some anxiety, affecting the way you interact with him. Are you looking for ways to deal with Professor X?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I think I would like to know if it is normal for a 30 year old female to have issues like this-I sense I do have some problems with my sexuality but I do not know how I will interact with a therapist since it is something that makes feel anxious(as you mentioned-anxiety).Could you help me with some more Internet sessions or should I seek a Greek therapist?thank you for tor answer.
I encourage you to see a therapist in person as this will help you with the anxiety. Yes, I understand how difficult discussing these issues may be difficult, but a therapist will keep all information confidential and a good therapist will not place judgment on you on your thoughts and feelings. As I have said before, your thoughts are not unusual, but the way this has affected the way you interact with your professor is a problem. A therapist will help you get through this.
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