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I know i am waiting to him from. He had mentioned when he

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I know i am waiting to him from Dave. He had mentioned when he was with his grand daughter he was on his lap top. I didn't really acknowledge him and his grand daughter and that I spoke alot about my son and when I was available to met him. Do you think he thought any thing about that? It is kinda different meeting online and only speaking briefly.
It is different when you communicate online or phone/chat versus face to face. What would he have thought about? You were sharing stuff that was on your mind and confirming that you'd meet. You can inquire about him or his granddaughter in person. Try not to over analyze it too much. You're most likely doing it because you're still anxious.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I think I saw him on a few years ago. He is probably a pro at this! I have had maybe 5 initial meetings that didn't go any where... yet, I do know 3 people who met their husbands online. I know i love my little apartment to peices and won't settle for anything that seems off. I am looking forward to meeting ole Dave. He's gotta beat 'poor, stupid Stacy' (last old bf that was full of bs!) Can't forget old Frank... I need my head examined. Oh yea, that's what I am doing. I am enjoying the ride at the moment...wonder when ole Dave is gonna email the 'pretty women'?

It seems you're still dwelling on the negative and the what-ifs. Being online at the dating sites is not a crime. Like you, he's looking for love. Although, at that time he had not separated from his wife it would seem right? Yes, you absolutely can forget both Stacy and Frank, or at least push the image of them out of your mind and replace it with a positive and happy one. When you meet w/ Dave, you may casually ask him what had prompted him to start the online dating, what had he found helpful or unhelpful through his experience w. it, etc. It seems that he may have also been burned out because of people posting old pictures of themselves and misrepresenting themselves. That should at least make both of you laugh.

And Judy, remember that you learn from your experiences. They give you a frame of reference in future situations. How else would you have realized that Stacey was not good for you and that you need something way different from a relationship?

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am learning from past relationships, they cross my mind and I have to let them keep moving by me. I guess dating to me is different and i have to remember not to get tied down too quickly and look forward to posibilities. i think that is why I have been having trouble letting go of even toxic relations and got caught up on why he could move on and cried about it. Dating seems like it can be a fun game, not to play games but fun. I am keeping very busy and that helps along mostly with trying to keep my faith in the almighty with His supernatural powers that have brought me some rather good things.
That sounds more optimistic Judy! Everyone can get disappointed and disappoint another in any sort of relationships. You just have to do your best and keep your dignity and not allow your self worth to come through the men you encounter, but from God!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I guess I am good, sorry I went out and did not respond. I wonder what to expect from Dave in reguards to when he might call.Ii know you don't know the answer so I will wait and look forward to his call. Ty again.I will end this after you respond. TY TY
It would be appropriate that he responds at least the following day or the day after, (if he's checking his emails/correspondences during those times) and depending on what his schedule is like. He's confirmed the meeting which is the important thing now. If things go well and enjoyable after you meet face to face, you can see what he thinks about phone call communication during the week as well.