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Dr. Michael
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if prescribed parnate and had suicidal attempt in past 6 months should you be hospitalised

Resolved Question:

if prescribed parnate and had suicidal attempt in past 6 months should you be hospitalised due to side effects. I have been told it can increase suicidal behaviour in an unstable patient and is a very old school drug (MAOI) with food restrictions but my main concern is that it would be highly risky to give to a patient and not supervise do you think?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Michael replied 5 years ago.
Hello. I believe I can be of help to you with this issue.

What are your side effects at this time. I see several issues in your post that are of concern.

First, you suggest your side effects are not being attended to or monitored. This is always a serious concern. I'm assuming a psychiatrist thinks you should be on an MAOI for some reason, but you hint that he/she isn't monitoring you. With side effects, the normal, first step is to quickly assess the side effects of any medication and make the appropriate adjustment ASAP. This means decreasing the dose or terminating use of the drug. The hospitalization would not normally occur due to side effects alone, unless an emergency room doctor decided the drugs were causing an immediate, life-threatening crisis and emergency action needed to be take. The other justification for a hospitalization would be a crisis due to an immediate threat of suicide or homicide by the patient, or psychotic symptoms.

Can you shed some more light on your situation with regard to these issues (above)? We are in very different time zones so I cannot likely respond very quickly. I hope you can be patient with a response that might take a number of hours. Thanks for your patience.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is actually my husband that was the patient his medication was changed on 25/1/12 to Parnate tragically he took his own life on 31/1/12 after being what appeared to be stable. I think the change in medication had a serious impact on his decision to end his life and I have been told by his GP that he should have been hospitalised. His GP cant understand why the psychiatrist didn't take more care to monitor possible side effects bearing in mind he has been a long term unstable patient. He wasnt to go back to the psychiatrist for a month. I just wanted an independent opinion which I know you don't have his file in front of you to look at his history and it is a snapshot only of information but a general opinion. Thankyou
Expert:  Dr. Michael replied 5 years ago.
Your husband sounds as though he was far more depressed than his psychiatrist might have imagined. The medication he was placed on clearly requires careful monitoring and possibly, dietary changes to prevent bad interactions with food e.g., wine, cheeses with MAO inhibitors are not good combinations. I'm very sorry about your loss. I'm sure this must be a difficult time for you. My best to you.

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