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Karyn Jones
Karyn Jones, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Diploma of Counselling and Transactional Analysis Counselling, Lifeline counselling, Pastoral Care.
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My four month old baby attends a daycare center in which

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My four month old baby attends a daycare center in which another child (a few months older) cries and screams incessantly and requires one-on-one attention from a carer in the room. My baby is settled and calm, generally. I have 2 questions: (1) Will this other child's behavior affect my son (e.g. make him anxious, tense, sad etc); and (2) Will my son "learn" or copy this behavior?
Thank you.
Hello and thank you for bringing your concerns to Just Answer...and can truly imagine how much of a concern this would be to you and honestly feel for you...
To be prefectly honest with you here, at just 4 months babies are like little sponges at are also at a prime re: modelling or mirroring what other people /or babies do...
This is how they learn to get their needs met..and he will be noting the one on one care and attention this other little one is receiving via the career in the same room...
Its really all about nature v nurture..and their environment...That is to say that both have a great impact upon the child...The nature of the child and the nurturing background or hime environment from he/she comes..or is his/her surroundings.
It would help immensley that he has come from a home environment that is calm and soothing yet he is still at a delicate stage where he will be absorbing and observing his present environment..A lot of it has to do with 'influence'...
It also has a lot to do with how long he spends in it as to wether he will mimic or 'copy' this babies behavioural patterns..The less time the better and less chance he has of learning' to copy it for attentions sake..the more time he spends in this disruptive environment the more chance there is of his 'learning that this is the way babies get their needs met and get 'extra' attentions...
If it continues it would be less disruptive in the long run if you place dhim somewhere else that perhaps had less babies to career ratio other words less babies on the whole in the child care center..
I know that it would take a week or two to settle him in once again..but, this would be nothing compared to the unease he is most likley expereincing right now each day...
It really depends as to wether this other little one will' eventually 'settle' in at the center..if he/she is reatively new ther it might take a few weeks if they have been there for a while now then there is a good chance that this little one won't and is fretting...

I truly hope that my response has proved of help to you..if it has then please 'accept' it as it contributes much by way of keeping our service going in the future..
Please take very good care of'self' to at this very stressful time ...because what the baby feels mum usually does too...Follow your 'gut instinct' or 'inner wisdom' on this it's 'never' wrong....and can be trusted...

Please also forgive this late response as it has much to do with when I am online and when we actually receive your email request..

Take good care now..
Kind thoughts
Karyn J (ProfClinicalDipCoBmin)
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