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Dr. Michael
Dr. Michael, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 2177
Experience:  Licensed Ph.D. Clinical Health Psychology with 30 years of experience in private practive and as a clinical psychology university professor.
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I really feel like you are my Therapist minus the couch...I

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Hi Dr. Michael,
I really feel like you are my Therapist minus the couch...I think I had some comic relief yesterday:
So we received our tax refund, and I was so excited to go to my hairdresser and get some long over due highlights. She started applying color and discreetly asked me if my head itched. I have lice! My nine year old is really bad about giving me those notices from school. I have escaped the lice thing for 47 years, why now???
My kids were supposed to be with their dad this weekend because yesterday was his birthday. So I texted my ex and told him to check the boys for lice. When I came home my 17 year old was at my house sleeping. He usually stays at my house until his dad asks him to go to his house. I left him sleeping and went to the pharmacy to get Rid. When I came home my son was gone. I assumed he was playing tennis which is the norm for Friday nights.
He then calls me kind of laughing. He told me his little brother did have lice, and they hadn't checked him yet., I then went a million miles an hour about the lice thing. He finally interrupted me and said "Mom, the lice thing is no big deal, I have to tell you something!" He said, dad woke me up and insisted I go to his house because his mom and XXXXXX had lice. He goes over to his dad's house and is greeted by his dad and his on and off very young girlfriend (who my son had never met). My ex introduced them, and then said "here is my birthday present'. It was an new born baby! My son said he was speechless and walked outside to call me. I asked him if it was a boy or a girl, and he said "I don't know".
So this girl has been my ex-husband's "Mark" ever since I remarried. She is in her late 20's where my ex-husband just turned 52. She comes from a wealthy family, and is a registered nurse. It is clear from the past that my ex has been able to "buy" her which is the only way he can get women. After one of the times she dumped him he bought her a "boob job" and he put it on his Credit Card. He actually admitted that in court. She dumped him again after the surgery.
I sincerely ***** ***** baby is his, but I'm sure he is going to be the hero and most likely adopt the baby and marry her. If that is the case, she has no idea what she is in for....
Ok, now here's where you come in. Although I feel for this girl, we all make our own choices. Am I wrong for being thrilled about this? I already feel the weight being removed from me. I really hope he marries her.
Things are progressing well with my husband's ex thanks to you, and your guidance...
My husband has an all day Final Interview for an awesome job.
Things are definitely looking up, but I still have lice. Yuck!
Hello. I believe I can be of help to you with this issue.

This storyline would keep a daily TV soap in business for at least a good 6 months!! My goodness! But of course no one can make this stuff up!! So if we do the inventory:

Your ex gets a young trophy GF.

Your ex gets a new baby at age 52.

Your ex's new honey gets the boob job.

Your son gets stunned and confused

You get stunned but not confused because you know nothing about your ex would surprise you

You get........huge peace of mind because your ex is now utterly preoccupied with this young thing he has been sleeping with and the fact he is financially and morally responsible for a new baby.

You get....head lice.

You have the nearly perfect life!! I'm don't need me any more!

On a serious note, YES, you should have peace of mind and be happy. The drama, poor judgment etc., happening with your not-so-better-former 'half' is stuff you were able to escape. You can be happy if he 'bucks up' and takes care of this baby. His main 'risk' is that a hot, secure and affluent guy much younger than him will come along and start an affair with her; more drama for him, but NONE for you if this happens. And you can have genuine peace knowing that we are all human (at some level.........) and you can probably find a way to wish him well with this new adventure, enterprise, mess(?) he's gotten himself into.

What do you think?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am laughing, and yes very happy. I hope you will let me quote you in my book I am writing. It is titled "Please Pass the Peas". Why?????

I am the youngest of 6 kids. I have four brothers and a sister. My sister was a tom-boy and I was the baby "girly girl". It is the family joke that one day at a testosterone filled dinner, I quietly asked "please pass the peas". After about the 5th time of asking, I stood up and shouted "PLEASE PASS THE PEAS!!!!!!!" They finally heard me. I now feel like I'm finally being heard, and I'm getting my peas.....

Thanks Dr. Michael!

I do hope you will let me read your book or even a draft of it as you move along. If you get to that point you can send it directly (just cut/paste into browser; hit Download and save, then open link):

Hope you get all the sugar snap peas you deserve!
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