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Is my partner sick we came home from a game of poker at my

Resolved Question:

is my partner sick we came home from a game of poker at my sisters, my friends daughter who was 17 played an her mum had to go to work so she stayed at our house her an i had been drinking she only a couple when i went to sleep my pantner went into her room an asked her to suck his dick she said no an he left, this was 2 years ago but her mother only just told me. A couple of months ago my x boyfriend niece 20 came ova from NZ , I said she could stay intil she gets a place, her an i went out had some drinks came home went to bed an partner was asleep on the couch he got up checked the kids an said my niece was snoring really loud which she doe he went in to check she was alright she awoke screamed what do u want he says he bluted out i was gonna jump in next to you so she said f**k off an he did he said after 8 sessions of councilling it was not intentional wrong words came out, 6 years ago my sister was staying with us an she said he went into her room an asked if he could jump in next to her, very confused
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Anne replied 5 years ago.
Anne :

It certainly sounds to me that you partner has some serious issues surrounding sex. How long have you and he been together? Are the children his? Are you and your partner the same age and if so how old are you both? It would help to have some more information about you both and your relationship and how long you have been together to really be helpful. If you are willing to give further infomation I will more than happy to try to help you. thank you so much


we been together 15 years, he is 37 an i am 36 we hav 4 children together


is that your answer?

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Expert:  Anne replied 5 years ago.
are you doingOK? Been thinking about you and wondering if you had questions about my comments i know what you are going through is not easy. please contact me if i can be of further assist