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Karyn Jones
Karyn Jones, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Diploma of Counselling and Transactional Analysis Counselling, Lifeline counselling, Pastoral Care.
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My wife is generally a very good wife. She sometimes has a

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My wife is generally a very good wife. She sometimes has a little temper but this has been getting better. There was a period of time November and December 2011 where I was sick and even confined to a nursing home with a leg infection for part of that time. She started treating me horribly. Had attitude she could do whatever she wants and [more or less] to hell with me. But she also kept seeing me and did some thing for me. But it was really out of character. While in the nursing home I used her lap top and keep a diary of what she was doing and what she said. I know she eventually read this as she erased the whole thing. I was really at the point where I was going to separate from her. But now she has been very nice for the last 4 weeks. I mean better than before which was very good. I do not understand this change. She will see a new doctor in a few days as we both are changing doctors. Comments?
Hello and thank you for bringing your concerns to Just Answer...and please know that I am truly sorry for your current predicament and feel for you in this which must seem a somewhat confusing and frustrating situation for you..
I truly suspect that your wife is trying to deal with some 'issues' of her own right now, I know that this is no real consolation for you right now..but, she may feel that she has been constantly 'giving out of herself' both physically and emotionally to a point in her life where she feels that she has not much more o give..
This can often be the case with a practicing nurse as they feel that they have an inbuilt 'duty' to do this..Yet at the same time you are naturally someone that she loves and cares for and so she may be in conflict between the two..
whats expected of her and nursing...
The change in her ( no doubt for the better) might be as a result that she has reached some sort of 'personal' resolution between the two conflicts which is not unusual under the circumstances...There may also be a part of her where she may feel 'tested' in not only her patience but also in endurance and at her age this would surely be a great test!! but it sounds to me as though she has finally come through it and bought the two back into harmony with each other..
The other factor ( not to be forgotten) could be due to her own hormonal status and emotional challenges / changes not uncommon at this stage in life..
Her Dr may be able to shed some more light on this for her which would be beneficial to you both' I am sure..Time will tell I suspect..Please take very good care now..

Kind thoughts
Karyn J (ProfClinicalDipCoBmin)

p.s Please don't hesitate to respond if you need to as I will' reply but any delay will have much to do with world time difference I'm afraid..
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