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My daughter has been married almost 2 yrs now. They also have

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My daughter has been married almost 2 yrs now. They also have a baby, 14 mos. her husband is a addicted to gambling. This is causing major problems in the marriage. They have been arguing for over a year now. It seems to me he won't meet her half way. My solution is for her to get divorced. Am I right in telling her that?

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.


It may very well end up that your daughter has to divorce her husband, especially if he is not willing to go for counseling.


But there are some things your daughter can try to help the situation before she decide to divorce her husband:


One, start separating the family income. If she has her own income, then suggest to her that she open separate accounts, savings and checking. And tell her to get her own credit cards. She needs to protect what she has and develop her own line of credit so she is less affected by what her husband is doing.


Two, consider a separation. Sometimes a spouse that refuses to get counseling will change their mind if they see that their partner is serious about ending the relationship. It also gives them both time apart to see if they can work this out.


Three, contact an attorney. This not only helps your daughter have someone to turn to if she decides on a divorce, but she also needs to know her rights and what she can do to protect her income and credit lines.


Four, learn more about gambling and the effects on the family. Consider getting support through a gambler family support group or hotline. Here is a link to help her:


Five, get counseling for herself. If her husband won't go, your daughter should go for herself. She needs the support no matter what she decides. And she needs to learn ways she can take care of herself and cope. She can find a counselor through her doctor or try searching on line at


I hope this has helped you and your daughter,


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