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I have taken numerous actions as an adult -- therapy,

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I have taken numerous actions as an adult -- therapy, anti-depressant treatment, meditation, the works -- to treat something deep within my psyche that I still cannot identify. As a child in a very disfunctional household, I was not allowed to show any anger at all. So I suppressed it and it became depression. This resulted in major life and career altering decisions that weren't positive. All I wanted to do is find out what was wrong with me, why I was so unhappy. I am 64 now and have come a long way in developing self-satisfaction. But there is something which I know is the basis of rage (now that I am no longer depressed). I want to discover it and can think of no other means that hypnosis. What do you think?

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

Hypnosis is certainly an option in your case. It has become a more accepted method of treatment in the field of psychology. The issue with hypnosis is the image that most people have of it being a parlor trick rather than a legitimate treatment. And also that it can be used to make you do things you do not want to do. Once you understand what hypnosis can do for you, then it may be a good option in your quest to find out what is bothering you.

The ability to be hypnotized can vary from one person to the next. Up to 10 percent of adults are difficult to impossible to hypnotize. Children are easier as are people who engage in fantasy thought or have good imaginations.

Hypnosis can allow the therapist to guide you but they are not able to make you do things that you do not agree to. What it may do is allow you to subdue your conscious state enough that you can be guided to understand what is being repressed in your subconscious or unconscious mind. Hypnosis may be enough to uncover the source of your anger and rage by allowing you to access those feelings and thoughts that remain outside of you conscious thought, maybe protected by defense mechanisms.

It is definitely worth a try.

I hope this has helped you,


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
One more quick question. How do I go about locating a qualified hypnotist?

You can locate one through using their licensing organizations. Here are some links to help:

I would usually also recommend referrals, but hypnotists are not as commonly used as therapists. But your doctor may know of one in your community. You can also contact the local United Way. They have the resource information for your area.