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MN Psychiatrist
MN Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Physician for 17 years, adult psychiatrist for 13 years working with a wide variety of patients.
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Iwas told i hve ocd as i have thoughts sucidal over and

Resolved Question:

Iwas told i hve ocd as i have thoughts sucidal over and over. I have doctored for years with nerve problems. They put me on clomipramine at 12.5mg 4 times a day. I have been on it for a year next month. It is really bad in the am with thoughts and i seem to act a little strange as my family says. Zolof did not work for me i have been taking B vitiams and clonazepam o.5 MG three times a day. Any information you can give . Much appreciated. Thank you. Sandra
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  MN Psychiatrist replied 5 years ago.
Hello, I am a psychiatrist.
I'm sorry that you are struggling with this. At times people with OCD do obsess about suicide, but feeling suicidal is much more common with depression. Do you have obsessive thoughts about anything else? Do you have any compulsive behaviors? Are you depressed?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
a little, had several deaths in my family in recent years and now health problems with siblings . wonder if another med would improve my thought. . once and awhile repeat things. but no lining up and ect...or washing hands just that thought and not sure if people like me. i know they do i am very stable and have a wonderful family.
Expert:  MN Psychiatrist replied 5 years ago.
I see.
Clomipramine, while helpful for OCD, is actually an antidepressant.
12.5mg of it 4x daily is a pretty small dose. As people age they don't need as high a dose as if they were younger, but your dose of clomipramine is still a pretty small dose for someone your age.
I think the best thing to do is to discuss this with your doctor, because it may be possible for you to get some significant relief from your depression/suicidality simply by increasing the clomipramine.

Does this make sense?
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