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Kate, I understand what you are saying. Plus I knew how I

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I understand what you are saying. Plus I knew how I was reacting was not right but I could not seem to help myself from acting and saying certain dumb things.
I feel so incredibly sad. I`ve virtually been crying since I left her office. I feel very overwhelmed by my problems and emotions. I don`t know how to calm down and make it until Friday. It may seem like only 2 days away but to me it seems like forever.


Sometimes you can only take one step at a time. And this may be one of those times. Because you are feeling so overwhelmed, you may need to find ways to distract yourself so the time goes faster. Break down the two days into a few hours at a time, or even one hour at a time. Make a list of activities you can do and keep them with you. If you find yourself feeling upset, pick something off the list and do it.

Also, spend time with others as much as possible. Even if you just go out for coffee, being around other people can help you feel less into how you feel and more focused on what is going on around you.

You may even want to try doing something for someone else. Sometimes when you feel very upset and don't know how to cope, you can do something for someone in need and feel better for it. Even if it's just small things like holding a door for someone or smiling at someone who seems lonely, it can make a big difference in how you feel.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Kate,

I will try to take it moment by moment as you suggested. I don't feel like I can make it until Friday. My daughter is off school Thursday and Friday. Usually I this is awesome to spend quality time with her. But right now, I feel tired and scared by it. I want to seem happy for her even though I feel horrible inside.

I feel afraid of my sadness. I feel very alone with my emotions. I feel scared of them. I feel like I am carrying a huge burden on me.

Also, I think my therapist is unhappy with my behaviour today. What if she doesn't want to see me anymore?

All I do is worry and feel sad and afraid. I am afraid of myself.



I need to attend a previous appointment this morning but I wanted to respond to get your question off the queue. I will be back soon and I'll answer your question in full then.



I think your therapist understands why you acted the way you did. That is what therapists do, they understand when people are not themselves and act out the ways they are hurt and in need. If a therapist cannot tolerate you expressing your issues, they should not be a therapist. You would think it's odd if your car mechanic got upset that your car broke, right? It's the same with a therapist. They do not get upset because you have needs and express them in therapy.

Try not to focus on Friday. The more you focus on it, the further away it will seem. It's like the proverbial boiling pot, the more you watch the water, the more time it takes to boil. But if you go off and do something else and forget about the pot, it will boil much faster.

If your daughter is off tomorrow and Friday how about planning something? You may not feel like doing anything but going through the motions can bring the good feelings back to the surface. And if you push yourself, you may find that you will feel better than if you just sat and thought about everything you feel.


TherapistMarryAnn and 2 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you